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 Industrial lifting slings are great pieces of equipment to help lift and transport particularly heavy materials and loads, providing a highly reliable and secure solution to most lifting applications. With a range of different industrial lifting slings available, you are able to safely and efficiently carry out a variety of lifting jobs and tasks. To learn about each type of sling, take a look below!

Types of Lifting Slings

Chain Slings

  • Extremely versatile, robust and durable
  • Designed to withstand the harsh conditions usually found on work sites, in factories, marine yards and warehouses
  • Single leg through to 4 legs available with a WLL of 2.36 tonnes

Webbing Slings

  • Manufactured with polyester duplex
  • Designed to lift heavy loads safely
  • Feature reinforced becket eyes with a 60mm wide flat load bearing surface
  • Ideal for lifting awkward loads on a regular basis

Round Slings

  • Manufactured with an endless loop of yarns protected by a woven tubular jacket
  • Capable of lifting loads up to 30 tonnes
  • Protective polyester sleeve ensures both safety and durability during lifting applications

Wire Rope Slings

  • Once the industrial lifting sling of choice
  • Manufactured from galvanised wire rope
  • A more robust and reliable choice over nylon slings
  • Offers higher temperature limits
  • Designed with soft eyes at each end for easy handling and use without affecting strength
  • Capable of lifting loads up to 5.7 tonnes

With a range of different types of lifting sling available here at SLG, we are sure to have a lifting sling suited to any of your lifting requirements - Visit our website today at to view our collection of Industrial Lifting Slings!

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