Introducing our brand new scaffolding runways from NIKO!

Established in 1972, NIKO Limited has become a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment, overhead conveyor systems, fall arrest safety, power feed systems and so much more. 

They currently operate within seven different countries, including China, Germany and the USA, distributing their range of quality products to businesses far and wide. 

And now, NIKO products are available right here at SafetyLiftinGear! We are proud to announce that you can now purchase OR rent a selection of quality scaffold runway systems manufactured by Niko - fantastic!


Niko Scaffolding Runway System

The scaffolding runway system is unique to Niko Limited and offers a solution perfect for lifting and moving loads throughout a scaffolding support structure. 

Scaffolding runway systems are an ideal piece of equipment for suspending hoists to lift and transport loads of up to 1000kg easily and safely. 

One of the best things about the runway system is you can continuously re-configure it thanks to its modular design, allowing you to achieve a longer or shorter system with the inclusion or exclusion of additional components such as trolleys.

More features:

  • 250-1000kg SWL Maximum load per trolley
  • 3-30 metre coverage 
  • Clamps to existing scaffolding structure
  • Cantilever over the end of the scaffolding
  • Available in straight and curved sections
  • Change direction with junction switches

You can browse our collection of Niko scaffolding runways below!

Niko Scaffolding Runways >


Need more information? To learn more about the Niko scaffolding runways, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the SLG team today! 



When working at height on a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) like a cherry picker, it's important that you wear the right kind of fall protection equipment to keep you safely restrained within the basket. 

 cherry picker basket

Fall Restraint Lanyards

Cherry pickers are a type of MEWP that can be moved in all directions to provide access to hard-to-reach places. It's recommended that you wear a harness so that a short or adjustable lanyard can connect you to the designated harness attachment point within the cherry picker basket.

The lanyard keeps you restrained within the cherry picker basket at all times while still allowing enough room to move around and work as necessary. Before choosing fall restraint equipment for your cherry picker, make sure you've carried out a full risk assessment.

Here are a few Lanyards that we would recommend for use on a cherry picker:

G-Force Lanyards

On the left is our adjustable restraint lanyard with screw gate karabiners available in 1mtr, 1.6mtr, and 2mtr lengths. It has sewn end terminations and plastic thimble eyes making it durable and lightweight. Its adjustable buckle allows the user to shorten or extend to suit to the specific size of the MEWP basket, ensuring the worker is kept in restraint at all times.

On the right is our adjustable restraint lanyard with scaffold hook and screw gate karabiner. This model is supplied in a 2mtr length and has a captivated scaffold hook.

The complete kit

If you're looking for a complete cherry picker safety harness and lanyard kit, we have just the thing for you! Below you can see our Safety Harness Kit For Access Platform/Cherry Picker Restraint that comes with everything you need to work at height safely in a cherry picker. 

safety harness kit 

It features the P10 Full Safety Harness and a GFLB100 Rope lanyard that's fitted with a GFAZ011 Steel Karabiner. This kit is completely adjustable and features hard-wearing webbing and strong steel buckles to keep you safe and secure at all times.

We are a member of IPAF (The International Powered Access Federation) and the above kit meets the requirements of their code of practice - so you know you're in safe hands when you put this harness & lanyard on!

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If you have any questions about our cherry picker harnesses and lanyards, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0117 9381 600.



When working on scaffolding there is a significant fall risk that you need to be aware of. Every scaffold worker knows that having the right safety equipment is important before you make a start on a job. There are all kinds of harnesses on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the right option for your work scenario. Don't worry, we're here to help!

Generally, the best harnesses for scaffolders are lightweight and don't restrict movement. Often, the best place to connect a worker to the scaffold is behind them. This way, any ropes or lanyards will be kept well out of the way.

Here are our recommendations if you're looking for the best harness to use on scaffolding.

P34EL 2-point harness

P34EL 2-Point Comfort Harness with Elasticated Legs

When it comes to choosing the best harness for use on scaffolding, the P34EL has lots of features that make it a great option. It's been designed with comfort and usability in mind, the elasticated legs and comfort padding in the shoulders and legs mean it can be worn for many hours without causing discomfort. It also features and aluminium rear dorsal anchor point, a lanyard extension tail and can be fully adjusted to support your body perfectly.

Order Yours Now >



p50 multi purpose full safety harness

P50 Multi Purpose Full Safety Harness

Our P50 Multi Purpose Harness is also one of the best harnesses for use on scaffolding because it provides unrivalled comfort and lumbar support. This makes it a great choice for scaffolders that are working long days or carrying a lot of tools/materials. The work positioning belt gives additional support to the worker and makes the overall working environment safer. We'd definitely recommend looking at this safety harness if you'll be working on scaffolding in the near future!

Order Yours Now >

G-force P11 2-point full body safety harness

G-Force P11 2-Point Full Body Safety Harness

If you're looking for the best harness for use on scaffolding on a budget, then the G-Force P11 2-Point Full Body Safety Harness is the one for you! Despite coming in at a lower price than the more premium P50 and P34EL harnesses, this harness still has a lot of great features to keep you safe and secure whilst working on scaffolding. It's fully adjustable and has front and rear attachment points. 

Order a P11 Harness Now >



elasticated shock absorbing lanyards          elasticated shock absorbing lanyards

Elasticated Shock Absorbing Lanyards

These elasticated shock-absorbing lanyards come with scaffold hooks, making them incredibly easy to use. We find these are some of the best lanyards for use on scaffolding because the elasticated webbing prevents the webbing from trailing around and becoming a trip hazard. Features like this are incredibly useful when you're working at height for prolonged periods of time. We'd recommend using these lanyards with our P34EL and P50 scaffold safety harnesses.

Single Elasticated Shock Absorbing Lanyard >       Elasticated Y Shock Absorbing Lanyard >


g-force scaffolders harness kit

G-Force Scaffolders Harness Kit

This kit comes complete with everything you need to work on scaffolding safely. The harness included in the kit is our popular P10 Full Safety Harness which can be fully adjusted to fit your chest, upper and lower body comfortably. This harness is ideal for use on scaffolds because it features a back dorsal anchor point. This means you can work and move your arms freely without your lanyard getting in the way.

You'll also receive our shock absorber lanyard, our screw gate karabiner, an AZ022 scaffold hook and a handy drawstring bag to keep all you scaffold safety kit together. We can also provide a plastic case at a small extra cost if you'd prefer!

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p11 2 point scaffold harness

P11 2-Point Scaffolders Harness Kit

This is another great scaffold harness kit option if you want to buy all your equipment in one go! The harness included in this kit is the P11 2-Point Full Safety Harness. Again, this harness can be adjusted to fit your body snugly, it's comfortable to wear and easy to put on. You'll also receive the same shock absorber lanyard, the screw gate karabiner and the AZ022 Scaffold Hook and a drawstring bag to keep the whole kit together.

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AY053 tool lanyard

AY053 Tool Lanyard

So, now you know which harnesses are the best for use on scaffolding, we thought we'd share some other useful equipment with you. This AY053 tool lanyard can be used to secure heavy tools like drills, grinders and chainsaws to your harness so that they aren't at risk of falling from the scaffolding. The elasticated webbing is 1.3mtrs in length, this provides you with enough space to use your tools and the reassurance that they won't fall if dropped.

Order an AYO53 Tool Lanyard >

 Read more: Working at height guide - regulations and employer responsibilities

If you have any more questions about our scaffold safety harnesses, don't hesitate to get in touch - 0117 9381 600. A member of our team will be happy to assist you. 


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