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who can inspect lifting equipment

Manual handling can be a dangerous profession if not done correctly, so it is important your lifting equipment is regularly inspected. But who can inspect lifting equipment?

Under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), lifting equipment inspections should be carried out by competent persons. A competent person is someone who has the right experience and knowledge to thoroughly understand what they are looking for. They should be able to spot any signs of weakness or damage that could be a potential hazard. This could be a member of your team with relevant knowledge or could be someone from another organisation.

The person who carries our the lifting equipment inspection must then complete a written report. This report should detail everything about the inspection, such as:

  • When the inspection was carried out
  • What date the next inspection should take place
  • Any defect that were found which could become a danger in the future

If any defects or damage are found during the inspection, they should be reported immediately so the person in charge can get these sorted as soon as possible.

What should be covered during a thorough examination? 

Though this is typically at the jurisdiction of the person carrying out the inspection, there are a few things which should always be checked. Often, there is a criterion which can be followed and checked off by the competent person. This will include:

  • Examination of the equipment/testing of the functionality
  • Measuring the wear level
  • Load testing
  • If required, disassembly of equipment to thoroughly inspect

This inspection will test if the lifting equipment is safe to use and will not cause harm to those who need it. 

As a rule, examinations should be carried out every 6 months for lifting equipment which carries people as this poses the highest safety risk. Lifting accessories should also be inspected every half a year as they can be fatal if damaged. Other types of standard lifting equipment can be inspected yearly if necessary.

At SafetyLiftinGear we offer a professional lifting gear inspection service to help you maintain safe and functional equipment. Get in touch if your equipment is in need of an inspection!

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If you've recently carried out an inspection of your lifting equipment and found it's not fit for purpose, we supply plenty of lifting equipment to fit all your needs here at SafetyLiftingGear. 

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Working at height comes with a number of risks and it is of vital importance that you take all the safety precautions you can. A rescue block can be what saves you from falling and injuring yourself, as they protect you from falling to the ground when working at height. The synthetic rope or cable that is wrapped around the reel of the block works like a retractable lifeline, which suspends you in the air in the event of a fall. 

All the rescue blocks we supply are designed to be reliable and effective. The last thing you want to do is doubt the quality of your height safety equipment, so we make sure you don't have to. The rescue blocks have a shock-absorbing system that prevents injury in the event of a fall. The high-quality materials used for each rescue block allow them to be used year after year, as the durable cables can withstand strain time after time without eroding or snapping.

Of course, you must be sure to choose a rescue block that suits your requirements, as each is a different size and has different restrictions. Luckily, our extensive range of blocks means we are confident you will be able to find the product you need. 

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Here are some of the rescue blocks available at SafetyLiftinGear:

Rescue Block

(Lightweight Fall Arrest Block - G-Force)


Rescue Block

(Fall Arrest Block with Recovery Winch)


If you have any questions about our range of rescue blocks or any of the other products we have, feel free to get in touch. Our helpful team is here to answer your questions and help you find the appropriate equipment for the job.

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How Long Are Safety Harnesses Good For?

Generally, the average life of a safety harness is around 5 years. However, how long a safety harness is good for will differ between makes and models of safety harnesses, with others coming with varying levels of warranties and recommended life-spans that can be much longer than average. For instance, our range of G-force harnesses are approved for up to 10 years

Of course, with something as important as a safety harness it's important that you check its in good condition before use. You must remain diligent when deciding if a safety harness is safe to use. Despite the recommended life-span, only the owner of the safety harness is aware what conditions it has been used in and whether this has affected its quality. If you begin to question how safe your harness is you should invest in one that can withhold the weight required. 

With that being said, we provide a huge selection of safety harnesses that are all made with the highest-quality materials. The last thing you want to do is doubt the safety of your safety harness when you're working at height which is why we supply high-quality products. To see our full range of safety harnesses you can click here, or for a look at some of the ones we supply, look below.  

(G-Force 2 Point Safety Harness)


(High Viz Multi-purpose Harness)


(Petzl VOLT Harness)


If you have any questions about how long safety harnesses are good for, or about any of our products feel free to get in touch. Our friendly team is always happy to help whatever the problem, so contact us today


Tethering Kits

Designed to stop tools falling from height, our tool lanyards have proved extremely popular since we first added them to the SafetyLiftinGear website. Many people who work at height on a regular basis now use these handy safety lanyards to secure their tools and equipment to themselves, and we've got the right lanyard for just about any item- from spanners to tape measures to power drills, we've got it all covered!

Today, we're very pleased to announce a set of new additions to our lanyard range: Ergodyne all-in-one tethering kits! Available in a variety of configurations, these kits include everything you need to tether your tools and other items to your person when working at height.

