As many of our customers are aware, here at SafetyLiftinGear we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products at the best possible prices. This means that we regularly host offers and decrease the prices on our best selling items providing you with the best offers in the industry. if you read our blog regularly, you will know that last month we dropped the prices of our most popular pallet trucks. Today, we have slashed the prices of our most popular lifting slings and hoists.  

Webbing Lifting Slings, 2 Tonne 

Our polyester duplex webbing lifting slings are designed to lift heavy loads safely. Our Webbing slings feature reinforced becket eyes, and 60mm wide flat load bearing surface. These webbing slings are a popular choice for workers who find themselves lifting awkward loads on a regular basis.

 Webbing slings start from £3.01 each


As always we aim to provide our customers with the best quality lifting equipment in the industry. And our chainslings are no exception. In fact, our chainslings have a reputation in the industry that is second to none.

Our chainslings are extremely versatile, robust, and durable. They are designed to withstand  the often harsh conditions for the work site, marine yard, or factory/warehouse with ease.

We currently have a range of chainslings on offer, from a 1.12 tonne single leg Chainsling through to 4 leg chainslings with a WLL of 2.36 Tonnes.

Click below to view our offers.

Chainslings from £23.74

Battery Powered Electric Chain Hoist 

Our battery powered electric chain hoist is incredibly lightweight, in fact it weighs in at just 6.7kg, which makes it the ideal if you are looking for a lightweight, portable lifting solution. Our powered hoists feature a single fall chain with a lifting capacity of 250kg, and a speed of 4.5 meters per minute.

Our Battery Powered Chain hoists are available with 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 meter chain lengths, please ensure that you have selected the correct  chain length before purchase.

Battery Powered Chain Hoist – From £563.49

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As regular visitors to our blog and followers of our social media pages will know, at SafetyLiftinGear we place a particular emphasis on height safety as a priority in working environments. This is due not only to the sheer volume of accidents caused by poor height safety measures on a regular basis, but is also a reflection of the severe and often fatal nature of these incidents. That is why we make it a priority to promote the dangers of unsuitable height safety measures, and promote the responsible use of proper height safety measures and products.

For those who plan on undertaking tasks which involve working at height, be it as one-off project or as a regular element of your business, it is of vital importance that you are properly prepared with the correct fall protection systems. Whether your task involves working on a rooftop, ledge or at the side of a building, our selection of products will act as a failsafe in the event of a worker fall, preventing serious and fatal injuries. For your convenience, many of our safety line systems are also suitable for use by multiple persons at one time, allowing you to adapt the product to the demands of your job and workforce.

While our fall arresters are available to buy or rent for individuals who already have a fall protection system in place, our safety line, anchorage, and edge protection systems are available in a bespoke package upon request. Simply fill-in a price application form, and we will be able to provide you with a competitive price to suit all of your individual needs. For those who require a helping hand with the correct installation of these systems, we also offer a full installation service for many of our fall arrest products, so you can be sure that your new equipment is installed safely and correctly.

To see our full range of fall protection systems click here. If you would like more information regarding any of our products or our installation service, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

We've just added some new products to our extensive selection of equipment, so we thought that we'd tell you a bit more about them in today's blog.

5tonne pallet truck
The first of our new items is this 5 tonne pallet truck, which has a fork dimension of 550mm x 1150mm. Designed to be both durable and user-friendly, this truck has a 3 position control handle for easy movement, as well as a set of tough polyurethane wheels and rollers. It has a minimum fork height of 90mm, and a maximum height of 190 mm. The pallet truck is available to hire or buy, and come with a 12 month warranty.
New Floor Cranes 
folding floor crane
In addition to the new pallet truck, we also have a new range of folding floor cranes, available in 0.5 tonne, 1 tonne, and 2 tonne options. These numbers denote their WLL, but keep in mind that the capacity reduces as the jib is extended. Each floor crane is lightweight and portable for your convenience, with folding legs for easy, compact storage, and the specifications for each one are as follows:
Max lift height (min jib extension) = 1800mm
Max lift height (max jib extension) = 2200mm
Lifting Capacity Range = 125kg - 0.5tonne
Max lift height (min jib extension) = 1860mm
Max lift height (max jib extension) = 2270mm
Lifting Capacity Range = 250kg - 1tonne
Max lift height (min jib extension) = 1880mm
Max lift height (max jib extension) = 2320mm
Lifting Capacity Range = 500kg - 2tonne
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If you're looking for workshop equipment, whether you simply need a new selection of hand tools or larger items such as gantries, we have a fantastic selection here at SafetyLiftinGear. To demonstrate the variety of items we have on offer, here are a few of the products we stock to hire or buy in as part of our range of workshop equipment. 

