If you are considering moving a storage container, a large machine, or a large awkward piece of equipment or furniture, then you will need one of our high quality machine moving skates. Machine moving skates make the transportation of a 55 tonne storage container easy work.  

To use machine skates simply get 4 low profile toe jacks to lift up the equipment that you wish to move. By using the toe jacks, jack the object high enough to slide the moving skate under all four corners. Slowly release the toe jacks when you are sure that the machine is in place. Attach the steering bars and move your machine to its new place. 

Because of the weight that you could be moving with machine jacks, it is important that you chose high quality machine skates. Our ranges of machine moving skates all have polyurethane wheels. Polyurethane wheels have a higher load bearing capacity than rubber wheels and are oil and solvent resistant, they are also tear resistant, weather resistant, and resistant to extreme temperatures. On top of all these benefits, they also reduce the risk of damaging your work place floor. 

construction work

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we pride ourselves on stocking a comprehensive range of lifting and material handling equipment, both of which are essential in order to provide a safe and secure working environment. One of the many benefits of ordering from us, is that we offer the option to buy or rent your equipment, allowing you to fine tune your purchase according to your budget and time-scale. 

If you're not sure which of the two choices is right for you, take a look at our list of pros and cons to weigh up which option is the best fit:

Equipment Hire

  • The up-front cost is cheaper than buying the product outright.
  • It can be great for one-off jobs, and saves you from investing in a product that you are unlikely to get much use from.
  • it provides you with the guarantee of a certified and tested solution for each job.
  • It can cost you more long-term if you're repeatedly having to hire the same equipment.
  • You may have to extend the rental period if the job goes on for longer than expected.
  • You could be subject to extra costs if an item is damaged.

Purchasing Your Equipment

  • Having a good selection of equipment at your disposal whenever you need it.
  • Saves you money in the long term if you will be using the equipment regularly.
  • You will not have the hassle of returning the item once the work is complete. 
  • You will need a stable, and long-term storage space to house your equipment.
  • The initial cost is more expensive, which means you could loose out if it's only for a short-term job.
  • You will need to maintain and keep track of each item yourself.
Once you have decided which of the two is the best for your specific job, you can visit our lifting equipment and material handling pages to browse our full selection of items. Once you have made your choice, select either the 'buy now' or 'hire me' option, for a fast and efficient order process.

winter construction work

Winter can be a difficult time for workers who operate outdoors. The cold and damp conditions associated with this time of year can make it difficult to carry out work efficiently, while also maintaining proper health and safety standards. At SafetyLiftinGear we are committed to providing products that contribute to a safe and comfortable working environment, which is why we stock a range of items that cater specifically to work carried out in colder conditions. 

Below are three essential items for carrying out work in cold and damp conditions:

Jacket Safety Harness

This windproof and water resistant jacket includes an integrated safety harness, which makes it ideal for outdoor work completed at height. It has both front and rear 'D' ring attachment points, making it highly functional and easy to use. The harness can also be removed in order to use the jacket alone, or to be inspected as part of health and safety protocol. 

harness jacketharness strap
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N-Ferno 6815 Stretch Cap - Full Face

This full-face stretch cap by ERGODYNE is a great form of winter insulation. With this item you can keep the sensitive skin on your face protected from frost and wind, without restricting your vision. It may also come in handy for keeping you healthy when the annual winter cold is being passed around the workplace!

protective face cap
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HI Viz Yellow Bomber Jacket 

Another difficulty posed by winter is poor visibility, caused by inclement weather and restricted daylight hours. Our Hi Viz Bomber Jacket is designed to ensure the safety of outdoor workers during unlit hours, while preserving their warmth and comfort at the same time. This jacket comes in 300D polyester coated fabric and has a concealed hood, making it ideal for use in cold, windy and damp weather. It also has fleece faced quilt lining and elasticated adjustable cuffs for maximum comfort. Choose from M, L or XL.

hi viz bomber jacket
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To see more of our safety workwear and personal protective equipment, visit the following link. For more information on SafetyLiftinGear and our high-quality products, visit our about us page.

Mortar tubs

Another new week, another batch of new additions to the SafetyLiftinGear range! Today, we're pleased to announce the arrival of two new mortar tubs - each one has a maximum capacity of 250 litres, and they're ideal for transporting mortar and rubble around the construction site.

Click here to purchase your mortar tub, or read on to find out a little more about these new products.

UNI mortar tub

250ltr UNI Mortar Tub

This rigid, hard-wearing UNI tub can be lifted via forklift as well as by crane. Each tub is supplied with a one-piece surround frame as standard.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Dimensions: 1065mm (L) x 760mm (W) x 560mm (H)
  • Capacity: 250 litres
  • Made of rigid moulded plastic
  • Lift with crane or forklift
  • Tested and certified before dispatch

Crane lift mortar tub

250ltr Crane Lift Mortar Tub

This mortar tub is specifically designed to be lifted using a crane (along with suitable lifting equipment, e.g. two-leg chain slings). Aside from this, however, it shares all of the UNI tub's features: a rigid design, outstanding durability, and a generous 250-litre capacity.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Dimensions: 1065mm (L) x 760mm (W) x 560mm (H)
  • Capacity: 250 litres
  • Made of rigid moulded plastic
  • Lift with crane only
  • Tested and certified before dispatch

For more products like these, visit our Site Lifting & Handling department.
We currently have some great items on sale here at SafetyLiftinGear, here are some of our favourites:

Webbing Lifting Slings, Strops 2 Tonne

These polyester duplex webbing lifting slings are available in a variety of lengths, from 1mtr to 10mtr. They have a reinforced becket eye and a 60mm wide load bearing surface. They have the benefit of being light and durable, which makes them ideal for awkward loads. They also have a safety factor of 7:1.
lifting slings

Battery Powered Electric Chain Hoist, 250KG, Lift 3mtr to 10 mtr

This Battery Powered Chain Hoist is super lightweight, weighing only 6.7 KG. It has a lifting capacity of 250 KG, and a lifting speed of 4.5 metres per minute. The pendant control has an emergency stop function, and it also includes a friction clutch and an over load warning alarm, making it a thoroughly safety-conscious piece of equipment to use! It is fully tested and certified, and complies with EU standards. (Comes with 1 year warranty)
electric chain hoist
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