We have a wide range of high-quality carabiners and hooks available here at, and if properly looked after, these products will remain safe to use for a long time.

To keep your carabiners in good working order, follow these steps:

Wash your carabiners frequently.

Use lukewarm tap water (roughly 30°C) and pH neutral washing-up liquid or detergent. Regular cleaning removes dirt and grime that might prevent your carabiners from closing properly or otherwise impede their correct operation. After washing, rinse each carabiner off and leave to dry thoroughly in a dry, well-ventilated area that's out of direct sunlight. (Heat, humidity and sunlight can reduce the working life of your carabiners.) Do not put your carabiners in a washing machine or tumble dryer.

Lubricate the moving parts.

Lubricating the internal mechanisms of each carabiner will keep the product working smoothly. Use a silicone-based oil and avoid products that contain sulphur. Dry any excess oil with a cloth or paper towel, then open and close the carabiner a few times to make sure it is entirely lubricated.

Inspect your carabiners periodically.

Periodic inspection ensures that your carabiners are still in good working order and safe to use. Compose a formal maintenance and inspection schedule to make sure the carabiners are not falling into disrepair.

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hi-force hydraulics

We recently added a brand new range of Hi-Force Hydraulic products to our hydraulic jacks range! These hydraulic tools are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of different jobs. Wondering what to expect from these new hydraulics? This blog will give you a good overview of the key products in the range. Give us a call if you have any questions - 0117 9381 600.

hi-force pancake jack

Hi-Force HVL Pancake Jack

The Hi-Force pancake jacks are designed to offer precise force in confined workspaces. They're ideal for aligning machinery, turbines and other structures. With a single acting load return design, these pancake jacks apply pressure from their pump then use the weight of the load to retract. The bases of these pancake jacks must be supported when they're in use! Choose a capacity that suits your needs: 10-100 tonnes.

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hi-force hollow cylinder

Hi-Force Hollow Cylinder

This single acting hollow cylinder from Hi-Force is designed for a range of jobs including tooling, tensioning and maintenance. Unlike other hydraulics in the Hi-Force range, this one is hollow which means a cable or rod can be passed through the cylinder. This is especially handy if you need to apply a pulling force. It can also be used to test bonded and mechanical anchor systems. Starting with a capacity of 11 tonnes, these cylinders max out at 102 tonnes, so we're sure we'll have one to suit your lifting needs.

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hi force hydraulic spreader

Hi-Force Hydraulic Jaw Spreader

Hydraulic spreaders are perfect for (you guessed it) spreading, however, they can also be used for wedging and prising operations too. This hydraulic spreader from Hi-Force is incredibly compact making it easy to transport from job to job. It features a spring-assisted return that enables it to fit in gaps of 13mm and spread up to 84mm wide. You can be confident that it'll last the test of time because it's made of high-quality steel. With a capacity of 0.9 tonnes, this should be able to assist you in almost any spreading or wedging job.

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multi purpose cylinder

Hi-Force Multi-Purpose Cylinder Range

One of the most versatile ranges from Hi-Force, these multi-purpose cylinders come in a range of different stroke lengths and lifting capacities. These are ideal for someone who needs a cylinder to assist them with production, maintenance, construction or fabrication. Each model of the Hi-Force multi-purpose cylinder comes with a collar thread and thread protector as well as piston rod mountings for simple, fuss-free fixing. You'll find these cylinders in power stations, mines, shipyards, construction sites and many other places! Starting with a 25mm stroke and a 4.5-tonne capacity, these multi-purpose cylinders max out at 254mm stroke with 109-tonne capacity!

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These aren't the only products we offer in the Hi-Force range, there are many more to choose from! Take a look at the full range here. If you have any questions about the Hi-Force range, drop us an email

Custom safety lines

With many years of experience in the field of height safety, we at SafetyLiftinGear are able to provide a fall protection system for virtually any project. Whatever your requirements, we have the products and the expertise to help your team stay safe while working at height.

We recently provided a set of custom safety lines for Centrica Business Solutions, who make combined heat and power (CHP) units for a range of different clients. Part of Centrica's manufacturing process requires access onto the roof of each CHP, so the company found themselves with an unavoidable need to work at height.

