We are excited to announce that we’ve recently added these Armorgard Tuffbank and Oxbox security boxes to our Workshop Tools & Equipment range!

Armorgard Tuffbank Security Boxes

The Tuffbank range features Armorgard’s most popular security chests because they set the benchmark for quality and they’re great value for money. The Armorgard Tuffbank security boxes are made of heavy-duty steel plates and fitted with 5-lever deadlocks meaning they are impregnable to thieves. We currently offer the Armorgard Tuffbank security boxes in 8 different sizes and depths, so selecting the one that suits your specific storage needs is simple.

Armorgard Oxbox Security Boxes

The Armorgard Oxbox range offers the same premium features as the Tuffbank range but at a slightly lower price. They feature the same locks & hinges but a unique folded design that provides strength. We currently stock Armorgard Oxbox Security Boxes in 6 different sizes and depths, so you can easily choose the right security box to suit your needs.

Whether you choose a Tuffbank or an Oxbox security box you can be sure that your tools will be kept safely stowed until you need to use them. To enquire about the Armorgard Tuffbank or Oxbox boxes, or to place an order, call our team on 0117 9381 600.