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Armorgard is the industry leader in secure storage and logistical products. Setting the standard for equipment security, Armorgard has developed the ultimate tool storage solution in the form of the revamped TuffBank range. Robust, secure, and professional, the new and improved TuffBank range features numerous additional features designed with you and your tools’ security in mind.




Why Choose the TuffBank?

When it comes to sturdy, reliable, and safe storage of your tools and equipment, nothing compares to the superior security of the aptly-named TuffBank.

Officially tested and certified by safety staples, Sold Secure and Secured by Design, the TuffBank has been given the official seal of approval by the Master Locksmiths Association and police authorities alike.


Tool Security with TuffBank 2.0

The pinnacle of tool protection, the TuffBank has been a firm favourite since its launch over 20 years ago – and it just got even better.

The second-generation TuffBank is the result of 30 years of industry expertise and experience, painstakingly modified by the skilled professionals of Armorgard to provide unrivaled security.

Available in eight different sizes, the virtually impenetrable TuffBank is versatile enough to be used for a variety of jobs in a number of different scenarios, from van storage to on-site use, you'll find your TuffBank can provide security in a wide range of places.

The larger models of the TuffBank also come equipped with forklift pockets, allowing for easy transportation and mobility, even when the weight begins to mount up.


All-New Safety Features

So, what’s so new about the all-new TuffBank? In short – a lot!

The new TuffBank model boasts a whole host of additional benefits, all of which we’ve neatly laid out below for you.

Anti-jemmy systems

For optimal reliability, the TuffBank now comes with hardened steel reinforcement plates and anti-jemmy features, increasing its durability to make it near-impossible to break into.

Cable-passing point

The handy cable passing point feature allows for secure tool charging, safely containing your equipment out of sight while simultaneously providing power capability.

Inset handles

A key space-saving feature, the TuffBank comes with adjustable handles that can be in-set to reduce its overall width and make it more streamlined for storage efficiency.

Slam stop

Another great safety feature for the user is the addition of an enhanced safety lid stay. This acts as an anti-slam mechanism, securely preventing hand jamming and accidental lid mishaps.



Additional Accessories

On top of all that, the new version of the TuffBank also has a variety of optional extras to choose from, allowing you to accessorise and truly tailor your TuffBank to the task at hand.

Crane lifting eyes

Capable of handling up to 3 tonnes of weight, these universal lifting eye attachments make transportation a breeze. Can be retrofitted should you decide you require them later on.

Internal shelf

Ideal for organising tools and equipment, this free-fitting shelf features upturned sides to prevent items from falling. Made from steel for sturdiness, the shelf sits on the lugs provided or the recessed handles for simple installation.

Charging shelf

The PowerShelf accessory allows you to instantly turn your TuffBank into a secure power source, boasting four 110v sockets and four USB ports.


For a storage solution that ticks every box, look no further than the TuffBank range from Armorgard. For more information on the TuffBank range and other Armorgard products, call SafetyLiftinGear today on 0117 9381 600 or drop us an email using the button below.

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Working from a great height can be a risky business, with the potential of taking a terrifying tumble an ever-present danger.

As such, knowing that your life is in safe hands is a vital part of the role, with a lack of precaution being a deadly consequence. Luckily, there are a variety of safety solutions to help keep you protected whilst working at height.

Safe, sound and secure, our variety of safety lines are specifically designed with safety in mind to leave you feeling stress-free, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

 horizontal safety line systems

What are horizontal safety lines?

In a nutshell, horizontal safety lines (aka horizontal lifelines) are wire-based horizontal fall protection for those that work at height. When other supports are not suitable for the task at hand, horizontal safety line systems can be a literal life-saver.

Particularly useful for those that work on rooftops, these lifelines – permanently attached to the surface for the duration of the job – allow the worker to move hands-free and unobstructed without the risk of falling to the ground below.


Fall Restraint Systems vs Fall Arrest Systems

Horizontal safety lines typically offer duel fall protection in the form of “fall restraint” and “fall arrest”. While those terms may, on the surface, seem interchangeable, both offer two distinctly different forms of security.

