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Are you currently working at height? May be on scaffolding, on a roof or a rig? Then you need to ensure that you are safe when you're working. Here at SafetyLiftinGear we have an excellent selection of Safety Harness Kits that will ensure your health and safety isn't at risk when you're working at heights. Our harness kits are suitable for a wide range of professions and whatever you require we're confident we can provide it. Reliability is one of our main focuses and as a result we strive to provide the very best ranges we can offer! So you can rest assured knowing you'll be receiving high-quality safety equipment that you can rely on!
Here are just some of the Safety Harness Kits we have on offer:

G-Force P10 Full safety harness - M to XL
Fully adjustable to lower & upper body and chest
Made using high strength quality webbing

P10 Full Safety Harness
Comfortable and easy to put on
Shock absorber lanyard
Screw gate karabiner
Scaffold hook
Draw string storage kit bag

P70 G-Force rope access / multi-purpose safety harness
Front Twist Lock Anchor Point
Rear Dorsal Aluminium Anchor Point
Work Positioning Belt with Aluminium D Anchor Points
Sitting Position / Rope Access Aluminium Attach Point 
Separate Adjustment for Legs and Chest/Shoulders

To view the rest of Safety Harness Kits, click here.

If you're looking for a chain that will meet the exact requirements and conditions of your operation, then you're sure to find the solution you need amongst our comprehensive selection of chains; all of which come in a great range of sizes. 

From heavy duty lifting applications, to area marking and crowd management, our chains are designed to provide the strength, durability and flexibility needed for each individual task. While all our chains are able to be used in a variety of operations, the chains we provide can be divided into two specific types, in order to aid the decision of those placing the order:

Lifting Chains
The term 'lifting chains' refers to the heavy-duty chains in our selection, which are made from steel, and are suitable for use in heavy lifting, towing, or load binding applications. These range from grade 80-100, and come in a choice of length/weight specifications, which should be considered carefully before placing your order.

Barrier Chains
Our barrier chain reels also come in a selection of lengths, as well as a variety of material finishes, in order to suit many environmental and operational demands. While they are most commonly used as part of barrier systems for crowd segregation, car parks and other applications of this nature, they can also perform an assortment of other low-duty functions, such as suspending signs and light fittings.

To see our full selection, from plastic link reels to alloy steel lifting chains, click here!

We are pleased to announce that you can now buy one of our safe and reliable G-FORCE tool lanyards, at a new, affordable price! We've made reductions across the range, so that our customers can receive the same high-quality product, at a budget-friendly cost.

To give people the best choice for the needs of their job, while also offering the most competitive prices, we've applied this reduction to every tool lanyard in the G-Force rage. This means that you can now buy any of the following products from our website, at their newly reduced rates, by selecting your chosen safety lanyard from the range below:
Wrist Tool Safety Lanyard by G-Force.
Retractable Tool Lanyard, G-Force AY013
Tool Lanyard Elasticated, for Power tools , WLL 50kg AY053
If you want to keep your workplace safe from falling tools, and provide secure, practical solutions for working at height, then shop our G-Force lanyard range now! To see our full range of tool lanyards and accessories, click here.
PLASA 2016

The 39th edition of the PLASA show will be taking place in London next week, and the SafetyLiftinGear team will be there to show off our fantastic range of event rigging products.

PLASA is the pre-eminent business event for the live entertainment technology industry, and visitors to this year's show can expect to see all kinds of great new products, from stage lights and projectors to microphones and mixing desks. Of course, as in any other sector, safety is a key concern for those who work in live entertainment, and our top-quality products are designed to make every show go as smoothly and as safely as possible.

