Today we're sharing a brand new product with you, which has only just been stocked on SafetyLiftinGear, and is unlike anything else available on the market!
The PAL-LIFT 500kg Self Lift Stacker is an extremely versatile and innovative product, which can easily lift heavy goods onto a vehicle, and load itself onto the wagon too! With such a broad range of capabilities, this single product can replace your tail lift, hand pallet truck, stacker, ramp, and swing lift, making it a fantastic investment for those who use these items regularly.
PAL-LIFT 500kg Self Lift Stacker
Thanks to its ability to load itself onto your van or lorry, the self lift stacker is also incredibly easy to transport, saving you time and hassle when loading and unloading your stacker between jobs. For added convenience and reliability, it also has a 12V/42Ah, maintenance-free battery, and comes with a built-in charger for easy charging between deliveries. The high performance pump unit delivers a fast and stable lift, without excess noise, which again, adds to the stacker's impressive functionality.
To see our new self lift stacker in action, watch the video below:
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Today is an exciting day as we introduce the LoadSurfer EPT15! The EPT15 is our economical semi-electric pallet truck.

The EPT15 features a compact and light design, and can transport up to 1500kg, or 1.5 Tonnes, making it the ideal pallet truck for warehouses, factories, and even delivery yards, where the timely transportation of often heavy pallets is essential.

This pallet truck even features a lifting and lowering mechanism making it easier to transport pallets of differing sizes and help to easily stack the transported pallets at the end of their journey.

This pallet truck truly is one of the best quality electric pallet trucks we have stocked here at SafetyLiftinGear. To ensure product longevity and that it consistently performs at its best, please use  on a smooth, flat surface that doesn't contain any potholes or any obstacles, and, as with any pallet truck, avoid using the EPT15 on a ramp or uneven surfaces as this can cause the load to become unbalanced, or unsecured and could potentially cause an accident.   

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we have made this top quality pallet truck available for purchase, or for hire. To hire this product, simply navigate to the product page, which you can find here, click the blue “hire me” button to add this product to your hire basket and then follow the on screen instructions.

If you have any questions about the EDT15 or any of the pallet trucks in our extensive range, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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What is a Hydraulic Jack?

Hydraulic jacks are a device which enables its user to lift heavy loads in a safe manner. They have a number of applications through a range of different industries, such as the automotive, warehouse, factories and even tradespeople.

Hydraulic jacks are made following the “Pascal’s Principle”. Pascal’s Principle is essentially the application of pressure in a certain way will yield the application of pressure in another way.

Hydraulic jacks are made from two cylinders connected together, with one larger than the other. The cylinders lift objects by applying force to the fluid in a cylinder which in turn, exerts pressure throughout and against the surface of the cylinder. With the addition of a smaller cylinder, it’s possible to generate more force from the larger cylinder, lifting larger weights.

How to use Hydraulic Jacks

More often than not you will be using hydraulic jacks to lift incredibly heavy loads; therefore it is essential that you are using your hydraulic jack correctly.

To use your hydraulic jack correctly, first make sure you have placed your jack on an even surface, with no grit, oil or dirt on the surface.

  1. Place your jack directly under the vehicle or the load you wish to lift, in a safe place ie. If you are lifting a car make sure to line up the jack with the cross member.
  2. Once the jack is secured, you can start pumping the jack up to the required height.
  3. Secure your load at the required height by using jack stands.

Maintaining Hydraulic Jacks

Maintaining your hydraulic jacks is vital to ensure that they continue to function correctly. To completely protect your hydraulic jack, it is important to protect them from the elements and from collecting dust and debris. This can be achieved by keeping your jack covered, and to ensure that the jack is not exposed to harsh elements for prolonged periods of time, as this will cause the seals on your jacks to prematurely deteriorate.

We recommend that you store your hydraulic jack with the ram piston retracted. This will prevent any damage occurring to the piston that will cause the jack to not function in a safe manner.

Types of Hydraulic Jacks

There are many types of hydraulic jacks available on the market, with all of them providing their users with different functions. Below are some of the hydraulic jacks that we stock here at SafetyLiftinGear, along with their many uses. 


Standard Cylinder 

Standard cylinder jacks are extremely versatile; they can be used to lift heavy items and loads, or they can be used horizontally for pushing a load, or keeping an object firmly in place.