As such, it’s vitally important to know the difference between the two and each phrase is well worth becoming acquainted with.

Fall Restraint Protection

Fall Restraint Systems limit the user’s range of movement to within a set perimeter, essentially preventing you from reaching the point of a potential fall hazard. For example, if the edge of a building is 2 metres away from the safety line, a fall restraint may only allow you to explore up to 1.5 metres away from the safety line, effectively “restraining” you from access to the hazardous edge.

Fall Arrest Protection

Unlike the preventative measures of a Fall Restraint System, Fall Arrest Systems act as a reactive safety net after a fall occurs. If access to an edge is a necessary part of a job, workers will naturally need a greater range of movement, so the length of lanyard provided will be greater than the distance to the edge. The “arrest” occurs if a fall takes place, prematurely halting the fall and preventing contact with the ground below.


What horizontal safety lines are available?

When it comes to fall protection, we offer two primary options in terms of permanent horizontal safety line systems: namely the PRIM and the MONOLINE.

Each uniquely different yet both equally strong, these effective horizontal lifeline systems offer secure support for high-risk workers, whether they’re walking the rooftop high-wire or working high above a factory floor.


PRIM Horizontal Safety Line System

As major roofing manufacturers develop profiles of lighter weight and insulation of greater thickness, it’s important to approach these structures with safety equipment that doesn’t compromise structural integrity or user safety.

The PRIM Horizontal Safety Line System provides ample protection for up to two people working at height. Capable of being used as a fall arrest system or fall restraint system, this safety line consists of an 8mm stainless steel cable, which is then fastened to dynamic load control anchor posts which are in-turn installed to the finished roof surface.

Each anchor post is equipped with an integral load controlling element. The load control element is specially designed to reduce the loadings subjected to the roof during a fall situation. This not only reduces possible damage to the roof surface during a fall but also reduces the impact loadings through the complete safety line ensuring no overloading is possible. The worker can connect their lanyard to the safety line via a specially designed travelling device that provides the worker with uninterrupted, hands-free movement along the cable, while also maintaining continual protection. Alternatively, the anchor's posts can be installed as a single point anchors conforming to EN795:2012 for localised maintenance tasks.

In addition to the cable itself, all other components of the horizontal Safety Line System are made of either stainless steel or aluminium. Additionally, this horizontal lifeline system also complies with the EN 795 (2012) type C standard and CEN/TS 16415:2012 for anchor devices designed to be used by more than one person simultaneously. 


MONOLINE Overhead Safety Line System

The MONOLINE Overhead Safety Line System is also a horizontal safety line designed for multi-person use at height, providing fall protection within a manual working environment.

Made from 8mm 7x7 stainless steel cable and stainless-steel components, this system has an advantage over other fall-arrest equipment due to its adaptability to a range of jobs, particularly indoors. It can be installed horizontally to a vertical structure (such as a wall) or to an overhead horizontal structure (such as a beam or ceiling).

However, it’s worth noting that, before fastening to a fixture, structural durability checks must be carried out by trained and competent personnel. Meanwhile, the assembly process itself must also be handled by an individual of suitable knowledge and experience.

Similarly, after installation, the system should be checked and certified by Safety LiftinGear.com or one of our authorised agents. These checks should be carried out at least annually to ensure their continued safe usage.

Please note that this support system is designed to be used with the MONOLINE 2-Wheeled Travelling Trolley for personal use and shouldn’t be used for suspending or transporting goods. Meanwhile, additional personal protective wear should also be worn by the MONOLINE user.


Ensure your safety and save your risk assessor from a meltdown today with one of our horizontal safety line systems. Call now on 0117 9381 600 for more information or get in touch using the button below.

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Ronan Keating once said, “the touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall”. The bright sparks at AirDeck took that line to heart and have since successfully applied it to the construction industry.

While we can’t promise the gentle hand touching of Mr Keating – nor would our legal department recommend such actions – we can promise the catching part, with the awesome power of the AirDeck Fall Arrest Landing Bag.

 fall arrest bags

AirDeck Fall Arrest Bags

Available for purchase, the AirDeck landing bag is the inflatable safety deck the world has been waiting for. Quick deployment, simple transportation and easily compactible, the AirDeck is the perfect safety deck for anyone that works at height.

