Eclipse Magnets

We're pleased to announce we have recently added a variety of Lifting Magnets from Eclipse Magnetics to our range! 

Eclipse Magnetics specialise in fail-safe magnetic technology and provide high-quality lifting magnets worldwide. These lifting magnets are ideal for light-weight to heavy-duty lifting operations with a range of different lifting capacities and models.

Here are a few benefits of our new lifting magnets from Eclipse Magnetics: 

  • Simple to use with on-off operation
  • Magnetic lifters increase efficiency 
  • Safe to use with fail-safe mechanisms 
  • Greater lift control 
  • Does not need a constant power source

Suited to all your lifting needs, here's a look at the new models we've added to our range of lifting magnets. 

New Lifting Magnets from Eclipse Magnetics

Eclipse Thin Plate Lifting Magnet

£541.75 - £863.98 inc VAT

This eclipse magnet is designed for lifting with a thin plate safely and securely. Available in weight capacities of 150kg and 300kg.

Eclipse Ultralift Lifting Magnet

£293.62 - £3,910.70 inc VAT

Capable of lifting from 125kg to 2000kg, this Ultralift lifting model is the ideal lifting mechanism for material handling warehouses, steel manufacturers, steel stockholders and so on.

Eclipse Ultralift PLUS Lifting Magnet

£467.98 - £3,910.79 inc VAT

The Ultralift Plus range of manual lifters provides you with one of the safest lifting magnets around. With excellent performance to weight ratio, the Eclipse Ultralift Plus can lift anywhere from 125kg - 2000kg depending on the model you choose.

To browse the full range of our lifting magnets from eclipse magnetics, just click here! Or if you have any questions about our new range, just get in touch with a member of our team. 

Falls while working at a height are responsible for a huge amount of workplace injuries and fatalities every year. In fact, in Great Britain, falls from a height were the biggest offender when it came to workplace fatalities in 2017. 

Safety precautions are incredibly important for anyone working at a height during their workday. To help improve height safety knowledge today we've put together a few of the most common working at height safety question and answers.

Working at Height Safety Questions and Answers


1) What types of work equipment are suitable for working at heights? 

When working at a height, you need to ensure you use the right eight equipment and secure it safely to your person. Equipment dropped from heights can cause fatalities to those below and could even cause you to lose balance. Be sure to use tool lanyards and work tool belts to safely secure your tools before working on a ladder. 

Furthermore, always ensure you are using the right scaffolding equipment or ladder for the job. Failure to use the correct height equipment could result in instability when working at height and could potentially be fatal - so be sure to use equipment that works in conjunction with your risk assessment. You can find plenty of equipment suitable for working at heights here


2) What is a risk assessment? 

A risk assessment is part of The Work at Height Regulations. This is an assessment that is conducted prior to a working at height operation to identify what the hazards are and the level of risk to the worker. A risk assessment examines all the situations that could result in an injury and allows you to take steps to avoid any harm occurring. 

To help you create your own risk assessment, we've put together a list of things to consider when conducting a Working at Height Risk Assessment


3) Who is competent to work at height? 

One of the main requirements for a working at height operation is to enlist an employee who is competent to work at height. This refers to someone who has been trained to work at height and has the appropriate qualifications and experience. It is the manager and supervisors job to ensure those working at height are competent and suitably trained in this field. 

If a worker regularly works at height, they should attend a working at height safety training course to certify that they are fully qualified to work at height safely.  If you would like to be qualified to work at height you may be interested in our Working at Heights Training Course. This course will prepare you to work at height by teaching you all the neccesary safety procedures. 


4) How can I help stop someone from falling when working at height? 

If you're an employer with employees who work at heights, you can help prevent any falls by safeguarding the area. Using items such as working platforms with rails, access equipment, and durable PPE equipment can help stop your workers from happening upon any nasty falls.

As the employer, it is your job to protect your workers, so make sure you provide the best quality safety equipment. Safety is always more important than cutting costs.


5) What is a work-restraint or work-positioning system? 

Work-restraint systems are used to prevent falls. They rely upon PPE such as a safety harness and lanyard and will be attached to the worker. The work-restrain system will prevent the worker from accessing dangerous positions. For example, a work-restrain lanyard could be adjusted to slightly shorter than the length of the work platform, thus stopping the worker from reaching the edge of the platform. 

A work-positioning system works in a similar way. They include a harness connected to a strong anchor and keep the worker in the same place as they work at height. The tension will keep the worker suspended and will prevent any falls. However, both work-restraint and work-positioning systems need to be watched carefully to ensure their safety. 


6) What should I do about any falling objects? 

Falling objects should be prevented through the use of tool lanyards and the minimal use of any loose equipment or materials. If using scaffolding (especially near a public area), nets and platforms should be used to help prevent this issue. Falling objects could be fatal to any workers or pedestrians below, so all measures should be taken to avoid this occurring. 

It is incredibly important to always be safe when working at heights, so we hope this has helped answer some of your working at height safety questions.

For any height safety equipment needs, be sure to take a look at our range!  