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Ergodyne are the manufacturers who make many of our other lanyard products, and we're thrilled to have their high-quality tethering kits in stock now too. Here's a quick run-down of what's available:

Tool Tethering Kits

2.3kg Tool Tethering Kit

Includes single-carabiner tool lanyard, self-adhering tape and 3 detachable elastic tool tails.

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Wrist Tethering Kits

1.4kg Wrist Lanyard Tethering Kit

Includes wrist lanyard with buckle, plus a roll of self-adhering tape and 3 detachable elastic tool tails.

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0.9kg Tool Tethering Kit

0.9kg Tool Tethering Kit

Includes a coiled lanyard plus self-adhering tape and 6 web tool tails.

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4.5kg Tool Tethering Kit

4.5kg Tool Tethering Kit

Includes a detachable single-carabiner tool lanyard plus self-adhering tape and 3 swivelling tool tails.

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Power Tool Tethering Kit

2.9kg Power Tool Tethering Kit

Includes a single-carabiner tool lanyard and a power tool trap.

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Tape Measure Tethering Kit

0.9kg Tape Measure Tethering Kit

Includes a single-carabiner tool lanyard and a tape measure trap. (Also available with a coiled lanyard.)

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Need to keep your tools safe while working at height? Click here to browse our full range of tool lanyards.


A Guide to PPE

PPE is short for Personal Protective Equipment. This is the equipment worn by workers that offers extra protection against hazards that may occur in the workplace. PPE comes in plenty of forms, and those who work jobs that require manual labour often need a range of different PPE to stay fully protected on the job.

But with so many to choose from sometimes it can be difficult to work out what you need, so we've put a Guide to PPE together to help! Here's a look at some of the PPE equipment we supply and how it can help you.

Head Protection

Head Protection

Protecting your head is often one of the most important things to remember, particularly on a construction site. In fact, many have a 'hard-hat policy' that means you can not carry out work unless your head is protected. We supply a range of helmets, hard hats and thermal liners that all help keep your head protected from falling/low-hanging objects and safe from the cold. 

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Eyes are both amazing and fragile. Too often an eye injury can lead to someone losing their sight when it could have been easily avoided with the right PPE. Debris and chemicals can easily cause problems for eyes, which is why we supply a range of safety goggles and safety glasses that protect you without impairing your vision. 

Ear Protection

Ear Protection


Working in loud environments such as concerts or construction can take its toll on your ears. Over time, loud music or power tools can damage your hearing. Ear defenders and earplugs can make a huge difference to how much loud volumes affect your ears. 

Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

PPE clothing can keep you safe from the wet and wind or make sure that you are easily seen, in some cases it does both! High visibility clothing allows others to see you from a greater distance, this is particularly useful in busy working environments where drivers and workers are more distracted. 

Breathing Equipment 

breathing equipment

Some work environments will expose you to airborne debris or fumes that shouldn't be breathed in. Working in these conditions is sometimes unavoidable which is why Dust Masks and Respirators are used. These are vital to protect against hazards that may affect your breathing.

To see our full range of PPE equipment, click here. We supply a vast collection of PPE that should help prepare you for anything! If you have any further questions about any our products feel free to get in touch. Our team of friendly experts are always happy to help so contact us today.  


When working at heights, you need to ensure there are precautions taken to ensure you are safe at all points. In 2016/17, a whopping 25% of workplace fatalities happened when a worker fell from a height in Great Britain.

Safety is our priority at SafetyLiftinGear so we provide a wide range of height safety solutions to help reduce this percentage. Here's a look at the main types of height safety solutions we supply to keep you safe.  

Our Height Saftey Solutions


Fall Protection Equipment

Fall protection equipment is a height safety solution which works to protect you from a fatal fall. We provide a wide range of high-quality height safety equipment which includes: 

  • Safety Harnesses - These harnesses will work to attach you to a connecting rope or sling which will connect to an anchor point. 
  • Anchor Point - This can be used to attach your rope to a secure point. 
  • Retractable Fall Arrester - This type of fall arrester retracts as you move and anchors you to a safety point. 
  • Safety Harness with Jacket - Combining a safety harness and a wet weather Jacket, this type of fall protection equipment will keep you safe and warm. 


Emergency Rescue Descent Kits

If something does go wrong while you're working at a height, it is important to have a height safety solution for this occasion. Our Emergency Rescue kits are designed to help rescue anyone who falls from a height quickly and efficiently. These are a vital piece of equipment when it comes to working at heights and many risk assessments require you have it. 

Our Emergency Rescue Descent equipment includes: 

  • Haul Kits - This makes a releasable anchor to pick up and evacuate someone who has fallen. 
  • Rescue Descent Kit - contains descending device, working rope, karabiners, webbing sling, knife and a storage bag. 
  • Gotcha Rescue kit - this is designed for working tradesmen and can recover casualties easily from a point of safety. Can be used by just one person. 

We this helps you find the height safety solutions you're looking for! If you'd like to browse our full range of height safety equipment, you can do so here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us here.  


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