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heavy lifting risks

When presented with a heavy load, you may occasionally be tempted to just lift it on your own, rather than calling for help or using the proper lifting equipment. You're pretty strong, and after all, you're only carrying it a short distance - what could go wrong?

Well...a lot of things, actually. Heavy lifting is serious business, and you can really hurt yourself if you don't do it in the right way. Here are some of the risks you run when you lift a heavy load without the proper assistance and/or equipment...



SLG lifting beam

We recently told you about our involvement in The Bloodhound Project, a British initiative that's aiming to 1) break the world land speed record, and 2) inspire young people to enter the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics. SafetyLiftinGear are the Project's official suppliers of material handling and lifting equipment, which means that a wide variety of our products are being used to create the rocket-powered car that will hopefully hit the 1,000mph mark later this year.

One of those products is a heavy-duty lifting beam, which was designed to lift the Bloodhound's engine chassis into place. The beam was supplied, inspected, and tested by the SafetyLiftinGear team, and as you can see, it even has our name on it:

SafetyLiftinGear beam

Click here to learn more about the Bloodhound Project, or visit our lifting equipment section to browse our full range of high-quality lifting gear. If you need a bespoke solution for your project - as Team Bloodhound did - then give us a call on 0808 123 69 69  to discuss your requirements.


Royal Bath and West Show

The SafetyLiftinGear team will be at the 2015 Royal Bath & West Show from the the 27th to the 30th of May. This event has taken place annually at the Bath & West Showground for the last 49 years (2015 is the show's 50th year at the Showground), and it really does have something for everyone - here's a small sample of what's going on later this month:

  • British Cheese Awards
  • British Cider Championships
  • Livestock competitions
  • Horticultural Village
  • Sports Village
  • Imagineering Fair
  • Canoeing and kayaking experiences
  • Falconry displays
  • Rural craft demonstrations
  • A huge assortment of food and drink

The show will also play host to more than 500 trade stands, where exhibitors will be showing off everything from sweets and drinks to cars and, well, lifting equipment! If you're visiting the Royal Bath & West Show next week, you'll find SafetyLiftinGear at Stand 115 - once there, you'll be able to take a close look at our extensive product range and put your questions to SLG's friendly and knowledgeable sales team.

We'll also be promoting several special offers; a variety of items will be available to purchase directly from our stand at discounted prices (don't worry if you don't want to carry your purchase home from the show - we'll be more than happy to send it to you afterwards). Here are some of the products you'll be able to buy:

This show is truly a great day out for people of all ages, so why not come on down and say hello? Click here for ticket information and prices.


Hastings Pier

We were recently presented with the task of designing and installing permanent access systems on the underside of Hastings Pier.

Hastings Pier underside

The pier suffered extensive fire damage in October 2010, destroying an estimated 95% of the superstructure. The Hastings Pier Charity was formed shortly afterwards, and funding was secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which enabled restoration work to commence in January 2014.

Due to the nature of this project, no steel sections were able to be drilled, so we at SafetyLiftinGear had to design and fabricate bespoke stainless steel brackets for the mounting of our permanent horizontal safety lines.

Stainless steel bracket

The safety lines will provide over 170 metres of safe access for engineers when completing future maintenance and inspections along the underside of the pier.

This project is yet another example of SLG's ability to provide a bespoke solution for any brief. Visit our Height Safety department or contact us now to get what you need for your project.


 Glass lifting beam in action  Glass lifting beam from above

We were recently asked to provide some specialist glass lifting equipment to a customer near London. They needed to lift several large glass panels into position, and so they came to SafetyLiftinGear to see what we could do for them.

Now, we have a large range of products in our Lifting Equipment department, but some projects call for something unique. This was one such occasion, and so the staff at our East London depot designed and manufactured for our client a bespoke 500kg cantilever lifting beam that would meet the requirements of this particular brief.

Glass lifitng equipment

All of this equipment was supplied by SafetyLiftinGear (except for the glass sucker).

In addition to the cantilever, we also supplied a complete equipment package that included lifting chains and shackles to assist with the job.

As all of this demonstrates, we don't just sell lifting equipment here at SafetyLiftinGear - we provide a comprehensive service that's individually tailored to each and every customer. Browse our Lifting section now, or contact us to discuss your specific requirement. No matter what you need, we will provide it!


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