Single use webbing slings

We are currently offering a fantastic discount on our single-use webbing slings!

Our 500kg single-trip slings previously cost £2.85 each (inc. VAT) - they're now available for just £1.79 each (inc. VAT)!

Buy 500kg Single-Use Sling

Meanwhile, our 1000kg single-use slings have been reduced from £4.29 each (inc. VAT) to just £2.75 each (inc. VAT). That's a saving of more than 35 per cent!

Buy 1000kg Single-Use Sling

Both of these products are 30mm wide and can be used for a variety of heavy lifting tasks. They are simple to use - for more information about our single-trip slings or delivery options we offer, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

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