The bags rise to approximately 75cm in height once fully inflated and are capable of withstanding falls from as high 3.25 metres above floor level (over 10.5 feet).


Durable and Portable

Each AirDeck bag is made up of an inflatable inner lining and an outer polypropylene bag. Better still, the double-layered upper face is extremely hard-wearing and resistant against accidental damage, with durability a key feature.

One of the best things about AirDeck fall arrest bags is their portability. When deflated, up to 50 bags will fit on just one pallet, making them ideal for easy transportation and storage. Meanwhile, once they are completely inflated and ready for use, 50 bags will cover a surface area of up to 80 square metres.

When used in conjunction with the Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower, inflation can be completed extremely quickly, with a single bag fully inflated in less than 40 seconds. In times of emergency, inflation speed can be of critical importance, making the AirDeck’s rapid expansion an invaluable feature.


Multiple Uses

While the AirDeck fall arrest is most commonly used in the UK construction industry, it’s not solely restricted to construction use. In fact, it’s not even restricted to the UK and has already been successfully used internationally as well as domestically, with customers as far wide as North America, Australia and the Far East.

In addition to its primary usage within construction environments, the AirDeck fall arrest system has also been used in a variety of unusual scenarios, including vessels at sea and by air force maintenance staff.


Lifesaving Equipment

For outside the box usage of the AirDeck, look no further than the Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department. The local correctional facility is one of the world’s largest jail complexes, housing 3500 inmates with mental illnesses.

As a result of the large-scale environment and the mentally volatile inhabitants, suicide attempts aren’t uncommon. Thankfully, the AirDeck’s rapid deployment provides the perfect solution to these potentially fatal scenarios and has already proved successful on multiple occasions.


For more information on the AirDeck fall arrest system and its many uses, why not give us a call today on 0117 9381 600. Alternatively, feel free to drop us a line using the button below.

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Word coming out of Scotland this week is that the Fixator hoist has a big fan…quite literally!

Our eco-friendly pals up in bonnie Scotland were in need of a helping hand to remove a blade from one of their massive wind turbines on the Glasgow moors.

Luckily, SafetyLiftinGear was more than up for the task at hand, enlisting the aid of the mighty Fixator Electric Wire Hoist from our equally mighty Glasgow depot.


fixator hoist,electric wire hoist,remote controlled wire hoist,heavy duty lifting hoist


The Fan-tastic Fixator Hoist

Extremely capable and reliable under duress, our Fixator hoist was able to cut to the chase and efficiently remove the chosen blade safely and without issue.

Best of all, the customer’s decision to opt for the Fixator hoist over other brands proved that eco-friendly doesn’t always mean expensive. In fact, the turbine project proved that you can actually save money while you save the planet!

The perfect alternative to the more established industry go-to of the Minifor, the Fixator has all the credentials for a variety of heavy-lifting jobs.

The Fixator model is also considerably less expensive than similar products offered by rival brands (in many cases, as much as 40% cheaper). Better yet, it offers equal or better attributes for that bargain price.


fixator hoist,electric wire hoist,remote controlled wire hoist,heavy duty lifting hoist


Benefits of the Fixator Hoist

Boasting superior lifting power of 500kg and faster operational speed of 8m/min, the Fixator hoist offers remote control lifting power at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, the motor has fail-safe primary brakes and is protected by a thermal fuse for added safety.

The maximum lifting weight can even be doubled with the use of a reeving kit, allowing for a potential WLL of up to 1000kg. That’s the equivalent of two grand pianos (or two particularly plump polar bears)!

So, whether you’re lifting pianos, polar bears or wind turbines, the Fixator remote controlled wire hoist is definitely up for the task.


This project proved, once again, that our Fixator hoist is a breath of fresh air, more than capable of keeping up with the competition at a fraction of the price.

So, why not go with the flow? Throw caution to the wind and try something new with this fantastic lifting hoist from SafetyLiftinGear!