View Our Height Safety Equipment Range 

Everyone hates the sensation of cold hands, it's uncomfortable and makes it increasingly difficult to carry out the most basic tasks. Even if you're just trying to use a set of keys, or typing on your phone, cold hands are an inconvenience. This is even more of a problem if you work outside, as many of our customers do! Luckily, this winter we have you covered with our thermal work gloves

Investing in a good pair of thermal work gloves will make a substantial difference when working outside, so gloves are a good place to start protecting yours or your employee's hands. To see what thermal work gloves we have on offer, keep reading.


(Thermal-lined Working Gloves)

Our durable Impact Working Gloves have a thermal lining which makes them perfect for winter! They are made from high-quality, cut-resistant materials which make them hard-wearing no matter what time of year it is. The thermal lining will protect your hands from the plummeting temperature while the impact protection guards against injury. These gloves are available in three different sizes so you should be able to find a pair that best suits your requirements. 

(Woolly Thinsulate Gloves)

These woolly gloves are great for working outside too, the Thinsulate lining gives extra warmth to these super comfortable gloves. Great for working outside in winter on jobs that don't require extra hand protection. These gloves keep your hands warm whilst allowing for maximum movement, so you won't need to worry about stiff fingers!


(More Cold & Wet Weather Gear)

It's not just hands we are protecting this winter! We have a range of winter clothing that will help you throughout the chilly season, from hats to coats we will have you fully prepped for working outside. To learn more about our range of winter protection, click here. Or if you are just interested in seeing more of our work gloves, click here


If you have any questions about our thermal work gloves or about any of our other products do not hesitate to get in touch. Our helpful team is always happy to help, so please contact us today


We've just launched a brand new range of battery powered pallet trucks which are sure to be a good fit for any manual/material handling business. Take a sneak peek at the range here. 

Semi-Electric Battery Powered Pallet Truck

1500kg Semi-Electric Battery Powered Pallet Truck

Price From: £1,079.98 (inc VAT)

(£899.98 ex. VAT) 

First up in our new range of BATT-TRUCK battery powered pallet trucks, is our 1500kg Semi-Electric Powered Pallet Truck. 

We believe this battery pallet truck is the perfect alternative to a hand pallet truck and will increase efficiency in the workplace. This model is semi-electric, meaning it has powered movement but also needs a pump to complete lifting operations. The main benefit of this semi-electric battery powered pallet truck is that the battery can be removed and the pallet truck can be used as a hand-pallet truck. 

This is a large advantage over other battery powered pallet trucks which need to be charged or have a replacement battery if the current battery stops working. The battery pack is also easily removed and exchanged and can be done by one person. 

Another advantage of this semi-electric powered pallet truck is that it had a skeleton structure which reduces the overall weight. Lightweight yet still just as durable as a standard hand-pallet truck, the compact design of this 1500kg semi-electric powered pallet truck is a big benefit for any business.

Fully Electric Battery Powered Pallet Truck

1500kg Fully-Electric Battery Powered Pallet Truck

Price From: £1,198.78 (inc VAT)

(£998.98 ex. VAT)

This 1500kg fully-electric battery powered pallet truck is fully electric and so can assist with both powered movement and powered lifting. With a 500w drive motor and 3.5hrs working time on the battery, this battery-powered pallet truck is sure to make any lifting and transporting jobs a breeze. Without the need to use manual force, jobs can be completed quicker and far more efficiently, while also improving the risk associated with manual labour. 

Similar to the semi-electric battery powered pallet truck, this battery-powered pallet truck also has a skeleton design which reduces the weight by around 25% when compared to a traditional pallet truck. The simplified structured also means it is easier to maintain as the pallet truck does not need to be stripped down.

Both our semi-electric and fully electric battery powered pallet trucks also work perfectly while ascending and descending. Both trucks can guarantee 4% slope braking and 3.5% climbing performance. This means no huffing and puffing while transporting your pallet truck up a hill! 

Find out everything you need to know about our BATT-TRUCK Battery Powered Pallet Trucks in out video below.

You can browse our full range of battery powered pallet trucks here! If you have any questions, we're more than happy to help. You can contact us here or give us a call on 0808 123 69 69. 

Windproof Jackets

We love complaining about the weather here in Britain, it fills us with satisfaction and national pride. However, when we stop complaining (briefly) about the wind and the rain, we try to think of ways to lessen the effects of the bad weather. With the number of storms we've experienced this year, this probably isn't the first time you've thought about getting yourself a handy windproof jacket!

Most of our customers are more than familiar with working outside through the harsh winter months, which is why we supply a useful range of cold weather gear, to see our full range you can click here. If you want a closer look at the winterproof jackets we supply, keep reading. 


Our windproof jackets not only work as a windbreaker but they are also waterproof and have a safety harness incorporated into the design. These jackets are not only attractive but extremely practical. By combining windproof and waterproof materials with a fall protection jacket, it is your perfect accessory throughout winter jobs. 

Our jackets come in two designs to suit your needs! Our high-visibility jacket with reflective strips ensures that you will be seen wherever you are working. This gives you an added safety precaution whilst working in the wind and the rain when visibility can be poor.

We also offer the same jacket in a fashionable black design for jobs that do not require high-visibility such as rigging. This black fall protection jacket allows you to work in the harsher weather whilst being comfortable and safe.  


Of course, you don't need to take our word for it! Here's a video demonstrating how our windproof jackets hold up against the elements:


If you have any questions about our windproof jackets or any of the other products we supply, feel free to get in touch. Our team of experts are always here to help so contact us today