At SafetyLiftinGear, we supply a wide selection of ratchet straps as part of our range of load restraint products, which are ideal for for the secure transportation of heavy loads. Like other lifting and transportation products, ratchet straps come with their own WLL as well as a minimum breaking strength, making it easy to select the correct strap for your particular application.

Here are some of our best selling ratchet straps:
Premium 5 Tonne Ratchet Lashing Strap (Claw Hook)

Premium 5 Tonne Ratchet Lashing Strap 

This ratchet lashing strap has a minimum breaking strength of 5000kg, and is designed to keep heavy loads held securely during transit. The 50mm polyester webbing is highly shock absorbent, which means that it is ideal for protecting delicate items from harm. It also comes with a claw hook for easy attachment, and is available in a range of lengths from 4 to 20 metres.
1000kg Ratchet Lashing Strap (Chassis Hooks, 4mtr or 6mtr)

1000kg Ratchet Lashing Strap

This strap is made of hard-wearing 25mm webbing, and has a minimum braking strength of 1000kg. it has chassis hook at either end for secure fastening, and is available in a choice of 4 or 6 metres. If you require this product in another length, we are able to provide these on a made-to-order basis.
2000kg Ratchet Strap

2000kg MBS Ratchet Lashing Strap

Made of 50mm wide high-strength webbing, this industrial-quality ratchet strap provides safe and secure transportation for loads under the MBS of 2000kg. Also available on 4-6 metres, this strap can be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements, and comes with claw hooks and a sturdy plated steel ratchet for a highly secure fastening.
If you are unsure of how to select the correct ratchet strap, or would like to find out more about using them correctly, read our handy guide for more information.
For more advice on how to use and assemble our products correctly, visit our Youtube channel.

If you are work at height, it is important to not only use personal fall protection equipment such as safety harnesses and fall arrest blocks. It is equally as important to ensure that your tools are also protected from being dropped or falling from height.

If you accidently drop your tools whilst working at height you could potentially damage any equipment that is on the ground below, cause an accident, or cause a fatal injury. Tool lanyard attaches onto your person at one end, either around your waist, wrist or onto your safety harness, and secure your tool at the other.  By using this simple safety measure you minimise the risk of causing a serious accident.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear we stock a fully comprehensive range of tool lanyards, no matter your requirements, we are certain we have a lanyard that suits your need. Click here to view our full range of Tool Lanyards.

In the unlikely event you cant find the exact lanyard you require, please contact our customer service team on 0808 123 6969 or email


If you have been asked to transport goods, especially heavy goods, you must use the correct load restraints before starting your journey. Using load restraint equipment such as cam buckles and ratchet straps prevents your load from coming loose in transit. Failure to secure your load in the correct manner could result in damaged goods, as well as injuries and possibly fatalities if your unsecured load causes an accident.

If you are transporting your load across continents or simply just moving a loaded pallet by fork lift in a warehouse, regardless of the distance you intend on travelling, ratchet lashings must be used.

It is important to note that, just with any other equipment that is used to transport loads, ratchet straps have their own Working Load Limit (WLL) and their own Minimum Breaking Strength. The break strength is the amounts of weight a ratchet lashing can withstand without breaking. The breaking strength of each component of a ratchet lashing is independently test. But like everything, the ratchet lashing is only as strong as its weakest point, so the part of the ratchet lashing that is the weakest is considered to be the break strength of the entire lashing.

From the Minimum breaking point, the working load limit can be calculated by taking 1/3 off the break strength. So this means that the ratchet lashing with break strength of 300kg has a Working Load Limit of 1000kg.

Remember to check the working load limit of your ratchet lashing before use, to make sure they are able to withstand your load.


How to use ratchet lashings 

When you receive your ratchet straps they will require some basic assembly. This can get quite confusing, so we have provided a simple 5 step guide to make sure you have assembled them correctly. 

  1. Open the ratchet handle, and feed the webbing though the ratchet handle – from the bottom
  2. Feed the webbing over the top of your ratchet handle
  3. Fasten the hooks to the tie down points.
  4. Pull the webbing taught, removing any slack, to the tension you require. 
  5. Pump ratchet until your load is secure

Remember to tie off any excess webbing, and to check that your load is completely restrained and secure before commencing your journey


How to maintain ratchet lashings 
Over time, with excessive use or negligence, your ratchet straps will wear down, and eventually become unusable. However, if you look after you ratchet straps correctly, they can last a very long time. 
To maintain good working order of your ratchet straps, we at SafetyLiftinGear recommend;
  1. Before you using any ratchet strap or cam buckle make sure they have been inspected. If there are any signs of damage, do not use.

  2. Keep your straps out of direct sunlight when in storage. Sunlight can cause polyester straps to become brittle and can lead to the straps losing their strength and breaking whilst in use.

  3. Store ratchet lashings in a dry place. If your lashings get wet, make sure you dry them off completely before storage to prevent mildew and mould.  

