In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best lifting equipment known to man, we’ve scoured the lifting gear landscape for the latest and greatest innovations to add to our growing inventory of goodies.

As a result, we’ve added two more fantastic items to our arsenal this week, in the form of two mighty chain blocks from material handling maestros, Yale.

With that being said, enough with the idle chit-chat – let’s get down to business and take a look at these awesome additions in more detail!


yale chainblocks


Yale Chain Blocks at SLG

Part of the almighty Columbus McKinnon group, Yale Lifting Solutions has earned a reputation as a global leader in material handling and motion control.

ISO 9001 certified with a myriad of additional certificates to back it up, Yale is a reliable brand in the lifting industry, with innovation a key component of their products.

For proof of that innovation, look no further than these latest Yale chain blocks to arrive at SLG:


yale chainblocks

Yale VSIII Manual Chain Block

Yet another innovation from the good folks at Yale, the new and improved Yale VSIII Manual Chainblock boasts a variety of fresh perks in terms of usability to design.

From a functionality standpoint, the design of the hand chain has been notably improved to prevent hand injuries and operational canting.

Meanwhile, high-quality bearings have been added to each side plate, the gearbox and the load chain sheave to ensure smooth operation.

Even the chain itself has had an upgrade, featuring EN818-7 zinc-plated load chain. This chain hoist has been fully tested and certified to the appropriate operational standard.

Lightweight and compact, this chain hoist is a handy piece of kit, capable of lifting a hefty load with ease.

Available in the following weight categories:


yale chainblocks

YaleLift 360degree Chainblock</H3>

Another fantastic product from Yale, the YaleLift 360degree Chainblock offers unrivalled directional versatility and user-friendly operation.

Thanks to the innovative 360-degree rotating hand chain guide, the revolutionary system allows the operator to use the hand chain from virtually any angle and any position. This allows for use in confined areas, from the side of a load and even horizontally.

Fully tested and certified, the added positional flexibility provides enhanced safety and allows the operator to use this equipment outside of the hazardous area, notably reducing the risk factor as a result.

Available in the following weight capacities:


In addition to offering an extremely competitive price, we are also happy to say we offer next day delivery for all of these products. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and put the power of Yale behind your lift today!


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Heavy-duty load moving skates are a handy and versatile piece of kit to have in your arsenal, particularly when it comes to industrial environments, such as warehouses.

Ideal for lifting and shifting heavy and awkward goods, our polyurethane machine moving skates are virtually invaluable and a must-have for any company that deals with heavy goods and machinery.

If you work in an industrial environment and are looking for a heavy-duty moving solution, get your skates on with these new heavy-duty load moving skate sets from!



Load Moving Skate Sets from Loadsurfer

Perfect for use in a variety of industrial settings, from factories to shipyards, the new load moving skate sets from Loadsurfer provide simple moving capability for heavy loads over short distances.

Specifically designed for heavy-duty manual handling, these durable dollies are designed for enhanced manoeuvrability and are excellent for moving awkward items – such as heavy equipment and machinery – into the desired position/location.


Why Choose Loadsurfer Load Moving Skates?

The Loadsurfer Moving Skate Set comes in two distinct weight categories: 48-tonne version and 64-tonne version. To put that into context, that’s equivalent to 8 and 11 elephants respectively.

Both feature a steering skate with turntable for versatile directional freedom during operation. The handle provides pulling/steering functionality while the turntable features a bearing for easy turning.

Complete with a heavy-duty design, both models also come with polyurethane wheels for enhanced durability, long-lasting performance and reduced risk of floor damage, ensuring the job is completed safely and efficiently.

Best of all, both the 48-tonne version and 64-tonne model are available to hire as well as purchase, should you require them for short-term use.


Load Moving Skate Set (48 tonne)

Product Spec:

  • 1 x 24 tonne steering skate (1000 x 580 x 120mm)
  • 2 x 12 tonne trailing skates (360 x 315 x 120mm)
  • Total Weight = 200kg
  • WLL = 48t


Load Moving Skate Set (64 tonne)

Product Spec:

  • 1 x 24 tonne steering skate (1080 x 720 x 140mm)
  • 2 x 12 tonne trailing skates (460 x 315 x 140mm)
  • Total Weight = 312kg
  • WLL = 64t


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When it comes to achieving safe, high-level access for workers, few methods provide the simplistic ease and efficiency of the humble man-basket.

Providing safe and versatile accessibility, man baskets have long been the preferred route of choice for many industrial workers; however, space and capacity can prove to be limiting factors.

Luckily, the good folks at Eichinger look set to make those limitations a thing of the past with the new 4-Man Man Basket!


4-man man basket, man baskets


Man Basket 4-Man

Made with safety in mind, the 4-Man model features solid, half-height sidewalls to ensure maximum safety at height.

Fully covered for overhead safety, the basket also comes with a mesh rear wall for further stability, while also maintaining a high level of visibility from the inside out.

As if those features weren’t enough, the 4-Man also boasts internal overhead harness points to truly provide maximised safety for those on-board during use.

Additionally, the cage comes complete with a fully-moulded working tray built-in to the front. The overall unit is also painted bright orange for enhanced visibility to further enhance its safety.

The unit itself also features a 4-leg chainsling for crane use and can be operated via crane or forklift for universal versatility.

Boasting a safe working load of 660kg, the 4-Man from Eichinger is theoretically suitable for four workers of up to 165kg each (just under 26 stone).


Man Basket 2-Man

In addition to the 4-Man version, Eichinger also offers a 2-Man Man Basket for lighter use. Featuring overhead protection, internal handrails and a mesh rear wall, the 2-Man version offers a safe and simple solution to high-level work access.

