When working up high it is vital you take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. The last thing you want to fall from a height and injure yourself!

fall protection harness


The easiest way to prevent a fall is with a fall protection harness. We sell a range of safety harnesses and fall restraints to keep you safe on the job, view our full collection here

Falling at work is one of the most common reasons for personal injuries in the work place, a fall protection harness is important because it drastically reduces the risk of an accident. We are confident that we have a fall protection harness to suit you whatever your requirements may be, from cherry picker restraints to children’s harnesses, we pride ourselves on having something that’s right for you!

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Our fall protection harnesses are available to buy or to hire depending on what your requirements are. All of our products are of the highest quality because your safety is the top priority, it's definitely a product you want to be able to rely on! It’s never worth the risk to be without a fall protection harness, so make sure you plan ahead before going up high!

If you need any advice on what fall protection harness or other equipment is best suited for your job we will happily advise you on what you need! Give us call on 0808 123 69 69 or drop us an email at sales@safetyliftinggear.com.

Construction Work

When working at heights or on a construction ground, one of the best ways to ensure your safety is by using a safety harness for construction. The highest cause of fatalities in the workplace is falling from a height, so preparing yourself for this scenario with a safety harness for construction is a sensible step to take. 

Each of our safety harnesses at Safety Liftin Gear are suitably adapted to work in construction environments and many come with additional useful features. With this in mind, we thought we would take you on a little look through our range of safety harnesses for construction.

Safety Harnesses for Construction at a Height

This entry level height safety harness is ideal for construction work which requires working above ground-level. Available in sizes from medium to extra large, this safety harness is a good fit for all construction workers. You can also buy this particular safety harness in batches of up to 26 individual harnesses which is ideal if you're buying in bulk for your company. 

P50 Multi-Purpose Full Safety Harness  

Conforming to EN361 EN358 CE standards, this p50 Multi-Purpose Full Safety Harness for Construction is practical and efficient when it comes to keeping construction workers safe. With a rear and front facing anchor point, this safety harness will allow you to reach vantage points from all angles. 


Female Safety Harness for Construction

This particular safety harness is better suited to women as it provides extra padding in the sensitive chest area and ensures the harness will not cause any damage if the individual falls from a height. This safety harness for construction also provides a rear dorsal anchor point and quick release buckles to help aid any rescue operation. 

This is just a brief look at all the safety harnesses for construction we have here at SafetyLiftinGear. If the one you're looking for is not on this list, you can browse our full safety harnesses for construction here. If you have any questions about the products mentioned today, feel free to call us on 0808 123 69 69 or contact us here. 

Working at Heights Course

Here at SafetyLiftinGear we specialise in a whole plethora of height safety equipment, but before you get up there and start work, we understand that you're going to need to know how to use your height safety equipment properly in order to prevent any accidents or fatalities - and that's where our Working at Heights training course can help.

Our Working at Heights Course provides essential training for anyone that works at height, as well as highly recommended for supervisors, managers, the appointed personnel that have to meet health and safety duties, and business owners.

This training course is delivered by The Training Societi in partnership with us. The Training Societi are a Bristol based training consultancy that specialise in workplace health and safety, and they deliver a range of training courses - such as the course you can find in our safety training courses category. 

The Working at Heights training course will take place in Bristol, and will take an entire day to complete. The course consists of the following:

  • Health and Safety Laws and Regulations
  • The responsibilities of employees and employers
  • Definition of Work at Height
  • The four basic principles to planning work at height following HSE guidelines
  • The different types of equipment, and how to select the correct equipment
  • Five steps of conducting and recording a risk assessment
  • Advice on how to collate method statements 
  • Preventative and protective control measures 
  • Test paper, questions, handouts and a review

The course is based around HSE guidelines; delivered by a friendly and experienced consultant in a comfortable environment; provides you with bespoke advice that meet your company's requirements; and it'll provides you with peace of mind - it keeps you, your employees and your business safe and legal. Once you have completed the course, you will be provided with a Training Societi certificate and photographic ID card with a 5 year expiry.

