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Single use webbing slings

We are currently offering a fantastic discount on our single-use webbing slings!

Our 500kg single-trip slings previously cost £2.85 each (inc. VAT) - they're now available for just £1.79 each (inc. VAT)!

Meanwhile, our 1000kg single-use slings have been reduced from £4.29 each (inc. VAT) to just £2.75 each (inc. VAT). That's a saving of more than 35 per cent!

Both of these products are 30mm wide and can be used for a variety of heavy lifting tasks. They are simple to use - for more information about our single-trip slings or delivery options we offer, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

Coronavirus update


Special offer on climbing helmets

We've dropped the price of our popular SKULLGUARD Climbing & Rope Access Helmets. These versatile hardhats previously cost £12.79 each, but they now cost just £9.98 (excluding VAT).

Man wearing a SKULLGUARD climbing helmet

These helmets are comfy to wear, and each one has a sturdy chin strap to make sure the helmet stays on your head while you're climbing. The helmets have a lifespan of 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Choose from the following colours: black, blue, orange, white, yellow.

Buy SKULLGUARD Climbing Helmets >

This is a limited offer - order your helmet now, while stocks last!

Coronavirus update from SafetyLiftinGear


Man on broken garden chair

Our polyester webbing slings are designed to support heavy loads during lifting operations, but a customer of ours in Hampshire recently put them to a slightly different use.

Tony Hutchings, a chartered architect, was enjoying the sunshine on Easter Monday when his favourite garden chair collapsed under his weight - one too many Easter eggs, perhaps!

But instead of replacing the chair, Mr Hutchings got creative: he ordered a pair of our 1 tonne webbing slings and used them to strengthen the chair, making it safe to sit in once more.

Garden chair

Here's what he had to say about the service he received from SafetyLiftinGear:

"I ordered the straps the day after Easter Monday - they arrived the next day and are now installed on my seat. The usual use of these slings might be a little different to my use, but with a 1 tonne weight load limit they should keep me safe for many years to come! Great service during difficult times."

We wish Tony and his newly-rejuvenated garden chair many more afternoons in the sunshine, and we hope you are all staying safe at the moment!

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