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Whether you’re moving house, renovating an office or simply buying some new fixtures for your home, heavy items and awkward furnishings can be a real pain in butt to transport… and a literal pain the back to manoeuvre from A to B.

Luckily, here at SafetyLiftinGear, we have a whole host of handy load moving solutions at our disposal! Our wheely good range of appliance dollies and appliance skates are specifically designed to make moving your new home/office additions a doddle.

Keep your spine in check and your body hernia-free with these easy-to-use transport essentials.

Ready? Let’s roll!

appliance skates

What are appliance skates?

While “appliance dolly” may be a well-known term, “appliance skates” is arguably a little less celebrated outside of manual labour circles.

In short, “appliance skates” simply refers to a specific kind of appliance dolly, namely those that resemble a giant roller skate.

This skating lingo also translates to other forms of moving equipment, with similar skating terms applied to related products, such as the wheel-less push/pull “ski slider”.

If you really want to get your skates on with a moving job, appliance skates provide a quick and easy solution to any moving job. Just don’t expect to perform a double axel with a fridge freezer in toe.


Heavy-duty appliance skates

For a wide range of purposes, big or small, our appliance dolly collection covers a whole array of jobs, ranging from 100kg plastic appliance skates for lighter loads, all the way up to our 600kg wooden appliance dolly for heavy-duty moving.

To put that in context, 100kg is about the weight of a beer keg while, on the other end of the scale, 600kg is about the weight of a cow. So, whether you planning on moving a beer, bovine or anything in between, we have the dolly for you!


Low-cost lifting gear for appliances

Available in both plastic and wood form, our various moving dollies are not only safe and suitable for a range of jobs, they’re also extremely cost-effective. Even our large appliance skates are very affordable, taking the strain off your wallet as well as your back.

Many of our dollies also come equipped with anti-slip mats for additional stability, greater grip and enhanced protection. Meanwhile, we also have a range of sizes to suit the task at hand. We even offer appliance skates with a foldable handle for easier load movement and manoeuvrability.

What’s more, in addition to traditional rectangular dollies, we also have round dollies and triangular dollies on offer as well. So, the next time you need to move a giant Toblerone or gargantuan tub of Pringles, keep us in mind!


Heavy lifting gear dolly skates

For larger appliances, our 5pc Heavy Duty Appliance Furniture Moving Set is the perfect solution.

Complete with a hoist handle for easy elevation, the four dolly skates can be easily placed under each corner of the item you need to move, allowing for hassle-free lifting and shifting from start to finish.

Perfect for kitchen appliances, lounge furniture or heavy boxes, these lifting skates are a versatile, one-stop solution to a myriad of moving conundrums.

Best of all, they also skate around the problem of dimensions, allowing you to easily move a range of sizeable items, regardless of their dimensions.


Useful appliance skates in the home

While it’s easy to assume that appliance dollies are predominantly for businesses and those in a trade involving heavy goods, they can also be a really useful item to have around the home.

Our 150kg Home Furniture Appliance Trolley in particular is a prime example of just that. Ideal for a whole range of homely goods, this product can be a real life-saver in any number of situations: from decorating a bedroom to a garage clear out.

Weighing in at just 0.5kg (500g), this dolly skate is actually lighter than a basketball, but don’t let its modest mass fool you – our lightweight lifter packs a surprisingly serious punch.

This diminutive dolly is capable of moving 300 times its own weight, with a maximum capacity of 150kg – that’s the equivalent to the average weight of a panda!

While it’s unlikely you’ll need to move a Chinese bear around your home, this appliance dolly can also be used for a whole host of more conventional household items, such as furniture or boxes of books.

Nevertheless, it’s comforting to know its panda-proof, should the situation arise...


Regardless of your moving job, an appliance dolly can be a godsend. So, remember, we’ve got your back – literally!

For more information on our appliance dollies and appliance skates, click below and check out the range of moving goods we have on offer.

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For those that deal with heavy goods on a daily basis, a pallet truck can be a vital piece of equipment.

In fact, for those that spend their working day shifting warehouse stock or loading and unloading goods, the humble pallet mover is the ultimate essential.

