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A new year is just around the corner, and big changes are afoot here at SafetyLifitnGear! Early in January 2017, we will be moving our Bristol operations to brand new premises in Avonmouth. We'll be gaining an addition 28,000 square feet when we move into the new building, which will serve as both our head office and our distribution centre.

Here's what our new home looks like from the outside:

New SafetyLiftinGear Distribution Centre

Aside from all the extra space we'll have, the most exciting thing about this move is the number of jobs it will create. We will be taking on a new wave of staff as part of the transition, and we hope that this will be a huge boon to the community in Avonmouth and the surrounding area.

SafetyLiftinGear is a leading supplier of lifting/handling equipment and height safety gear. We have 7 depots across the UK - click here to find your nearest location. And don't worry if you don't live near any of our depots, because you can also order online via our website!

As any outdoor worker will know, the winter elements bring a whole new set of health and safety challenges to the work site. Wind, rain and frosty spells combine to make the task of maintaining safe conditions even more challenging, which means that additional measures must be taken in order to keep employees safe and well. 

One of the most vulnerable and exposed groups during this time, are those who work at height, who have to manage the existing risks and challenges of their operations, with additional inconveniences from the poor conditions. For this reason, we stock specialised jacket safety harnesses with this exact problem in mind, providing workers with the same level of reliable fall protection, while also keeping them warm and dry.
High Visibility Jacket Safety Harness
This water and windproof jacket provides practical yet stylish protection from the elements, and is ideal for staying seen, even during the dark winter hours, when visibility may be poor. See it in action, and find out more here:

More Wet & Cold Gear   More Height Safety Products


(Electric Powered Stair Climber)

When it comes to moving heavy items and loads, one of the biggest challenges can be a flight of stairs, which are not only dangerous, but highly awkward to navigate! For this reason, we supply a range of fantastic electric powered stair climbers which allows you to transport deliveries and equipment with ease!


stair climbing truck
Supported by a durable steel frame, the electric powered stair climber is designed to aid stair lifting and manoeuvring operations, by supporting its load in the most suitable position, and facilitating a fast and smooth transition from step to step.
electric stair climber

Some of the stair climber's benefits include:

An automatic breaking system
Convenient folding handle and frame
Lifts at a rate of 8-9 steps per minute
Easy-access push buttons on the right handles
Sliding clutch (to prevent mechanical overload)
powered stair climber
To choose from a greater selection of material handling equipment, why not visit our sister site, PalleTrucks-Trolleys.com? Not only is it specifically aimed at material handling and load-moving industries, it also includes an enhanced range of stair climbing lifts to suit a variety of operational demands.
Lifting Shackles
We consider ourselves the lifting equipment specialists here at SafetyLiftinGear, and in order to uphold that reputation, we strive to stock a truly comprehensive range of robust and reliable lifting products. Among our most commonly-ordered products are our various lifting shackles, which come in a range of different strengths and configurations.
Our shackles can be used in conjunction with a variety of lifting slings (e.g. our heavy-duty wire rope slings) to lift all kinds of different loads. We supply shackles to cope with weights ranging from 0.5 to 85 tonnes - please be sure to check the weight load limit (WLL) of your shackles before placing an order, as exceeding the maximum capacity of your lifting shackles may cause them to fail.
Three different types of lifting shackle are available from SafetyLiftinGear - here's a quick run-down of what we have to offer:
Screw Pin Shackles

Screw Pin Shackles

Weight load limits range from 0.5 to 85 tonnes
The screw pin shackle is our standard lifting shackle, and we have a range range of different options available, all of which are cost-effective and totally fit for purpose. As the name suggests, these shackles are secured by simply screwing in the pin provided.
Safety Pin Shackles

Safety Pin Shackles

Weight load limits range from 1 to 55 tonnes
Safety pin shackles have an extra-secure locking mechanism to give you a little extra peace of mind. To secure the shackle, thread the bolt through the holes, place the nut on the end and tighten. Then, insert the safety pin to provide an extra layer of defence.
Long Body Shackle

Long Body Piling Shackles

Weight load limits range from 1 to 5 tonnes
Finally, we come to our long body shackles, which are ideal for if you need a longer space to house the end of your lifting sling.
Our ultra-strong 85 tonne alloy bow shackles were recently used in the construction of a new railway line in Manchester - read more about this project here, or visit our main Lifting Equipment page to browse our full range of lifting products.

Mostostal Pulway - a large Polish construction company - recently acquired a SafetyLiftinGear man basket to use on their latest construction site. They were really impressed with the quality of the man basket, and they are so happy with the service they were supplied, they've already placed a second order with us for some lifting equipment

This man basket has been designed with safety in mind - boasting overhead protection, a 150mm solid wall surround, an internal hand rail and a close mesh rear. It's a very versatile piece of site equipment as it can be used with either a forklift or a crane. It's truly the number one choice for contractors who are looking for easy, efficient and safe high level access. 

If you're interested in purchasing or hiring a man basket, please click here

Network Rail - the company responsible for the infrastructure of Britain's railways - have recently been constructing a brand new rail line in Manchester. The new viaduct will connect two of the city's largest stations (Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria) for the first time, significantly increasing capacity and reducing journey times into and through the centre of Manchester.

We are pleased to say that Network Rail and their contractors chose to use SafetyLiftinGear's lifting equipment for this project. Our wire rope slings (77mm diameter, 8m & 9m length, 85 tonne SWL) have played an important part in the construction of the new line, as have our 85T Alloy Bow Shackles.

We wish Network Rail and everyone involved in this construction project all the best, and we hope that the people of Manchester will find the new line to be a great convenience.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic jacks have all kinds of uses in a variety of different work environments, and we stock a fantastic range of them here at SafetyLiftinGear. No matter what you're lifting, pushing or pulling, we've got the right hydraulic cylinder for the job - here's a quick run-down of what we have to offer:

Remember, our hydraulic cylinders are available to buy OR hire!

Hydraulic Cylinders
Our standard hydraulic cylinders come in a range of different shapes and sizes, with working load limits ranging from 10 to 100 tonnes.

Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinder
These low-height cylinders are ideal for getting underneath objects that are low to the ground. If you need to get even lower, our pad jacks may be better-suited to your requirements.

Centre Hole Hydraulic Jack
Each of these hollow cylinders has a hole in the centre, allowing you to insert rods/bolts into the jack and pull as well as push.

Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder
Finally, we come to the lock nut hydraulic cylinder. This product's safety lock nut mechanism offers load holding functionality, and the jack itself can cope with loads weighing up to 30 tonnes.


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