PLASA 2016 - Key Details:

  • When? 18-20 September 2016
  • Where? Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX
  • Our stand number: E10
  • How to attend: Register here >

Our Event Rigging Products

Here are just a few examples of the items we'll have on show at PLASA 2016:
We often stress the importance of using height safety equipment, however, it is also important to keep in mind the nature of the task you are completing, in order to ensure that the item is suitable for the demands of your work and environment. While the proper use of a safety harness is a step in the right direction, in terms of providing safety and security at height, the second step is to make sure that the harness you choose is able to provide great functionality, along with additional safety where required.
At SafetyLiftinGear, we provide a wide selection of harnesses for business and recreational use, including specially designed harnesses for use in specific operations and environments. Here are just some of the harnesses in our selection:
The electrician's harness is made specifically to suit those conducting electrical work at height, providing protection from electric sock, and allowing flexibility to perform the operations required. This particular safety harness, has insulated metal parts, to keep the material from being exposed to an electrical current. 
Safety Harness Fire / Flame Resistant
Like electricity, fire hazards should be taken into account when choosing your safety harness, in order to ensure that it is able to perform safely. Whether you are likely to be operating near open flames, or simply with flammable materials, it is essential that your harness is able to withstand these conditions, in order to provide the highest level of safety. The harness above is made with fire retardant fibres, making it ideal for performing potentially dangerous work involving fire, or for completing a fire rescue operation.
As well as our specialist safety harnesses, we also provide a great range of secure and adaptable models for a range of other uses, whether you require a quick release function, or a multi purpose harness with various functions.
To see our full range of safety harnesses, click here.

As an official partner of The BLOODHOUND Project, we at SafetyLiftinGear have been watching the progress of this undertaking with feverish enthusiasm since day one. It's been amazing to see the BLOODHOUND car - a record-breaker in the making - gradually coming together, and we were very excited to learn that the team had finally set a date for their creation's record attempt. We will hopefully see BLOODHOUND break the world land speed record (which currently stands at just over 763mph) in October 2017 - that's just over a year from now!

There was even more excitement to be had here in the SLG office when photos emerged (on @BLOODHOUND_SSC's official Twitter page) of a SafetyLiftinGear beam being use to lift the monstrous supercar from its hubs.
SafetyLiftinGear Lifting Beam

It's great to see our products forming part of such an amazing project, and we can't wait for the record attempt in October '17  - we wish the BLOODHOUND team every success!

Click here to browse our full selection of lifting equipment, or get in touch if you need a bespoke lifting solution for a complex project.
Our new ladder safety kits are ideal for staying safe when working at height. 

Ladder Safety

Falls from height are responsible for a startling number of workplace injuries every year, and around half of all fatal workplace falls involve ladders. We've probably all been up a ladder on at least a few occasions, and when you need to access a hard-to-reach area, a ladder is very often the best tool for the job; however, ladders can also be very dangerous if not used safely.

To help you and/or your employees stay safe on ladders, we are proud to present two brand new additions to the SafetyLiftinGear website: our ladder safety kits. Here's a quick primer on what each one includes:

Level 1 Ladder Safety Kit

Ladder Safety Kit
The level 1 kit includes the following items:
  • 2-point safety harness
  • Reusable ladder restraint tie (12mm diameter, suitable for use with any solid brick or concrete wall)
  • Waterproof PVC kit bag
  • Scaffold hook (attaches to ladder rung)
  • Twist lock karabiner (attaches to the safety harness)
  • Endless lashing (for securing the ladder to the ladder restraint tie)

Level 2 Ladder Safety Kit

Deluxe Ladder Safety Kit
The level 2 kit includes a 10m safety line that allows the user to carry up a variety of items (such as small tools or buckets) with ease. If you purchase this kit, you'll receive the following items:
  • 2 point safety harness
  • Stainless steel rope grab
  • Kermantle rope (10m length, 12mm thickness)
  • Waterproof PVC kit bag
  • Webbing anchor (attaches safety line to the ladder via a karabiner)
  • Twist lock karabiner
  • Reusable ladder restraint tie (12mm diameter, suitable for use with any solid brick or concrete wall)
  • Endless lashing (for securing the ladder to the ladder restraint tie)

Who Should Use Our Ladder Safety Kits?

These two kits are designed to keep ladders securely in place and ensure that users remain safe and protected while working at height. They are ideal for any worker who frequently uses a ladder to access hard-to-reach locations, including:
  • Painters
  • Window cleaners
  • Security equipment installers
  • Cable/telecom workers
Do you work at height on a regular basis? Click here to view our full range of height safety gear.

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