At SafetyLiftinGear we stock a huge range of standard hydraulic cylinders that have been specifically designed to endure the often harsh conditions of the modern workplace and construction sites.  With cylinder jacks starting from 10 tonne  through to 100 tonnes, we are confident that you will find the cylinder jack that meets your exact requirements.

For more information, or to browse our range of standard cylinder jacks, click here. 

Pad Jacks 

These are the smallest jacks that we currently have available, and are ideal for lifting loads in areas where you only have a small clearance. But don’t mistake their small size to mean that they are unable to withstand large weight. Some of these little jacks can take up to 200 tonnes!

We have a huge range of pad jacks available here at SafetyLiftinGear. Ranging from 10 tonne to 200 tonne!

Click here to view our full range! 

Low Profile Jack 

Low profile jacks are similar to the standard cylinder jacks in that they are used for both lifting and pushing objects. The only difference is the size!

These are not as small as our range of pad jacks, but they are still intended for use for loads in which there is not a lot of clearance space. Just like their larger counter parts, these jacks can be used in a vertical position to lift the heavy load, or in a horizontal position to help either secure a load, or push the load.

We have a range of low profile jacks available here at SafetyLiftinGear ranging from 10 tonne through to 200 tonnes.

To view our full range, click here

Centre Hole Cylinder 

Centre hole jacks can also be used to lift heavy objects and push objects like the cylinder, low profile and pad jacks. They also have an additional pulling feature. The jack has a hole that runs through the centre of the ram which can be used to feed a chain through to help create tension. These are used to tighten wire ropes on structures like suspension bridges.

Here at SafertyLiftinGear we stock a huge range of centre hole jacks or hollow cylinder jacks ranging from 20 tonne to 100 tonne. So if you need a heavy duty centre hole cylinder, we are confident we will have one that suits your requirements.  

For more information, click here.

Bottle Jack 

Bottle jacks - whose name comes from the fact that they look like milk bottles, feature a vertical shaft which supports bearing pad, it is this bearing pad that directly takes the weight of the item that is being lifted.

Bottle jacks are most commonly used within the automotive industry for lifting heavy vehicles such as cars or Lorries to allow for inspection or service under the car itself, but this isn’t their only use! Bottle jacks have proven themselves useful in many industries such as plumbing, where they are often used for pipe bending, or material lifts in warehouses.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear we stock a range of bottle jacks ranging from 2 Tonne to 30 Tonne.

Click here to view our full range. 

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As our regular followers will know, we often write about the vital necessity of height safety measures, particularly in the workplace. We do this to remind employers and workers about the importance of abiding by the correct height safety regulations, by conducting through risk assessments, following best practice guidelines, and using the correct equipment.

Sadly, however, it seems to make little difference how often this issue is discussed either by ourselves, or by other safety professionals.  Without fail, a new case of neglected height safety seems to rear its ugly head almost every week. Recently, two news stories came to our attention, both of which had serious consequences for both the workers and the companies employing them. Here's what went wrong, and what the consequences were:

The first case involves a roofing firm in Worcester, who were fined £66,000 after an employee was seriously injured at work. Whilst replacing a fragile roof in April of last year, the worker fell through a skylight and broke his wrist. After an investigation by the HSE was conducted, they found that this accident was a result of the company's failure to implement proper fall protection measures. If edge protection, nets and guardrails had been provided, the risk to the individual and other employees would have been significantly reduced.

In the second case, two construction bosses were sentenced to eight months in prison, and were ordered to pay a £90,000 fine along with £45,000 in court costs, following a worker fatality back in 2014. The incident occurred while C Smith and Sons were dismantling a building set for demolition, which required workers to operate at height. Following one near-miss, and an incident which left a 47 year old man with a fractured spine, pelvis, leg, heel and wrist, work was shockingly allowed to continue. Just hours after his co-worker was injured and only a day after one close call, Paul Harrower fell through a skylight, and died of serious head injuries.

Both of these incidents could have been prevented by the implementation of proper health and safety measures, which would have helped to save the lives and livelihoods of all those involved. Incidents like these can damage reputations and wreck lives, for the victims and their families, as well as those who are responsible. If you conduct operations at height, please take note of these regularly occurring tragedies, and avoid the same thing happening to you! Set the correct measures, follow them, and always use the correct equipment
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Floor cranes are an essential piece of equipment for any factory, warehouse, garage or workshop, not only do they provide you with the ability to lift heavy, awkward shaped objects, loads or materials safely and easily, they are designed to be portable, meaning you can lift heavy objects in various locations around your premises with ease. 

