You can never be too careful when it comes to hazardous chemical storage.

Unsuitable containers and cheap solutions can deliver dire consequences and it’s certainly not an area you want to cut corners on.

For anyone looking for a solution to their chemical storage quandaries, fear not – help is at hand!

That help comes in the form of the reassuringly durable FlamBank – a hot new product from the storage specialists at Armorgard.




Why Choose the Armorgard FlamBank?

As the name suggests, the FlamBank acts as a secure, safe haven for flammable items and dangerous chemical products. Like any bank, security is tight with this products and contents protection is its primary function.

Boasting keyed-alike 5-lever deadlocks, internal/external anti-jemmy system and a robust body of 2mm and 3mm thick steel, the box itself is built to withstand a variety of extremes. This includes an impressive 30 minutes of fire resistance.

From a chemical safety aspect, it also features a fully-welded sump to prevent any potential leakages, a flame arrester gauze and high/low ventilation to prevent fume build-up.

Meanwhile, from a usability point of view, it also has hydraulic gas arms to assist with lid opening, an auto-latch lid for secure positioning of the lid when opened and relevant signage included for clear visible display of the box’s hazardous contents.

Best of all, the FlamBank range has also been specifically designed to comply with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH), minimising any risk of biological hazards or chemical exposure, as well as liability.


Armorgard Flambank - Features


Additional FlamBank Features

The Armorgard FlamBank is available in seven different sizes, making the range extremely versatile and ideal for a variety of setting – from construction sites and factories to vehicles.

The larger sizes – such as the FB2 and FB21 models – also feature facilities to secure the unit in position, while they also provide fork lift skids with castor holes for optional mobility.

Meanwhile, the taller FBC2 and FBC4 models also feature a shelf for additional storage, as does the FBC5, while the wider FBC8 boasts two shelves for maximum space usage.

For exact specification of each product, click on the relevant product listings below to find out more:

Armorgard FB1 FlamBank

Armorgard FB21 FlamBank

Armorgard FB2 FlamBank

Armorgard FBC2 FlamBank

Armorgard FBC4 FlamBank

Armorgard FBC5 FlamBank

Armorgard FBC8 FlamBank


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Why Choose Armorgard?

With the help of Armorgard, you won’t need to think outside the box when it comes to safe storage of your materials. An industry-leader in secure storage containers, their reputation is virtually unmatched, particularly when it comes to site storage products.

With Armorgard products, not only are you in safe hands but, more importantly, so are your contents. If you’re looking for a secure container for your possessions on-site, off-site or on the move, Armorgard is sure to have the perfect solution for you in their securely fastened box of tricks.


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