If you’re familiar with the Armorgard range at SafetyLiftinGear.com, you’ll know what the rest of the industry is already well aware of – Armorgard are top dogs when it comes to secure storage both on-site and off.

Experts in their field, Armorgard have a clear mission to provide unrivalled security for your tools, equipment and accessories.

As such, it should come as no surprise that the guys and girls at Armorgard are constantly looking to improve their arsenal and provide you with secure storage that fits the task at hand.


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Armorgard Site Storage Products

Building on their already stellar list of site storage solutions at SafetyLiftinGear.com, the Armorgard range at SLG has now been extended to include the following new additions to provide you with reliable storage wherever you are, whatever the task may be.


site storage container, site storage box, site storage solutions, site storage cabinet 

Armorgard SK2 SpillKart Mobile Spill Kit

First up is the SK2 SpillKart. While it may look more like a children’s porta-loo than a site storage box, this handy haulable doesn’t house any nasty surprises.

In fact, it’s specifically designed for the exact opposite! This useful kart is perfect for storing all your spill control products, allowing you to deal with a spill efficiently, safely and effectively.

With all your spill essentials in one place, it also comes with a 60-litre general purpose spill kit. What’s more, as this is an Armorgard product, it should come as no surprise that it also has a padlock-friendly latch to boot.

Featuring shatterproof rubber wheels, a rubber seal around the lid and made from high-density plastic, this is one sturdy spill storage box that won’t drive you potty!


site storage container, site storage box, site storage solutions, site storage cabinet 

Armorgard FC6 FittingStor Mobile Site Cabinet

If you’re working on-site and have high-price items on hand, it can be a neon sign for thieves – especially when it comes to items like copper fittings and cabling.

Keep your high-ticket items out of reach and under lock and key, with the FC6 FittingStor secure site cabinet, specifically designed to keep crooks at bay.

With robust wire mesh on all four sides, this sturdy storage cage is perfect for housing your expensive items in one safe yet mobile location.

The mesh casing makes it the contents visible for easy site use, yet the extreme durability and secure nature of this item makes it a veritable fortress for your tools and accessories.

Featuring heavy-duty castors and forklift pockets for easy transportation, this mobile storage unit also features three removable/galvanised shelves for storage flexibility.


site storage container, site storage box, site storage solutions, site storage cabinet

Armorgard FC2 FittingStor Mobile Site Cabinet

Much like its meshy brother, the FC2 FittingStor cabinet is another fantastic on-site storage unit. Providing robust security and ample mobility features, it boasts keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks, heavy-duty doors with fixed hinges and a secluded anti-jemmy system.

While it is slightly smaller than the FC6 model, its ultra-tough exterior is completely opaque from the outside. This allows you to store power tools and smaller accessories within it both safely and discreetly, without providing thieves with a shop window.


Armogard trunk

Armorgard PS3.0 PipeStor 3mtr Mobile Pipe Storage Trunk

Continuing the theme of copper protection, the PS3.0 PipeStor is perfect for storing lengths of piping in a safe and organised manner.

Often referred to as a “copper coffin”, this is one site storage container that will stop thieves dead in their tracks. With a single-end access point through a securely lockable door, there’s one way in and one way out.

From a functionality standpoint, it’s also offers the freedom of an extendable body, allowing you to increase the 1.5m length of the unit by bolting on additional 1.5m sections if need be.

Complete with heavy-duty castors, this mobile site storage box also features four distinct sections for a systematic approach to content arrangement.


Armorgard storage rack

Armorgard SS2 StrimmerSafe Storage Rack

Did you know that strimmers are one of the most commonly stolen power tools in the UK? It’s true! Keep your strimmers safe with this bit of cutting-edge tech from Armorgard.

As the name suggest, the SS2 StrimmerSafe Storage Rack is primarily designed for safe storage of strimmers – that much speaks for itself. However, it’s also ideal for storing similar items, such as chainsaws, hedge cutters and even leaf blowers.

Capable of storing up to five strimming items, the hard-wearing StrimmerSafe boasts twin 5-lever deadlocks for reliability. For additional security and functionality, the unit can also be bolted to a wall if preferred.

Featuring a hinged, heavy-duty welded lid, the StrimmerSafe is also fitted with a bunded drip tray at the base to contain any accidental spills of oil or fuel.


Armorgard vault

Armorgard SSV12 StrimmerSafe Vault

If you prefer your strimmers to be kept safely secured in a more conventional manner, the StrimmerSafe Vault may be the product for you.

Also specifically designed for strimmers and the like, this highly secure site storage box is built for secure durability, complete with anti-force construction and an innovative heavy-duty locking mechanism.

With keyed alike 5-lever deadlock, the box is virtually impenetrable without permission. Even the deadlocks are serial numbered for specific key replacement.

Inside, this site storage container also features double slots, allowing you to store one or two strimmers as needed. Even the lid itself is optimised for owner accessibility, made with hydraulic gas struts for easy opening when required.


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