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Does your job require you to manage extremely long cables? Are you finding it hard to manage them all at once? If only there was something to make your job a whole lot easier - oh wait there is! Here at SafetyLiftingGear.com we have a terrific range of Cable Grips that are used for gripping, pulling, and tensioning all forms of unsheathed wire ropes, cables, and metal rods.

Our cable grips provide a firm, non-slip grip thanks to their parallel jaws, and won't cause any damage to the wire. The spring-loaded guide prevents the cable grip from dropping off the wire and allows instant release without causing the cable to jam. We sell a range of cable grips to suit a range of cable sizes and tensile strengths and they come in pulling forces of 2000, 3000, and 5000 daN. 

If you're interested in purchasing a cable grip or you're looking for more information about the cable grips that we offer, you can view our great selection by clicking here. We also sell a range of Cable Jack and Spindles that will also help you to maintain your cables and will enable you to coil and uncoil your cables with ease. To view our entire range of cable-handling equipment, click the button below.

Cable Handling Equipment >

If you have any questions regarding our Cable Grips, please do not hesitate to contact us - we'd be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can learn more about our cable-handling equipment by checking out the resources below.

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With the weather heating up, it's starting to look more and more like summer here in the UK. While this is a welcome prospect for most, it also brings a variety of possible safety hazards with it, many of which will impact individuals in the workplace. In order to combat these additional risks, it's important for managers and employees to prepare themselves accordingly, by following these important safety tips:

Plan & Prepare for Warm Weather if You Work Outdoors

Outdoor workers are particularly vulnerable during warmer weather, due to their enhanced exposure to the sun, along with the variety of additional hazards that may present themselves. In order to ensure that the sun and additional heat do not lead to health and safety risks for workers and members of the public, it is highly important to ensure that businesses thoroughly prepare for these conditions and act accordingly. In many cases, this may mean going beyond the usual health and safety measures; putting additional ones in place to address these risks. This can range from ensuring that workers are wearing sunscreen, to altering the way in which work operations are completed, for example: planning strenuous operations for cooler times of the day when the sun is not at its highest point. 

Dress Appropriately For Warmer Conditions

Wearing the correct clothing is always an important safety measure for working adults, but this becomes even more important in hot weather, which presents several complications and potential risks. For most professions this simply means dressing in loose-fitting, breathable clothing that will keep you cool, without presenting any additional risk (e.g. causing trips, becoming caught in machinery). This is even more important for outdoor workers, due to their direct exposure to the sun and heat, along with the need for additional protective clothing and equipment. Workers must therefore be provided with clothing and equipment that not only protects them from exposure to the sun, but also remains breathable in order to avoid overheating. Companies should also ensure that PPE fits in with these seasonal requirements, offering the highest level of safety without compromising other operations requirements.

Stay Hydrated 

This is a simple but important tip for all workers, and especially for those who are performing strenuous operations which cause them to sweat. To avoid the risk of dehydration, ensure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day, keeping in mind that your requirements will rise along with the temperature. If you're going to consume additional beverages, opt for something like a spots drink that will replenish your electrolytes, or even make your own.

Make Sure Workplace Temperatures are Safe

If heat levels in your workplace become dangerous, it is highly important for you to respond accordingly. For outdoor workers, this means assessing conditions before stating your operation, while also taking regular breaks in cool areas to avoid over exposure to the sun. For those working indoors, every measure should be taken to ensure that work areas are kept well ventilated and cool, to avoid temperatures reaching dangerous levels. You may need to invest in air conditioning equipment, or even send workers home if conditions become unsuitable and potentially threatening.

Pay Attention to Additional Hazards

Sun and heat also means that it is important to remain alert to additional hazards that may present themselves. For road workers, this means dealing with poor visibility on the road due to glaring sunlight, along with a range of other issues, including the possibility of encountering children playing in the streets during the summer break from school. It is therefore even more important to ensure that the correct signs and protective measures are put in place before commencing work, to ensure that every possible step has been taken to protect both the workers and the public. It is also important for all workers to remain alert to the signs of heat related illness, in both themselves and their fellow workers. Advice on spotting heat exhaustion and heatstroke can be found on the NHS website.



You may have seen that we offer a range of rental lifting equipment for those seeking to complete lifting operations here at SafetyLiftinGear. We offer everything from light-weight stair climbers to exceptionally heavy duty equipment in our rental lifting equipment range to ensure there is something for everyone.

To show you an example of how well our rental lifting equipment works in action, here you can see our rental Modulift Spreader Beams and Webbing Slings lifting a heavy-duty digger in 50tonne lifting operation in London. This was one of the largest scale lifting operations we have supplied rental lifting equipment to and it was a complete success.