Here, at SafetyLiftinGear we supply a large variety of Ratchet Lashings, specifically designed to help you transport a variety of loads, and attach to various tie down points. Below are some of our best selling Ratchet Lashings:

Ratchet Lashing with Open Rave Hooks 

Rave hooks ratchet lashings are widely used for attaching loads to commercial vehicles or trailers because of their ease of application. This product is available in 3 lengths (6 mtr, 8 mtr and 10 mtr) and has a minimum breaking strength (MBS) of 5 tonnes.This ratchet lashing is trusted by many UK transport companies as it is strong, reliable, shock absorbent and extremely hard wearing.

More Information About this Product >


Ratchet Lashing with Chassis Hooks

Closed rave hooks (chassis hooks) are a face and effective way of restraining your load to your commercial vehicle, flatbed lorry or truck. Again, these types of ratchet straps are extremely popular with many UK transport companies because of their ease of application. Simply hook the ratchet lashing to your truck or lorry directly for secure transit.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we have a range of ratchet lashings with chassis hooks available, all with different working load limits and different lengths.

Full Range of Ratchet Lashings with Chassis Hooks >


Endless Ratchet Lashing 

The endless ratchet lashing is a lashing that has no hooks or fixing points. If you are required to secure a load to pallets, racking or you want to secure items together that do not need to be secured down, then an endless ratchet strap is the perfect choice.

These lashings are available in various lengths and Minimal Breaking strengths.

Browse Our Range >

Please ensure that you have selected the appropriate ratchet lashing for the intended job. If you have any questions regarding our range of lashings, then please contact us.  


If you find yourself working at height regularly, either on a scaffolding our on roofs, even in manholes, a fall arrest block is an essential piece of equipment designed to help minimise the risk of injury, or worse. If you are working at height without using a fall arrest block, you are putting your own safety, and the safety of others at risk.   

Fall arrest blocks comprises of a retractable life line either made from synthetic rope or steel cable. The rope or cable retracts up onto a reel, that is stored within a protected housing, often made out of anti-corrosive metal, but in some cases, like our super lightweight fall arrest blocks or mini blocks, they can be made from plastic.

Each of our fall arrest blocks have a different working length, from 2.2 meters to 2 meters. The working load length is the measurement from the bearing point in the housing, to the bearing point of the hook the rope or cable is fully extended. In the event of a fall, the lifeline is pulled out the housing until it reaches a critical velocity at which point the breaking mechanism activates and the block decelerates to over a short distance, protecting you from falling to the ground.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear we supply a large range of Fall Arrest blocks, including mini fall arrest blocks, today we are going to run through some of the features of our best-selling fall arrest blocks. 


Mini Fall Arrest Block

This product is from our specialist mini fall arrest block range, used by workers when they are working at height. This block is designed to be connected to a specialist fall arrest harness.

The G-Force Rolex Mini Block has an almost instant break, so in the event of a fall, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Unlike the previous models, the lifeline in this unit is made from webbing, and is designed in such a way that it reduces the impact force to  less than 6kN.

With a working length of 2.25 meters this mini fall arrest block provides a cost effective solution for many forms of work at height.

Click here for more information on our Mini Fall Arrest Blocks.




Fall Arrest Block with Recovery Winch Facility

This G-Force CRW300 Fall arrest block features a retrieval winch, an easy and effective way to lift a worker who has slipped and fallen to safety. However, when the winch is not engaged the G-Force CRW300 operates as a standard fall arrest block, making it one of our most versatile fall arrest blocks.

The features of this product are really where this product sells itself; this CRW300 is houses in lightweight aluminium alloy housing, making it easy to transport, and store. This product also features a zinc galvanised steel wire rope, available in two lengths (20 and 25 meters). This product also comes with optional brackets which enable you to fit this block directly to the leg of a rescue tripod.

At SafetyLiftinGear, we stock a comprehensive range of Fall Arrest Blocks. In the unlikely chance you are unable to find the specific product you are searching for, don't hesitate to contact us, and a member of our team will happily assist you. 


A window manufacturer and installer has been fined £36,000 after their workers were seen installing a window without any safety precautions, 8 metres above a busy west end street.

Westminster’s magistrates court head that the company carried out window installation work, which put their workers and members of the public at risk of serious injuries or fatalities.

A member of the public provided photos of the workers leading out of a window 8 metres above the street, they also provided a video, filmed on their phone, of the workers accidentally dropping a part of the window which fell to the ground narrowly missing a pedestrian.

The health and safety executive investigation found that the company failed to provide basic safety equipment, including scaffolding – which would have prevented the workers and the window from falling. On top of not providing the essential safety equipment, health and safety executive also found that the workers had not received any formal training, and there was no supervisor present.

It was also found that no risk assessment had been conducted, and the company had failed to invest in the correct safety equipment needed for when people are working at height.

Andrew Verrall – Withers, an HSE Inspector said – “The Company’s standards were appalling, and this was particularly unacceptable as previous warnings had been blatantly disregarded.”

In this day and age, there is no excuse to not take the relevant safety precautions when you are carrying out dangerous work.

Working at height is extremely dangerous so it is incredibly important to adhere to the working at height regulations and take the correct safety precautions at all times. These laws are in place to help protect workers, and the general public. In this case, if the pedestrian was under the window at the wrong time, there could have been a fatal accident.

