If you’re in need of helping hand when you’re on the move, electrical hook-up can be a luxury that isn’t always readily available. As such, relying on any kind of external power source is not a wise move.

What is a wise move, however, is to come prepared with a fallback plan, should you quite literally need a lift when you’re unplugged and on the go.

In those situations, a portable winch can be a handy piece of kit to have stowed away in your bag of tricks.


portable winches


Portable Winches at SLG

Whether you’re hoisting a hunk of wood for an arborist job or hauling a caravan on your travels, portable winches can make light work of heavy lifting in an instant.

To help get you acquainted with these helpful hoisters, here are a few of the best portable winches available at SLG.


portable winches

Portable Battery Powered Winch

Part of our own-branded LiftinGear.uk range, the portable battery-powered winch is the ideal product for caravan and boat pulling, loading trailers and various arborist work.

Designed for both lifting and pulling, this portable powerhouse has a lifting capacity of around 100kg with the capability to lift/lower that load for 12 minutes continuously at full charge.

Meanwhile, it’s pulling capacity is even more impressive, with a maximum pulling weight of 400kg. That’s about as heavy as a horse!

Supplied with a charging unit and two 24V Nimh rechargeable batteries, this lightweight winch is perfect for lifting jobs when you’re out and about.


portable winches

Battery Powered Portable Winch

Supplied in a tough plastic case for storage convenience, this portable winch is perfect for outdoor pursuits and pulling jobs where power supply is scarce.

Also part of the LftinGear.uk range, this product is capable of lifting up to 140kg and fitted with brake for added safety and ease of use.

Meanwhile, its pulling power is capable of hauling up to 750kg. To put that into perspective, that equates to 60 gold bars (or three fully-grown pigs).

The case also includes a variety of accessories, most importantly two rechargeable LI-ION battery packs and charging unit.


portable winches

Harken 500kg Rigger's Winch

Moving into the Harken range, the Rigger’s Winch is a flexible, lightweight solution to your lifting needs.

Weighing just 7kg, this CE certified product has an overall pulling power of up to 70 times its own weight, with a maximum tolerable load of 500kg.

The robust adapter plate allows it to be mounted in a variety of ways, allowing for use even in remote and challenging environments, from stage rigging and telecoms to arborist work and marine use.

Meanwhile, the winch itself features 17-4 PH stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins for enhanced reliability, while the unique drum design also enhances rope grip.


portable winches 

Harken LokHead Winch Kit

Another offering from Harken, the LokHead Winch Kit provides security and safety with its self-tailing, man-riding capstan winch and captive head to prevent accidental release.

Suitable for portable and fix-mounted load-lifting/man-riding, the easy-to-use LokHead Winch is ideal for fixed or temporary applications and rescue use.

Additionally, the LokHead is also fully certified to be used in conjunction with our TM9 & TM9-W tripods for confined space usage.

The kit itself includes the winch and handle, TM9 adaptor, the plate and sling with karabiner. It also comes with a drill adaptor for mechanical assistance to haul heavier loads.


Yale Yaletrac Wire Rope Cable Puller

Arguably the kings of wire rope cable pulling, Yale offer a variety of wire rope cable pullers to help you lighten the load when you need to take part in some heavy-duty pulling activity.

Capable of pulling, lowering, tensioning and securing loads over long distances, Yale wire rope pullers are specially designed for versatility.

Yaletrac products are ideal for a number of applications, including: industry, building construction, civil engineering, power line construction, shipbuilding and oil refineries.

Optimised for usability, the hand operating forces have been noticeably optimised by incorporating an axial ball bearing, making operation a virtually effortless endeavour.

Meanwhile, the stability and reliability of this range are virtually unrivaled in portable pulling, providing safe, secure load-bearing in a single, user-friendly product.


Yale YS05T Yaletrac 500kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale YS10T Yaletrac 1000kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale YS16T Yaletrac 1600kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale YS32T Yaletrac 3200kg Wire Rope Cable Puller


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