Rental Lifting Equipment Lifting Digger Rental Lifting Equipment Lifting Digger

Our Rental Lifting Equipment lifting a heavy-duty digger from the lower grounds of a construction site

Here you can see the Modulift Spreader Beams and Webbing Slings working effectively to lift a McGee Digger from the lower part of the construction site. The Webbing Slings work effectively when attached to the Modulift Spreader Beams as this increases the lifting equipment capacity further. 

Rental Lifting Equipment Securly Placing Digger on Ground

SafetyLiftinGear Rental Equipment placing a McGee Digger securely on the ground

The McGee Digger was safely positioned in its designated area after being lifted smoothly from the lower part of the construction site. The Becket Eyes on our rental webbing slings are reinforced for extra lifting power and our Modulift Spreader Beams come with 1x pair of 500mm End Units and Drop Links, 2x 17ton Alloy Bow Shackles and 2x 12ton Alloy Bow Shackles to ensure your heavy duty lifting operation runs smoothly. 

If you're also looking to complete your own 50tonne lifting operation, our lifting slings and Modulift Spreader Beams are available to buy or hire, depending on your needs.

To get a quote to hire this heavy-duty rental lifting equipment, simply click 'Hire Me' on the product page, then click 'Enquire' on the checkout page. We will get back to you as soon as possible, but if you have any questions regarding these products you can contact us through our contact form or call us on 0808 123 69 69. 



Since 1998, the UK's Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (often abbreviated to LOLER) have been used to enforce the safe use of lifting equipment, in order to reduce the risk of injury from using these devices to perform operations at work. It is highly important for employers to ensure that all equipment and accessories meet the safety standards imposed by these regulations, in order to ensure that they are complying with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and to ensure that they are not placing workers at risk. 

What Types of Equipment are Covered by These Regulations?

LOLER defines these products as work equipment for lifting and lowering loads, and includes smaller accessories and attachments used to perform these operations. The scope of LOLER is very broad, with items including (but not limited to) the following:


  • Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Scissor Lifts 
  • Tail Lifts
  • Passenger and Goods Lifts 
  • Lift Trucks
  • Vehicle Lifts 


  • Slings
  • Hooks
  • Shackles 
  • Eyebolts
  • Ropes

 What do Employers Need to do in Order to Comply With the Regulations?

  •  Ensure that the equipment is safe for use: 

Employers must ensure that the equipment is strong, stable and suitable for the application and load, the suitability of which should also be assessed. Loads should be installed and positioned correctly to prevent injury, while equipment should also be marked with the correct instructions and essential information for safe use.

  • Secure competent supervision and inspection:

The operations being carried out should be planned, supervised and carried out safely by competent individuals, who have appropriate knowledge and experience. The same is also true of inspecting and maintaining the equipment, which should also be carried out by individuals with the right level of knowledge and impartiality. Equipment should be inspected before being used for the first time, and should also be inspected six-monthly when it is used to lift people, and at least annually for all other equipment. These measures should also be recorded accurately, with a written report detailing the inspection and testing process, as well as planning any follow-up actions where they need to be taken.

What Risks Do LOLER Prevent?

  • Injury due to moving parts of ejected materials.
  • Cuts, punctures, abrasions and severing injuries due to rough/sharp points.
  • Crushing due to parts of the machine moving together, or towards a fixed part of the machine/a static object. 
  • Emissions from the machines which cause burns, scalds or electrical shocks.
  • Risks caused by faulty equipment and attachments due to poor maintenance or misuse.
  • Injuries and incidents caused by equipment failure which causes the load to drop.

Action to Take:

  • Use and supply high-quality equipment which complies with these regulations - See our range of lifting equipment and accessories, designed to provide a high level of safety for your operations.

In a workshop environment, you are sure to come across a variety of different workshop tools that are necessary for different operations. With such a range of different equipment, you may wonder what certain pieces of equipment are for. To save this confusion, we've put together a handy guide for you about the less straightforward workshop tools and their uses.  


Workshop Tool Lanyard

Tool Lanyards

What tool lanyards are used for? 

Though not technically a tool, when working at a height, tool lanyards are a tool which helps prevent heavier workshop tools falling from your belt. They also absorb shock force which occurs when an item is dropped, which stops the worker being pulled down at the same time, which is particularly helpful if you are working with heavy workshop equipment.


Workshop Tool Farm Jack

Farm Jacks

What farm jacks are used for? 

Farm road jacks are an ideal workshop tool used for lifting and pulling/pushing items in off-road environments. This farm jack is also a perfect tool for a 4x4 recovery kit that can be stored in your vehicle and used if your car was to break down.


Hydraulic Wedge Spreader

Hydraulic Wedge Spreaders

What are hydraulic wedge spreaders used for? 

This hydraulic wedge is a perfect workshop tool for separating stubborn joints, even those with fitted ring grooves. Friction-free, unlike hammers and lever bars, these hydraulic wedges limit any damage to the joints. Take a look at the hydraulic wedge spreaders we have on offer by clicking the button above.


