If you are considering moving a storage container, a large machine, or a large awkward piece of equipment or furniture, then you will need one of our high quality machine moving skates. Machine moving skates make the transportation of a 55 tonne storage container easy work.  

To use machine skates simply get 4 low profile toe jacks to lift up the equipment that you wish to move. By using the toe jacks, jack the object high enough to slide the moving skate under all four corners. Slowly release the toe jacks when you are sure that the machine is in place. Attach the steering bars and move your machine to its new place. 

Because of the weight that you could be moving with machine jacks, it is important that you chose high quality machine skates. Our ranges of machine moving skates all have polyurethane wheels. Polyurethane wheels have a higher load bearing capacity than rubber wheels and are oil and solvent resistant, they are also tear resistant, weather resistant, and resistant to extreme temperatures. On top of all these benefits, they also reduce the risk of damaging your work place floor.