If you have been asked to work at height make sure you have all the correct equipment for the task ahead. Remember to inspect your equipment for damage before use. If you equipment is damaged in any way, do not carry out the work until you have sourced a replacement, or had it repaired.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear we have a whole department dedicated to height safety. Here you will find a variety of specialist safety harnessesfall arrest blockslanyardssafety lines, rope access equipment, anchors and more.

If you are looking for a specific item but cannot locate it on our website, you can contact us by telephoning 0800 123 69 69 or emailing and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you. 

At SafetyLiftinGear, we provide a selection of electric chain hoists, which are suited to a multitude of different lifting applications, and are ideal for lifting loads that are too heavy for a manual hoist. Whether you work in construction, the industrial sector, or any other profession which requires heavy lifting, you are sure to see the benefits of using our electric hoists. We also supply our hoists in a comprehensive range of WLLs and voltages, to ensure that you have the perfect fit for your job.

Here are a few of our most popular single phase electric hoists:

250kg Electric Hoist, 110 volt

This electric hoist is made by Duke, and is ideal for smaller loads, with a WLL of 250 kg. It also has a generous lift height of 3mtr to 40 mtr, at an impressive speed of 10 meters per minute. Like all of our chain hoists it is heavy duty but light, making it easy to transport and hard-wearing.

250kg Electric Hoist, 240 volt

For those who require an electric hoist with a higher voltage, we also supply this Duke 250kg hoist which operates at 240v. Like the 110 volt version, this hoist is ideal for a number of lifting applications and is very easy to maintain. Both come supplied with a chainbag, and 3 mtr pendant control with an emergency stop, making them extremely safe to use. 

1tonne Electric Hoist, 110 volt

For larger loads, we also supply 1tonne electric chain hoists, which have a lifting speed of 2.5 meters per minute. While these hoists have a higher WLL, are just as compact and easy to transport as our 250kg models, making them incredibly versatile and practical. 

1tonne Electric Hoist, 240 volt

As with our 250kg options, we also supply our 1tonne electric hoist in a 240 volt version, to suit the varied requirements of our customers and their working conditions. This hoist also comes with a standard 3 mtr pendant control, although we are able to supply a longer pendant upon request . Like all of our Duke electric hoists, this has an official enclosure rating of IP54, which provides protection from dirt and water ingress.

Before choosing from our range of electric hoists, be sure to select the correct voltage and weight load limit, in order to carry out your operation as safely and securely as possible. If you have any questions about our electric chain hoists, please get in touch, and we will do our very best to answer all of your queries.

Three companies have been fined a total of £90,000 after a work fell 6 meters off a platform that had no guardrails.

Southwark crown court heard that two workers were tasked with dismantling the top level of a unit at a construction site in London. When a worker slipped and fell over the side of the unguarded platform, hit a wall, then landed on the concrete floor. The worker sustained multiple injuries, including internal bleeding, fractures to his pelvis and right arm, and a collapsed lung. The injuries have left the worker unable to continue working.

 The three companies involved, Meta Management Services, Goss Graphic Systems, and Beck and Pollitzer Engineering Limited all pleaded guilty for a variety of offences.

When you are tasked with working at height, it is vital that you adhere to the working at height regulations 2005. These regulations state that before undergoing any work at height you need to ensure that the work is planned correctly, supervised and completed by competent people, and include using the right working at height equipment. For instance, safety harnesses, fall arrest blocks, anchors points and tool lanyards.

It is down to the employers to ensure that their workers are protected when they are working at height; this means that you need to ensure that collective protection equipment, such as guard rails, are implemented to protect everyone who is at risk, and that your workers are all wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment.

Before undergoing work at height, you must make sure that the weather conditions do not pose any risk of harm to your workers, make sure that it is dry and there is no wind. Ensure that the place where the work is to be undertaken is safe. That it’s not likely to collapse, and objects are not likely to fall from height.

At the first of February the laws regarding the health and safety sentencing changed. This means that companies that are found breaching the health and safety regulations can face serious sentences, and heftier fines when caught.

The introduction to of the new guidelines ensure that the courts rule all health and safety breaches in a standard way. Before the definitive guidelines were introduced, it was often left to the judges to decide the seriousness of the breach and then they came to a sentencing decision. This often led to larger companies not feeling an impact from breaching the health and safety regulations, and small companies put under too much financial strain, and ending up out of business.

The new sentencing guidelines now take into account culpability and harm factors on a scale of 1 – 4 (1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest), and the companies financial information. The sentencing is then broken down into 4 categories depending on the size of the company.

If you are running a large company with a turnover in excess of £50m a year you will incur larger fines (up to £10m) than a micro company.

Because of this change in sentencing, it is now, time to act and purchase the correct equipment to protect your workers while they are working at height.

We urge you all to start protecting your workers whilst they are at height and to purchase the correct equipment. At SafetyLiftinGear we have a whole department dedicated to height safety, containing equipment such as safety harnesseslanyardssafety linesanchor points, and more!

We would also like to remind you that on the 10th and 11th February we are attending the Executive Hire Show where we will have a stand dedicated to our height safety range. If you are attending the show, come and visit us at stand D80 and X32.


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