With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought we'd bring a little festive cheer by offering up to 20% off our fantastic galvanised pump chains!

We have recently increased our stock quantities of both our 500kg and 100kg pump lifting chains, meaning we are able to offer a discount just in time for Christmas as well as next day delivery - perfect if you require a fast turnaround from ordering your item.



Our Galvanised Pump Lifting Chains 

Pump lifting chains are designed to make the lowering and raising of submersible pumps easier. Their unique manufacture means they are purposefully designed to lift in underwater settings such as waterworks and sewers. 

They have been fitted with a master ring at each end and at one-meter centres to allow for easy hook up to underwater pumps. Both chain and rings have been manufactured with a galvanised finished to prevent rusting from being underwater, this means our lifting chains can perform optimally for long periods of time. Perfect if you plan on using them a lot or for a number of years! 

Key Features:

  • WLL: 500/1000kg
  • Chain Diameter: 10mm
  • Master Ring Dimensions: 75mm x 135mm x 18mm
  • Weight Per Meter: 2.78kg
  • Fully Certified 

You can take a closer look at our two galvanised pump lifting chain products below:

500kg Pump Lifting Chain >                1000kg Pump Lifting Chain >


Need to know more? You can find further information on our galvanised pump lifting chains by getting in touch with a member of the SaqfetyLiftinGear team! Simply visit our contact page and submit the simple enquiry form found near the bottom of the page.

Rental Lifting Equipment

There are a number of reasons why you may not wish to purchase our lifting products outright. Perhaps you're on a tight budget, or you lack storage space. Many of our clients customers choose to hire rather than buy because this means they don't have to worry about keeping LOLER inspection records up to date.

Whatever the reason, our efficient and easy-to-use rental service allows you to hire a selection of our lifting products for the time that you need it. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the 'Hire Now' button below eligible products to begin your rental enquiry. Simply tell us how long you intend to rent the product for, and one of our sales team will provide you with a quote. Once agreed and accepted, you will then be able to collect the product from your nearest depot or have it delivered right to your door. It's really that easy! 

Thanks to our incredible hire service, you are able to utilise a range of our quality lifting products for even less. So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to browse our entire collection of lifting products, or continue reading to see our most popular lifting products for hire.

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 Our Top Lifting Products 


Material Lifts & Stackers

Our collection of material lifts and stackers are superb for use around industrial environments such as warehouses and on-site. They are mainly used for securing, lifting and transporting pallets but can be used to lift and relocate a variety of heavy and fragile goods. Choose between manual stackers of hydraulic, depending on your lifting needs and preferences. Worried our stackers can't do the job? Our material lifts are able to carry loads of up to 2000kg, so you can rest assured that no matter what goods you have to lift and move, we have the material lift to help! 

Material lift

Browse our Material Lifts & Stackers >



Spreader Beams 

Our range of modular spreader beams is another effective and efficient lifting solution when it comes to lifting extremely heavy loads. They work to eliminate the horizontal forces that are created during the lifting process by producing a mainly compressive force which is distributed across the length of the beam that is attached to the load that you are lifting. Our spreader beams can lift loads of up to 70 tonnes and are adjustable when it comes to their length, making them an extremely versatile piece of lifting equipment! 

Spreader beam

Browse Our Spreader Beams >


Electric Hoists 

Electric hoists are the ideal lifting solution when a manual hoist doesn't quite cut it. Whether you work within the construction or industrial sector where a host of lifting applications are required, we are sure you will see the benefits that come with using an electric hoist. Our hoist range offers electric hoists in a variety of WLLs and voltages to cater to a comprehensive range of tasks, so no matter what job you may have, we are confident our range of hoists can help. Available in single-phase or three-phase.

Electric hoist

Single Phase >   Three Phase >



Confined Space Rescue Kits

When it comes to accident prevention and solution, you can never be too prepared and as a result, our confined space rescue kit acts as the perfect response to any emergency needs. Consisting of a variety of products, including a lightweight aluminium tripod with a built-in pulley, safety harness, gas detector, winch and escape kit, our rescue kit is more than able to meet the demands of any emergency rescue. 

Confined space rescue kit

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Mobile Gantry Cranes 

Often used to complete heavy lifting jobs within the construction sector, gantry cranes offer a simple and effective lifting solution. However, these cranes are often large and static and do not move. For smaller lifting tasks, our range of mobile gantry cranes is the perfect thing! Fitted with 160mm diameter 360-degree castors for easy transport, they are great for the use within small workshops that may require heavy lifting jobs such as removing engines out of vehicles. Each of our mobile gantries is fully adjustable with the working height and hoist position able to be changed on a job-by-job basis. 

Mobile gantry

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And there you have it, our most popular lifting products available to rent! Again, to hire one of these excellent pieces of lifting equipment, simply click the 'Hire Now' button below your desired product to add it to your rental basket. The follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete your rental enquiry. 