That being said, pallet trucks come in many different varieties: from battery-powered pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks to mini pallet trucks and rough terrain pallet trucks.

As such, certain models are better than others for specific tasks. When choosing the right pallet mover for your job, one of the most important variants to take into account is the material.

When it comes to materials, they don’t come much finer than the universal appeal of stainless steel.

stainless steel pallet trucks

Why stainless steel pallet trucks?

For companies that have to adhere to strict sanitary guidelines and hygiene requirements (such as the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries), galvanised steel pallet trucks and stainless-steel pallet trucks are the top choice – and with good reason.

Unlike standard pallet movers and pallet trucks, the galvanised and stainless-steel frames offer better resistance to bacteria and are better at withstanding the harsh demands of their respective environments.

Stainless steel is also great at retaining its shape under extreme temperatures, as well as heavy loads. This enhanced durability makes stainless steel pallet trucks a great investment in the long term, providing a one-two punch of heavy-duty hygiene.


Which stainless steel pallet truck is right for me?

Before we go any further, it’s about time we introduced you to Mr Hydro. While it may sound like a low-rent rip-off of Aquaman, Mr Hydro is, in fact, our range of stainless steel pallet trucks.

Our Mr Hydro range consists of two quality products. While the specifications are very similar – including dimensions, weight and lift capacity – there are a few subtle yet important differences between the two.


GS/X 'Mr Hydro – Galvanised/Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Ideal for moving heavy loads in humid and damp conditions, the GS/X 'Mr Hydro' model comes with a simple three-point control system, featuring easy-to-use lift, lower and neutral settings.

With tapered fork tips and entry guide rollers for effortless handling, this model also features an electropolished surface treatment on each contact surface, providing optimum corrosion resistance and maximum hygiene.


GS/I 'Mr Hydro' – Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Arguably the more talented sibling of the two, the GS/I 'Mr Hydro' model offers everything its galvanised sibling has to offer, plus more.

In addition to moving loads in humid and damp conditions, GS/I model can also handle environments where strict high hygienic standards are enforced, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food/beverage industry.

Boasting stainless steel for all metal sheet parts, the pump and all other castings are made of brass, offering maximum resistance to humidity and oxidation.


Heavy-duty pallet trucks

Both of our stainless-steel hand pallet trucks are capable of lifting up to 2.5 tonnes of weight. To give an idea of how much weight that really is, it’s actually about the weight of a fully-grown giraffe or a particularly husky rhino.

Luckily, both of those animals are native to the savannahs of South Africa so, unless you’re planning on taking your pallet truck on a safari, you probably won’t need to hoist any hefty herbivores any time soon.

That being said, if you’re faced with a monstrous lifting task at your warehouse, its reassuring to know that our stainless-steel pallet trucks boast some seriously animalistic power!

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Superclamp - also known as Riley (Lifting Equipment ) Ltd - Are a lifting company dedicated to creating practical, safe and user-friendly beam clamps & trolleys. We offer a huge selection of Superclamp products that will allow you to complete lifting, pulling and anchoring tasks with ease! Let's take a closer look at the different clamps:

Adjustable Push Travel Trolley

  • Available in different weight capacities and adjustable widths
  • Lightweight & low-cost
  • Buy or Hire!

Shop Here >

Girder Clamps

  • Designed to provide maximum jaw grip
  • Left and right handed adjusting bar ensures a secure grip
  • Incorporating adjusting mechanism and lifting shackle
  • Buy or Hire!

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Pipe Clamps and Hooks

Pipe Clamps:

  • Designed to work with all kinds of pipes and bars
  • Adjustable jaw grip
  • Suitable anchor point 
  • Available in different weight capacities and adjustable widths
  • Buy or Hire!

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Pipe Hooks:

  • Designed to be used in pairs
  • Incorporate a lifting shackle
  • Available in different weight capacities
  • Buy or Hire!

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We think that these Superclamp products will perfectly complement whatever lifting equipment you already have because they are reliable and easy to use!

If you'd like any help purchasing your Superclamp products, you can get in touch with us over the phone or by email. Call us on 0117 9381 600 or email us at sales@safetyliftingear.com.



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