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Heavy Lifting: Know the Risks

Heavy Lifting: Know the Risks

heavy lifting risks

When presented with a heavy load, you may occasionally be tempted to just lift it on your own, rather than calling for help or using the proper lifting equipment. You're pretty strong, and after all, you're only carrying it a short distance - what could go wrong?

Well...a lot of things, actually. Heavy lifting is serious business, and you can really hurt yourself if you don't do it in the right way. Here are some of the risks you run when you lift a heavy load without the proper assistance and/or equipment...


  • Of all the problems that can arise from heavy lifting, musculoskeletal disorders are perhaps the most widespread. Back injury is a particularly common complaint in people who handle heavy loads on a regular basis.

  • If you're carrying a load that's too heavy for you, there's an increased chance that you will drop it, and this in turn can lead to all sorts of injuries (broken toes are an obvious one - many a heavy object has been dropped onto the feet of the person carrying it!) And, of course, accidentally dropping the load you're carrying can result in damaged goods, too.

  • Attempting to carry a load that's too heavy to lift by manpower alone puts a terrible strain on your body, which can lead to painful muscle sprains and tears. You could also end up with a slipped disc or a hernia.

To steer clear of these (and other) risks, be sure to seek assistance when tackling heavy loads and use the appropriate manual handling equipment when necessary.

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