Need more information? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the SLG team today, we'd be more than happy to provide any information that you need to complete your lifting equipment hire! 

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In the past, SafetyLiftinGear has helped a variety of different people and organisations to transport and relocate many different things such as this Dunkirk Little Ship, way back in January of this year.

This trend doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon either, with the latest news that we'd like to bring you of how we helped to relocate a male forest elephant in the Ivory Coast! 

Wildlife veterinarian Dr Richard Harvey (http://www.izvg.co.uk/) was asked to assist the Ivory Coast Ministry of Water and Forests to transport a male forest elephant named Hamed. 

Hamed was relocated from a small village in the south of the Ivory Coast to N'Zi River Lodge Reserve due to him being a little out of control and causing damage to a number of things, including heavy machinery, vehicles and people's homes!

The situation was getting out of hand and raised concerns for both Hamed and the local population. As a result, Hamed was required to be moved to a safer environment where he could no longer cause harm to others or himself. But, as you can imagine, to move a fully-grown elephant you require specialised equipment. That's where we come in.


How SLG helped 

To make the transportation of Hamed as safe and effective as possible, we supplied Dr Harvey with a selection of our strong, reliable webbing and round slings. These were used to secure and lift Hamed safely onto a trailer where he was transported to his new home. 

Take a look at the images of the lift below:


Our round & webbing slings 

If our round and webbing slings are good enough to help lift an African male elephant, they'll be more than suitable for your lifting applications! All our lifting slings are made with the finest of materials to ensure a safe, effective and reliable lift. They are extremely tough yet lightweight and offer incredible flexibility that minimises shock during the lift. 

You can browse our full range of round and webbing slings below! 

Round Slings >        Webbing Slings >


If you would like to learn more about our range of polyester round and webbing slings, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the SLG team today - we'd love to help you!

Bundled up in cold weather

Winter is coming, and whether you work outdoors or you're planning some al fresco social gatherings to avoid breaking the current COVID-19 rules, you're going to want to bundle up warm.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we offer a huge range of cold and wet weather products to help you stay warm and comfortable during the winter months. Here are some of our most popular items:

Hand warmer pack

N-FERNO Hand Warming Packs

These handy hand-warming packs use natural ingredients that heat up when exposed to oxygen. Simply open the pack to activate and enjoy up to 8 hours of warmth!

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Thermal hard hat liner

N-FERNO Thermal Hard Hat Liner

Ideal for workers operating in cold conditions, this two-layer thermal lining fits comfortably under your protective headwear, warming you up without compromising your safety.

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Stretch cap

N-FERNO 6810 Stretch Cap (Half Style)

Protect your ears and head from the cold wind with this 100% polyester stretch cap. Fits comfortably under most hard hats (sold separately).

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Hi-vis bomber jacket

Hi-Vis Yellow Bomber Jacket

Stay warm and be seen with this high-quality yellow bomber jacket. The high-visibility design will help you to stand out even when visibility is poor, and the weather-resistant design will help you to stay warm and dry in harsh weather.

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We've got lots of other products to help you stay warm this winter - click here to browse our full range of cold and wet weather gear.

Photo from Pixabay

advantages of pallet truck with brake

Warehouses and factories can be very dangerous places to work, so keeping your staff safe should be at the top of your priority list. Pallet trucks are often used to transport pallets of heavy and fragile goods around. Being able to stop a pallet truck quickly can be very beneficial, especially if there are forklifts or other members of staff moving around the workplace. 

As you know, we offer a wide range of pallet trucks here at SafetyLiftinGear including manual pallet trucks like this 2.5-tonne pallet truck from LoadSurfer, and battery-powered pallet trucks like this 1500 kg 'Edge' fully-electric battery pallet truck from Batt Truck. But today, we're introducing you to one of our pallet trucks that features a built-in brake. 

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a pallet truck with a brake is that you'll have much better control of it on slopes and ramps. This is particularly important if you're moving heavy goods, the weight on the truck could cause a serious accident! 

Some other advantages of choosing a pallet truck with a brake are as follows:

  • You'll be able to stop quickly in case of an emergency
  • You'll have better control over the pallet truck and the load you're moving around the workplace
  • You'll find operating this pallet truck easier and more convenient than a standard manual pallet truck

LoadSurfer 2.5 Tonne Pallet Truck with Brake

The pallet truck you see above is a revolutionary pallet truck model that's fitted with a break for maximum safety and control. It features a 3 position control handle, wheels and rollers that are coated in durable polyurethane and a high-quality hydraulic pump unit.

Shop LoadSurfer Pallet Truck with Brake >

If you have any questions about this pallet truck with brake, don't hesitate to give us a call - 0117 9381 600. We're happy to assist you, and can even help you place your order over the phone.