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roof hazard demarcation 

We regularly read health and safety news stories about roof safety, or the lack of, so why do companies continue to neglect safe working procedures whilst working at height? 

Along with the obvious risks of falls and slips near the roof edge, there are also a number of hazards which exist on the roof itself, which carry risks to both the workers and the building in question. Many flat roofed buildings have equipment such as air conditioning units and solar panels mounted to their surface, which can easily be damaged, or present health and safety risks to workers.
In order to ensure that workers are not put in danger when working on roof-based equipment and surfaces, an efficient system should be put in place in order to ensure that potential dangers are clearly marked.
Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we provide a huge selection of safety systems for working at height, including products to point out hazards efficiently. Included in our range of equipment is our Steel Demarcation Safety Post, a product designed with the specific purpose of marking safe working areas on flat rooftops:
demarcation post
Used in combination with other posts and a system of chains, this hazard demarcation product can help to ensure that off-limits areas are clearly pointed out, and that safe passages to work areas are created. It is suitable for use on a number of roof surfaces, including single-ply, bituminous and concrete, making it a highly flexible product for working at height across a variety of locations. It can also provide additional safety benefits thanks to its robust design, which has the ability to withstand wind speeds of up to 80 miles per hour!
Looking for chain products to use in combination with our hazard demarcation posts? See our full selection of safety posts and accessories here!
Blue Polypropylene Rope

Looking for a cost effective, strong and weather resilient rope? Our blue polypropylene rope range here at SafetyLiftinGear will provide you with everything you could need and more. Their bright blue colouring means they are highly visible wherever they are placed, and the polypropylene ensures their strength and versatility. Ideal for operations such as load securing, mooring, creating barriers and much more. Our blue polypropylene rope is good for your bank account and great for your safety. They also float - making them extra useful when it comes to tasks such as mooring or trot lining. 

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, our range of blue polypropylene stock is available from 100 meters to 220 meters in length and 6mm to 16mm in width. We also stock blue polypropylene rope directly for using on lorries (I know, we think of everything!). You won't have to look far to find a rope that's suited to you. 

Just click here to browse our collection of blue polypropylene ropes!

Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2017

Next week, the SafetyLiftinGear team will be travelling to Germany for Prolight + Sound, the international trade fair of technologies and services for entertainment, integrated systems and creation. This event is extremely popular because of the opportunity it affords visitors to network with manufacturers and service providers from many different countries. There will be a staggering array of products on show, so if you work in the live entertainment industry we'd strongly recommend that you attend!

Prolight + Sound: What You Need to Know

When? 4th - 7th April, 2017
Where? Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
What to expect? A range of lighting, sound, stage and media technologies, plus production/broadcasting equipment

Our Stand at Prolight + Sound

SafetyLiftinGear will be on Stand F37 in Hall 3.0 for the duration of this four-day event. We will be displaying our ever-popular range of Roadcrew event rigging products, including our award-winning battery-powered chain hoist.

Battery Hoist

Hoist Specifications:

  • Max. Weight Capacity: 500kg
  • Lifting Height: 5 metres
  • Chain: Grade 80 4.0mm
  • Lifting Speed: 2.2 metres per min
  • Battery: DC 18V Rechargeable Li-ion

Be sure to visit the Prolight + Sound website for more information about this event!

Recently, Littlehampton Welding Ltd got in touch with us regarding the usage of some of our Hydraulic Cylinders to help with the construction of a scorer box for the Lords Cricket Ground. We're always keen to help out with a big project here at SafetyLiftinGear and we were more than happy to help out help out with this project. Our Hydraulic Cylinders helped lift the scorer box to allow work to be made on it; and It's safe to say Littlehampton Welding Ltd were bowled over with the quality of our hydraulic cylinders, which made their job a whole lot easier. 

Our cylinders can be used for a range of projects in garages, construction sites, workshops, and many other environments; and if you're worried that your load that needs lifting is too heavy, you'll be happy to know that we have hydraulic cylinders that can lift loads as heavy as 100 tonnes. So, no matter what your lifting requirements are, we're confident you'll find a hydraulic cylinder that can meet them.

If you're interested in purchasing a hydraulic cylinder to help with your project, you can view our entire range of hydraulic jacks and cylinders by clicking here. If you have any specific requirements that our comprehensive range doesn't meet, please do not hesitate to call us on 0808 123 69 69 - we're more than happy to discuss a bespoke solution for you. 
Safety Harness for Working at Height

Last week, a judge at Manchester Crown Court sent three people to jail. Why? Because they failed to follow the rules for working safely at height, and because they attempted to cover up their negligence after disaster struck.

