Working at height comes with a number of risks and it is of vital importance that you take all the safety precautions you can. A rescue block can be what saves you from falling and injuring yourself, as they protect you from falling to the ground when working at height. The synthetic rope or cable that is wrapped around the reel of the block works like a retractable lifeline, which suspends you in the air in the event of a fall. 

All the rescue blocks we supply are designed to be reliable and effective. The last thing you want to do is doubt the quality of your height safety equipment, so we make sure you don't have to. The rescue blocks have a shock-absorbing system that prevents injury in the event of a fall. The high-quality materials used for each rescue block allow them to be used year after year, as the durable cables can withstand strain time after time without eroding or snapping.

Of course, you must be sure to choose a rescue block that suits your requirements, as each is a different size and has different restrictions. Luckily, our extensive range of blocks means we are confident you will be able to find the product you need. 

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Here are some of the rescue blocks available at SafetyLiftinGear:

Rescue Block

(Lightweight Fall Arrest Block - G-Force)

Rescue Block

(Fall Arrest Block)

Rescue Block

(Fall Arrest Block with Recovery Winch)


If you have any questions about our range of rescue blocks or any of the other products we have, feel free to get in touch. Our helpful team is here to answer your questions and help you find the appropriate equipment for the job.

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