To book your Working at Height Training Course, please click here. To view our entire range of training courses, click here.

Our range of work platforms and ladders was already pretty good, but now it has now gotten even better! We have 6 new additions added to our range, and they're ideal for commercial and domestic operations. These new additions will mean nothing will be out of reach ever again, and we guarantee you'll feel stable and safe when using them!

Our new additions include:

Aluminium Low Level Work Platform

This aluminium work platform is perfect for a wide range of DIY, maintenance; garden, and warehouse work, and much more! This work platform features steel lockable hinges; non slip feet to stop the platform from sliding away from you; and a compact and lightweight design, allowing you to easily transport and store the platform. 

Width: 300mm
Length: 750mm
Height: 500mm
Weight: 3.5kg

Anti-Slip Aluminium Low Level Work Platform

Is something just out of reach from you? Are you looking for a quick and easy solution to this problem? Sounds like this work platform is perfect for you! It features steel lockable hinges and an anti-slip platform and steps, making it very stable!


Width: 300mm
Length: 950mm
Height: 500mm
Max load: 150kg
Weight: 3.5kg


Steel Foldable 2 Step Ladder with Non-Slip Tread

This steel 2 step ladder is perfect for home, office or workshop use. Its lightweight design means you can easily move the ladder around, and it's large slip-resistant feet and ant-slip treads allow you to feel stable and safe whilst you're using the step ladder. 

Max loading weight: 150kg
Weight: 4.5kg
Folding size: 990 x 475 x 490mm 
Extended Size: 900 x 475 x 515mm
Number of steps: 2 


Aluminium Foldable Step Ladder 

This lightweight aluminium step ladder is ideal for domestic and commercial use. It's simple and safe to use - and not to mention, great value for money!

Folding size:1170 x 410 x 110mm
Extended size: 1090 x 410 x 650mm
Max Loading Limit: 150kg
Weight: 2.5kg
Number of Steps: 3 

Steel Foldable 4 Step Ladder with Non-Slip Tread 

This steel 4 step ladder is perfect if you're looking to grab something that's just a little out of reach. It's ideal for odd all jobs, easy to transport, and store. You'll feel secure and balanced when you're using this step ladder thanks to its slip-resistant feet and anti-slip treads. 


Folding size: 1520 x 475 x 150 mm
Extended size: 1400 x 475 x 810mm
Number of steps: 4
Max loading: 150kg
Weight: 7.8kg


Aluminium Foldable Step Ladder 

Nothing is out of reach thanks to this 5 step ladder! It's perfect for all odd jobs around the office, warehouse and workshop! 


Folding size: 1520 x 475 x 150mm
Extended size: 1400 x 475 x 810mm
Number of steps: 5
Max loading: 150kg
Weight: 3.5kg

To view our entire range of ladders and work platforms, please click here >

A safety harness is a system of restraints that prevent the wearer from falling from a height. By wearing the belt or harness the risk of injury from a fall is greatly reduced.
The harness allows the user to attach themselves to a stationary object, therefore ensuring they will not hit the ground in the event of a fall. Falling from a height is one of the most common causes of personal injury in the workplace, so it is very important to make sure you are properly equipped when working up high.

                                 front saftey harness 

Why is a safety harness important?

High quality fall restraints such as the ones we supply give you the reassurance that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect yourself within a hazardous work situation. We provide a diverse range of harnesses and other fall restraint products so that whatever job you are undertaking we have something that best fit your needs.
A safety harness not only improves the wearer’s protection but also allows them to use their hands freely whilst working. This practical piece of equipment is vital for anyone working in construction as it can be a life-saving form of protection. You can browse our full range of safety harnesses here

                                                             saftey harness fall
It is never advisable for someone to be without some form of fall restraint when working in potentially dangerous locations. If you need any advice on what kind of safety equipment you require feel free to give us a call on 0808 123 69 69 or email sales@safteyliftingear.com.