Back in 2014, two men - Benjamin Edge and Peter Heap - were working on the roof of a shed in wet and windy conditions. There were no height safety measures in place to prevent Edge and Heap from falling and injuring themselves; they weren't wearing safety harnesses, and no other safeguards had been provided for their protection. During the job, Benjamin Edge fell from the roof and sustained severe head injuries. He was pronounced dead at Salford Royal Hospital that night.

If this were the end of the story, Mr Edge's employer - SR and RJ Brown Ltd - would still have been in very hot water indeed. Companies who commit corporate manslaughter by failing to identify and address on-the-job hazards are routinely punished with large fines and even jail time in some cases. In this particular case, however, the firm's wrongdoing did not end with Mr Edge's death.

After the accident, Mr Heap was ordered to bring a set of safety harnesses to the work site to make it look as though proper safety precautions had been taken. Furthermore, James Brown - one of the directors of SR and RJ Brown Ltd - created fake risk assessment forms and handed these to the authorities investigating the incident. All of this was done to create the impression that the firm had followed the rules and that they were not at fault for Mr Edge's death.

Eventually, the cover-up was revealed and the two company directors were sentenced to 20 months in jail, plus a fine of £300,000. Mark Aspin, who contracted the job to SR and RJ Brown Ltd, has been jailed for 12 months.

Why risk breaching safety regulations?

When preparing to carry out a routine task, it can sometimes be tempting to ignore health and safety law and just get it done as quickly as possible. However, as the story above demonstrates, any time you save by skipping the safety precautions will pale in comparison to the possible consequences. Not only can you face hefty fines and jail sentences for putting your employees in danger, you also risk ending lives, wrecking families, and causing damage that can never be undone.

Stay safe at work - if you're an employer, it is your legal responsibility to carry out a risk assessment and put the necessary safeguards in place to protect your workers!
Industrial Work Gloves
Your hands are important, and it's crucial that you keep them safe at all times - especially when working in an industrial environment. Industrial work gloves are a crucial piece of PPE in many lines of work; any damage to your fingers, hands or wrists can impact your work greatly, no matter how big or small the accident, but wearing the right industrial work gloves can go a long way to minimising that risk. Small hand injuries such as shallow cuts can be really inconvenient (and painful!), but they can be easily avoided by wearing appropriate industrial work gloves. 
Here at SafetyLiftinGear.com, we provide a range of industrial work gloves that are suited to any labour-intensive job and will keep your hands safe and sound for years to come. Our high-quality work gloves give you the added protection you need for work each day.
Here is a selection of the Industrial Work Gloves available on our site: 
Safety Impact Industrial Work Gloves

LifeGear Safety Impact Working Gloves 

Our LifeGear Safety Impact Work Gloves are a set of wonderfully versatile industrial work gloves for a brilliant price. Your hands will be thanking you, as with TRP impact protection on the back of the glove, pinch injury prevention and blow deflection qualities, these industrial work gloves will ensure your safety. They're also abrasion and tear resistant, meaning they will remain your protectors for a long while. 
Half-Finger Safety Gloves

"PROFLEX" Economy Half Finger Impact Industrial Gloves

If you like a little bit more freedom when moving your fingers, these Economy Half Finger Impact Gloves may be just what you need. The half-finger design provides you with maximum proficiency, while the EVA foam pad works to protect you from shock and impact. Additionally, these industrial work gloves also come with an anti-odour treatment (you'll thank us for this after a couple of wears).
Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves

LifeGear Cut Resistant Safety Impact Working Gloves

These cut-resistant industrial work gloves are ideal for high-intensity workplaces, as the TPR impact protection on the back of the glove provides your hands with the armour they need. The TPR also increases protection against pinches and blows. To ensure these work gloves are your best protector for years to come, the stitching on the palm and thumbs has also been reinforced to maximise durability and resilience.
To browse more of our industrial work gloves, simply click the button below!

If you have any questions about our industrial work gloves or if you are wondering about any of our other products feel free to get in touch. Our expert team is here to help - contact us today.

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Here at SafetyLiftinGear.com we have a wide range of Material Lifts to hire that will meet any requirements that you may have. Whether you need basic material lifts or something more sophisticated, we're confident you'll be able to find exactly what you need in our extensive range. All of our material lifts are available to hire as well as to buy - here's an example of the high-quality material lifts we have to offer:


Manual Stacker Truck 

This manual stacker truck has a robust steel profile and is able to lift loads of up to 1000KG. It's easy and comfortable to handle thanks to its ergonomic handles and is the ideal choice for manual transport and lifting of loads. For more information or if you wish to hire this manual lift, please click here

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