Also featuring an inward opening door, overhead harness point and 150mm floor surround, the ease and efficiency of this model makes it a firm favourite amongst contractors looking for height access for two.

Much like the 4-man, this product also boasts double-heel pin and 4-leg chainsling attributes for crane and forklift use.


Why Eichinger Man Baskets?

A true veteran name in the industry, Eichinger Equipment Ltd has been providing high-quality lifting gear for well over a century. With a history that dates all the way back to 1904, the company has more than earned its reputation as a trusted brand.

Each product encapsulated the world-renowned quality of German-engineering, providing robust and durable lifting solutions. The Man Basket range is no exception and fully exemplifies just why Eichinger has been able to stay at the top of the game for so long.

Don’t take our word for it: check out these great products now and see for yourself!


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When it comes to securing heavy-duty loads, few products can boast the versatile, load-restraining abilities of the ever-reliable ratchet strap.

Safe, secure and reliable, these durable restraints are ideal for keeping cargo in place and effectively eliminating any hazards related to falling loads. For heavy-duty transport, they are simply a must.

As always, our efforts to bring you the very best in safety lifting gear have seen our collection of ratchet straps expand this week, as we welcome a new product to the fold.

Say “hello” to the ERGO Ratchet Lashing from RatStrap.


ergonomic ratchet lashings


Ergonomic Ratchet Lashings

New to the 5-tonne ratchet strap range at SLG, the ERGO Ratchet Lashing is a uniquely designed, heavy-duty ratchet strap fit for a wide variety of fastening jobs and purposes.

Unlike traditional ratchet lashings, this product features a fundamentally different approach to the tried and tested mechanism.

Instead of pushing the handle upwards to secure the lashing as is often the case, the ratchet handle on the ERGO product is pulled down in order to achieve a tighter fastening.

The result of this contrasting approach means you need to apply less force to achieve the desired tension, allowing you to achieve a firm fastening with considerably less effort.


ERGO Ratchet Lashing Features

The lashing itself measures an impressive 10 metres in length. Made from 50mm webbing, it features a claw hook on either end for simple, safe and sturdy attachment.

The aforementioned pull-down tightening action is also enhanced by a longer handle, specifically designed for ergonomic ease of use.

Capable of withstanding up to 5 tonnes of pressure, this heavy-duty ratchet lashing is also inherently absorbent of shocks, ensuring an all-round safer, more stable transit experience.


RatStrap Ratchet Lashings

The ERGO Ratchet Lashing is the brainchild of specialist ratchet strap brand, RatStrap.

RatStrap aims to provide the most reliable, well-crafted ratchet straps on the market, with the ultimate goal of keeping your goods safe and secure as their top priority.

With RatStrap products, you know you’re not only getting a high-quality ratchet strap that provides superior safety, but you’re also getting a specialist product that’s tailor-made for the task at hand.

The ERGO Ratchet Lashing is no exception, incorporating a revolutionary approach to handle operation that makes load securing jobs considerably easier, improving the overall efficiency of the task at hand.


For more information on ergonomic ratchet lashings or any RatStrap products currently available at, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0117 9381 600 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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With winter rearing its frosty head on the horizon, the days and nights have already taken a thermic turn for the worse in the UK, resulting in wintry temperatures, chilly winds and bitter cold.

For those working in the construction industry or manual labour trades, such conditions can make life difficult, particularly for those stationed outdoors for prolonged periods of time.

Luckily, the good folks at Ergodyne have you covered – quite literally – with their range of thermal gear and accessories, specifically designed to keep you comfortably toasty in harsh conditions.


winter workwear


Ergodyne N-FERNO Range

Boasting a variety of handy accessories to keep you warm and in full working order, the N-FERNO range from Ergodyne is specifically targeted at those working in bitterly cold conditions.


winter workwear

N-FERNO Hand Warming Packs

For an instant blast of warmth, these self-contained hand heating packs provide a warming sensation to promptly take the chill off.

The all-natural ingredients contained within these packs react when exposed to oxygen, heating up when they come in contact with the open air.

Best of all, they can be resealed in a Ziploc bag for reuse, with an approximate heating lifespan of 8 hours.

Pocket-sized warmers are handily mobile and perfect for pockets, gloves and even headwear to provide a warming blast of heat when you need it.


winter workwear

N-FERNO Stretch Caps

For jobs where a hard hat helmet is required, the head and ears can often be left exposed to the elements, quickly becoming uncomfortable in windy and cold conditions.

Made from 100% knit polyester, the N-FERNO Stretch Cap fits over the lip of the hard hat, designed to stretch over the rim of the helmet down over the head for fully insulated coverage.

Available in half and full cap versions for varying facial coverage, the extent of the protection ranges from the ears and forehead all the way to full facial concealment, barring the eyes for visual clarity.

Product variations can be found below:

N-FERNO Half-Style Stretch Cap

N-FERNO Full-Face Stretch Cap


winter workwear

N-FERNO Thermal Hard Hat Liners

Designed to be worn underneath a hard hat helmet for complete overhead insulation, the N-FERNO Thermal Hard Hat Liner range from Ergodyne provides invaluable cranial warmth for those working in cold conditions that require head protection.

Featuring a 2-layer poly/fleece combination, these hard hat liners boast a 100% polyester fleece shell that covers a 100% polyester fleece lining, fitted with a chin strap for secure attachment.

This product also features an elastic gather at the front for additional wind protection. Meanwhile, the shoulder-length premium range also sports additional features, such as Tyvek-lined warming pack pockets for use with the N-FERNO warming packs.

Further details, click the links below for:

N-FERNO 2-Layer Thermal Hard Hat Liner

N-FERNO Premium 2-Layer Thermal Hard Hat Liner


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