Armorgard is the industry leader in secure storage and logistical products.

Setting the standard for equipment security, Armorgard has developed the ultimate tool storage solution in the form of the revamped TuffBank range.

Robust, secure and professional, the new and improved TuffBank range features numerous additional features designed with you and your tools’ security in mind.




Why Choose the TuffBank?

When it comes to sturdy, reliable and safe storage of your tools and equipment, nothing compares to the superior security of the aptly-named TuffBank.

Officially tested and certified by safety staples, Sold Secure and Secured by Design, the TuffBank has been given the official seal of approval by the Master Locksmiths Association and police authorities alike.


Tool Security with TuffBank 2.0

The pinnacle of tool protection, the TuffBank has been a firm favourite since its launch over 20 years ago – and it just got even better.

The second-generation TuffBank is the result of 30 years of industry expertise and experience, painstakingly modified by the skilled professionals of Armorgard to provide unrivalled security.

Available in eight different sizes, the virtually impenetrable TuffBank is versatile enough to be used for a variety of jobs in a number of different scenarios, from van storage to on-site use.

The larger sizes also come equipped with forklift pockets, allowing for easy transportation and mobility, even when the weight begins to mount up.


All-New Safety Features

So, what’s so new about the all-new TuffBank? In short – a lot!

The new model boasts a whole host of additional benefits, all of which we’ve neatly laid out below for you.

Anti-jemmy systems

For optimal reliability, the TuffBank now comes with hardened steel reinforcement plates and anti-jemmy features, increasing its durability to make it near-impossible to break into.

Cable-passing point

The handy cable passing point feature allows for secure tool charging, safely containing your equipment out of sight while simultaneously providing power capability.

In-set handles

A key space-saving feature, the TuffBank comes with adjustable handles that can be in-set to reduce its overall width and make it more streamlined for storage efficiency.

Slam stop

Another great safety feature for the user is the addition of an enhanced safety lid-stay. This acts as an anti-slam mechanism, securely preventing hand jamming and accidental lid mishaps.



Additional Accessories

On top of all that, the new version of the TuffBank also has a variety of optional extras to choose from, allowing you to accessorise and truly tailor your TuffBank to the task at hand.

Crane lifting eyes

Capable of handling up to 3 tonnes of weight, these universal lifting eye attachments make transportation a breeze. Can be retro-fitted should you decide you require them later on.

Internal shelf

Ideal for organising tools and equipment, this free-fitting shelf features upturned sides to prevent items falling. Made from steel for sturdiness, the shelf sits on the lugs provided or the recessed handles for simple installation.

Charging shelf

The PowerShelf accessory allows you to instantly turn your TuffBank into a secure power source, boasting four 110v sockets and four USB ports.


For a storage solution that ticks every box, look no further than the TuffBank range from Armorgard. For more information on the TuffBank range and other Armorgard products, call SafetyLiftinGear today on 0117 9381 600 or drop us an email using the button below.

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