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we sell a variety of floor cranes from folding floor cranes to counterbalanced floor cranes. Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we can provide you with a top quality floor crane that meets your exacting standards.



Heavy-Duty Folding Floor Crane

These robust floor cranes are perfect for using and storing in a variety of locations, particularly in workshops or garages! Why? because they are perfect for lifting, moving and positioning heavy components like engines. This particular folding floor crane from Euro Press Pack is fitted with incredibly robust polyamide wheels and castors, meaning it works smoothly and quietly!

To find out more about this versatile crane, simply click the button below:

Heavy-Duty Folding Floor Cranes >


Counterbalanced Floor Crane 

Our counterbalanced floor cranes are increasingly popular with companies who operate in a warehousing or manufacturing environment, or in environments where the floor space is restricted by floor level objects.
Our Counterbalances floor cranes have the huge advantage of not having any front legs. The reason for this is to overcome the issues of lifting loads without any footing room. This crane also features a 5 position telescopic jib and 5 different capacity settings.
To find out more about our counterbalance floor crane, click the button below:
Impressed by what you see? a majority of our floor cranes are now available to hire! Click here to view our full range of Floor Cranes. 
Whether you need to carry out maintenance work or move heavy machinery, hydraulic toe jacks can help you to do this safely and efficiently, without having to deal with any unnecessary hassle. At SafetyLiftinGear, we supply a selection of toe jacks for both industrial and domestic use, providing you with the option to hire or buy depending on the requirements of the job.

Each toe jack we supply has it's own weight capacity and height limit, which means that you are able to match the jack you require with the demands of the application you intend to use it for. They also each come with a warranty ranging from a year to 2 years in length, providing you with peace of mind regarding the reliability of our products, as well as reassurance in the unlikely event that your toe jack fails.

We stock two types of toe jacks at SafetyLiftingGear:

Standard Hydraulic Toe Jacks
Toe Jack 2.5 tonne
This type of toe jack ranges from a weight limit of 2.5 tonne to 15 tonne, providing you with a vast selection of options to choose from. They come complete with a handle, and have an overload pressure valve to prevent hazards caused by overloading your jack.

Swivel Toe Jacks 
Toe Jacks, Swivel type, 5 tonne.

This toe jack is available to purchase in a 5 tonne and 10 tonne model, depending on the demands of your job. They are ideal for use in confined spaces, and have a 360 degree swivel function for easy manoeuvring.

To view our complete selection of toe jacks, click here.
We've just added a brand new range of modular spreader beams to the SafetyLiftinGear catalogue, offering our customers a versatile and cost-effective new lifting/handling solution. Made by Modulift and assembled from a range of interchangeable parts, these beams can be adjusted to suit a large variety of lifting applications, no matter what your requirements may be. 

Here are just some of the advantages that come from using these spreader beams:

  • Versatility - The ability to configure Modulift beams to fit almost any rig, combined with the opportunity to add additional struts, means that these beams are highly adaptable, granting the operator an extended range of uses.

  • Easy Storage - The ability to dismantle the spreader beams makes them easy to transport to and from jobs, while also providing a wider range of options for storage.

  • Affordability - The previously mentioned factors of versatility and movability also reduce the related costs, saving you money on transportation, storage and additional equipment. They are also available to hire from SafetyLiftinGear, which means that you will be able to select the most cost-effective option for your business. 
We provide these modular spreader beams in a range of weight and length limits:

12tonne, 1mtr to 4mtr Spreader Beam

34tonne, 2mtr to 8mtr Spreader Beam

70tonne, 2mtr to 12mtr Spreader Beam

All of the sizes mentioned above are also available in a variety of configurations, with a choice of struts and end units. They are also fully tested and certified to provide the highest level of quality and safety for the end user. All four sizes are available to purchase from SafetyLiftinGear with fast delivery, so be sure to discuss any specific requirements that you may have by contacting our team directly. As mentioned above, we also offer a selection of very competitive hire rates to the rental industry and crane hire industry, so whatever your needs may be, please let us know and we will do our very best to meet them.

To browse our full range of lifting equipment, click here.

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