Hand Tools 

From hacksaws and hammers to screwdrivers and spanners, we stock all the essential tools that you will need in any workshop. For your convenience, we also supply many of these items as part of a comprehensive set, allowing you to kit-out your workshop quickly and efficiently, at a competitive price.
Hand Tools

Torches and Lighting

Often an overlooked section of workshop equipment, our range of lighting products provides you with everything you need for working in dark or poorly-lit conditions. From head torches to portable floodlights, we offer a variety of items to suit a vast selection of jobs, whether you need to light a small or large area.
Torches & Lighting


If you need to complete a heavy lifting application in your workshop, our selection of gantries is ideal for ensuring a safe and secure operation. Due to the need to match the weight of your load to a specific gantry, we also offer the option to hire the gantries in our workshop equipment range, should you not require a gantry with a specific load limit for longer than a specific period of time.

Trolley Jacks

Trolley jacks are an essential item in car maintenance and repair, which is why we offer a varied selection of heavy-duty car jacks in our workshop equipment range. Ranging from 1.5 tonne to 10 tonne, you are sure to find an option to suit your needs, whether you wish to purchase the jack or hire a particular item for a set period of time.
Trolley Jacks


Workshops can often be located in cold environments such as garages and large warehouses, which means that they often lack efficient heating. In order to encompass all aspects of health and safety, we also stock a selection of infrared and fan heaters as part of our workshop equipment range, to ensure that the space remains at a safe and comfortable temperature.
To see our full range of workshop equipment and tools, click here.

Everyday we read stories about how people are injured while they were working at height, or we see a story about people who show complete disregard to health and safety regulations which results in putting themselves and others in an incredible amount of danger.

It is important that when you are required to work at height, you do so responsibly, not just for your own safety, but for others too. By following these 3 safety measures you and other around you will remain safe:

Fall Arrest Blocks 

When you are working at height, it is essential that you are protecting yourself and minimising the risks of slips and falls from height. Fall Arrest blocks are a retractable lifeline, generally made from wire rope, which is stored within a case containing an inertia reel.

In the unfortunate event of a fall, the wire rope is pulled out of the block until it reaches critical velocity, which is when the breaking system locks, preventing you from falling any further. Our Fall arrest blocks all have a shock-absorbing system built in preventing you from getting hurt.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we sell a variety of Fall Arrest blocks, so when you are purchasing, please ensure you have selected the correct Block for the required task.

Click here to view all of our fall arrest blocks


Safety Harnesses

When you are working at height, a safety harness most be worn at all times. We know that they are not the most fashionable of accessories, but they are lifesaving.  

If you are working at height, make sure that you are using a harness attached to one of the fall arrest blocks we mentioned above. This will protect you from injury in the off chance you fall whilst working at height.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear we sell a huge variety of safety harnesses, from the basic fall arrest harnesses, through to the more specialist, multipurpose harnesses, insulated harnesses and flame resistant harnesses.

Click here to view our full range of safety harnesses

Dropping your tools from a height can have some dire consequences. Firstly, You could end up damaging any equipment or machines that are directly below where you are working, which could end up with some costly repairs for your company. Secondly, you could end up damaging your tool, rendering it useless so you will have to pay to get it replaced. Thirdly, and most importantly, you could end up fatally injuring a member of the public or a workmate.

To prevent creating a hazard it is essential that you use a Tool Lanyard. We supply a huge range of top quality tool lanyards.

Keep your spanner close to hand, by using our specialist wrist lanyards, Keep Loosing your hard hat? Why not attach it to your work belt with our elastic hard hat lanyard and buckle? Using a power tool? use the ERGODYNE Power Tool Trap! Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we have a suitable lanyard for you!

Click here to view our full range.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we stock a truly comprehensive range of Fall protection equipment. However in the event that you cannot find the exact item you are looking for, please contact us on 0808 123 69 69 or email to talk to a member of our customer service team.