Platform Trucks & Moving Skates
We told you we were constantly expanding our catalogue! Scarcely a day after we introduced you to our superb new multi-directional screw clamps, a whole raft of new new products have arrived here at SafetyLiftinGear HQ. This particular set of items should appeal to customers seeking an efficient materials handling solution - here's a quick rundown of what's new on our website today:
Steel Platform Truck

Heavy-Duty Steel Platform Truck

This sturdy, easy-to-manoeuvre platform truck comes in three different sizes (see options above) and is ideal for all sorts of different working environments, including warehouses, shops, labs, workshops and garages. Each truck has a maximum weight capacity of 1850kg, making it easy to shift heavy items with minimal effort. There are also heavy-duty mobile lift platform trucks on our sister site if you'd like to see a further selection; just click here.

Folding Plastic Platform Truck

This lightweight plastic truck folds away for easy storage and transportation. It can carry loads of up to 150kg, and the telescopic handle can be adjusted to the height of your choosing.
Steel Nesting Platform Trucks

Steel Nesting Platform Trucks

These trucks have a sleek 'nesting' design, making it easy to store several of them in a relatively small space. The trucks are made of powder-coated steel that's resistant to rust and scratching; each one can cope with loads weighing up to 700kg.
Manual Platform Stacker

Manual Platform Stacker

With a maximum capacity of 400kg and a maximum lift height of 650mm, this manual stacker is perfect for transporting loads that are too large to carry yourself. The lift function is operated by a foot pump, and the polyurethane wheels give great manoeuvrability.
Moving Skate

Moving Skates

2000kg // 4000kg // 6000kg
Finally, these new moving skates make moving heavy loads a speedy and practically effortless task. Simply lift your load using a jack or roller crowbar and position the skates underneath.