That's where we came we in. SafetyLiftinGear designed a bespoke support-post fall arrest system (combined with our G-Force monoline overhead safety line) to protect up to 14 simultaneous workers. Our fall protection specialists installed two safety lines with bespoke support posts to remove the roof slope and keep the safety line horizontal; we also attached another 5 overhead safety lines to the main structural steels.

The very smooth movement of the G-force monoline travelling trolley grants the worker free and uninterrupted movement as they go about their daily duties.

Here's what the production supervisor from Centrica CHP Manufacturing had to say about our custom safety line system:

"We had been looking for a fall arrest system to fit our needs for quite a while, once we spoke to SLG we were sure their solution would enable us to operate in as safe a manner as possible.

The feedback from the team using them has been great. They feel a lot safer than before, and the fall arrest blocks being above them means they aren’t in the way of the job at hand.

SLG will definitely be our first port of call should any future projects arise."

If you need a bespoke fall protection system to keep your workers safe, call SafetyLiftinGear on 0117 9381 600 to request a quotation.

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Custom lifting sling

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we pride ourselves not just on our wide range of high-quality lifting equipment but on our ability to provide bespoke lifting solutions for virtually any job.

We recently received an enquiry from R Turner Loft Conversions, a team of contractors based in Dorset. Specialising as they do in loft conversions, they frequently work at height, and they needed an easy way to lift materials such as roof tiles, OSB, plasterboard, etc.

Custom sling in use

We'll let Rick from R Turner Loft Conversions tell the rest of the story:

"We are a small team, and we have been struggling over the years to lift some materials up a ladder, so we decided to purchase a decent hoist.

"I decided that I required 4 slings with a sling hook on each end. I searched the Internet and ended up speaking to James Bertham at SafetyLiftinGear.

"I sent James a couple of rough sketches of what I was trying to achieve and how I intended to use the slings. James supplied me with the correct tailor-made strops, and my simple idea worked perfectly.

"Thanks very much for supplying these custom lifting slings."

If you need a tailor-made solution for a troublesome task, call SafetyLiftinGear on 0117 9381 600 to discuss your requirements with one of our heavy lifting experts. You can also email

Round Lifting Slings   Polyester Webbing Slings

EDELRID pride themselves on creating professional equipment for mountain climbers and outdoor sporting enthusiasts alike. For a limited time only, you can get some huge discounts on a range of EDELRID products including climbing bags and safety helmets. Take a look at our discounted products below & make sure you get your orders in quickly - these offers won't be around forever!

EDELRID Climbing Bags

Throw Bags

Above, you can see the two EDELRID throw bags (in red and yellow). The red bag is EDELRID's 250g throw bag. It can be used with a throw line as part of your rigging, is made of extremely resilient material and has a robust eyelet for fastening your throw line. This handy little bag is now available for a heavily discounted price of £11.98 inc VAT. The yellow version of this bag works in exactly the same way but has a slightly higher weight capacity - shop EDELRID's 350g throw bag for only £11.98 inc VAT now.

Harness Stuff Bag

The third and final bag you can see included in our offer is the EDELRID Harness Stuff Bag. This is a bag designed to keep all your gloves, tools and accessories safe while you work at height. It features a handy drawstring that can be tightened or loosened quickly and without too much hassle. This bag is perfect for keeping things tidy while you climb.  Now available at an incredible price - only £10.19 inc VAT!

EDELRID Climbing Helmets

Starting with the silver helmet on the left, we have a great offer on our Edelrid Serius Height Work Climbing Helmet! This helmet has been designed with professionals in mind and can be used in extreme conditions. It features a chin strap retention system, removable inner padding, 4 robust head torch clips and more. You'll be pleased to hear that this helmet is also EN 12492-compliant, so you can wear it with confidence. This helmet was £64.50, but for a limited time, you can purchase one for only £47.98 inc VAT.

Our final discounted EDELRID product is the orange helmet on the right - the EDELRID Zodiac Climbing Helmet. It's a comfortable and lightweight hybrid helmet that's made of an injection-moulded ABS shell and an expanded polystyrene foam inner coating for improved shock absorption. It has large vents to give a nice flow of fresh air while you're climbing & it comes in three different colours to suit your style! You can get the EDELRID Zodiac Climbing Helmet for only £38.38 inc VAT!

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 Now's your chance to get some high-quality climbing equipment at incredibly low prices! Don't miss out. Place your order now or speak to a member of our sales team and place your order over the phone - 0117 9381 600.