These are only a few of the workshop tools that we stock at SafetyLiftinGear, we also stock storage bags, tool belts and much much more! All of which can be viewed here:

View all workshop tools >

If you have any questions regarding our workshop tools, please don't hesitate to contact us today.


When transporting any goods it's vitally important that you ensure that all your loads are secure or you risk damaging them. If an unsecured load falls there's a risk of injuries and even death! So, to avoid damaging your goods or causing any fatal accidents, it's important you ensure you secure your load, and our range of Load Restraint Systems allow you to do just that.

We supply everything from ratchet lashings to load binder chains - whatever your requirements may be, we're confident you'll be able to find the load restraint option to meet them. Here are some of the load restraint products we have to offer:

Ratchet Lashings 
(Buy Here)

If you are transporting heavy goods it's crucial that you use the appropriate load restraint to prevent your load from falling off your vehicle. These ratchet lashings are one of our most sought-after load restraint products, and can secure a huge variety of different loads. To view our range of ratchet lashings, please click here.

Ratchet Cargo Bar
(Buy Here)

A cargo bar is a load restraint product that's more suited for pickup trucks and other large vehicles whilst their in transit. The bar is held in place by high-grip rubber feet and the bar is constructed from lightweight aluminium. The cargo bar can be adjusted from 2350 - 2720mm by using the ratchet mechanism, and is the placed across the width of the vehicle to prevent anything from sliding off the vehicle. To purchase this ratchet cargo bar, please click here

Load Binder Sets
(Buy Here)

If you're looking for an affordable, heavy-duty load restraint solution, our load binder sets could be exactly what you're looking for! The sets include a load binder, a load binder chain, and a pair of hooks. Each load binder kit has it's own maximum breaking strength, so please check the kit you're purchasing is suitable for your requirements. For more information on our load binder sets, please click here

No matter how heavy your loads are, or the size of the vehicle you're transporting these goods are on, our load restraint systems will ensure that they're secure whilst it's in transit. To view our entire range of load restraint products, please click here.


As you can perhaps tell from our name, we specialise in lifting things safely. That's why, here at SafetyLiftinGear, we have a wide range of lifting gantries that are perfect for transportation. The best equipment for performing a level lift in a confined space, our lifting gantries are capable of lifting up to 1750kg making them suitable for a range of heavy-duty operations. Additionally, the strength and stability of our lifting gantries will ensure you will have a safe lifting operation every time.

Hire a Lifting Gantry:

If you only require a gantry for a single job, keep your eyes peeled for the 'Hire Me' button. To request a quote to hire a lifting gantry, simply click the 'Hire Me' button on the product page, follow the simple on-screen instructions and click 'enquire' when you get to check out. We will have a lifting gantry hire quote with you in no time at all! 

Choose a Lifting Gantry:

Here's a quick look at what we have to offer in our lifting gantry range:

Portable Lifting Gantry Adjustable 0.5tonne

Portable Lifting Gantry

Perfect for use in a workshop or garage where level lifting is needed frequently, this portable lifting gantry is fully adjustable to suit your needs. The height is adjustable from 2400mm to 6600mm, making this a wonderfully versatile piece of equipment.

Simple and easy to assemble, we can promise that your load lifting operations will be improved substantially by this portable lifting gantry. If you'd like something that's slightly more heavy duty, we also stock a 1-tonne Portable Lifting Gantry

To find out more about our Adjustable Portable Lifting Gantry, just click here.

1750kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry 2 Meter Beam

Aluminium Lifting Gantry

If you're looking for a lifting gantry that can lift even heavier loads, we stock Aluminium Lifting Gantries that can lift up to 1750kg. Despite their strength, these Aluminium Lifting Gantries are also incredibly lightweight and easy to use. The beams are also completely interchangeable, meaning shorter or longer beams can be added as and when you require them.

We supply Aluminium Lifting Gantries that can lift from 1000kg to 1750kg with beams from 2 meters to 7 meters, so we certainly have a lifting gantry to suit any of your lifting operations. To view our different Aluminum Lifting Gantries, just click here.

Lifting Gantry Accessories to Aid Stabilization:

External Trolley to Suit Aluminium Lifting Gantry

External Trolley

Suitable for an Aluminium Lifting Gantry, these external trolleys allow you to move your lifting gantry easily and smoothly.

Find out more here.

Set of 4x Parking Jacks to Suit Aluminium Lifting Gantry 

Set of 4x Parking Jacks

If you're working on uneven ground, this set of 4 parking jacks helps aid stabilisation when using a Lifting Gantry. Perfect for making your lifting operations even easier! 

Find out more here.

You can also browse our full Lifting Gantry Section here! For more information about any of the products featured in this blog post, you can contact us or call us on 0117 9381 600. 


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