Boasting the perfect combination of reliability and affordability, G-FORCE height safety products really are a force to be reckoned with.

With decades of experience to back them up, Safety LiftinGear has been bringing the G-FORCE height safety product brand to many key sectors with a variety of high-quality height safety products.

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New Fall Arrest Blocks from G-FORCE

Replacing the now discontinued CR200 range of fall arrest devices, the all-new G-FORCE CR250 fall arrest blocks build on the high-standards set by the previous iteration, with enhanced features for a superior product.

Think of it as Robert Patrick’s T-1000 superseding Arnie’s T-800 in Terminator 2: the old model is still a formidable piece of kit but the new grade offers all that and more…albeit with less one-liners.

With that in mind, say “hasta la vista” to the CR200 and come with us as we take a look at these brand-new upgrades in the G-FORCE range.


g force, fall arrest blocks

CR250V Fall Arrest Block for Vertical Use

Available in 6 metre, 12 metre or 15 metre versions, the G-FORCE CR250V is a self-retractable fall arrest block designed for vertical use only.

Lightweight yet extremely durable, the CR250V is capable of handling a user weight of up to 140kg (just over 22 stone) whilst still reducing the impact force of a fallen worker to less than 6kN.

The CR250V has a maximum working angle of up to 40 degrees from vertical and is also supplied with a steel screw gate karabiner.

The CR250V has a 4mm galvanised wire rope, internal energy-dissipating brake and top anchor point with built-in swivel, this product provides versatile protection and unwavering reliability.

The durable composite casing also features a transportation handle for easy transport and to aid installation.


g force, fall arrest blocks

CR250HV 11mtr Fall Arrest Block for Horizontal or Vertical Use

Much like the CR250V, this product is suitable for vertical use up to a maximum of 40 degrees; however, it’s also fitted with an energy absorber which allows for horizontal use.

The lightweight portable design features a self-retracting cable. The rope diameter has been increased from 4mm to 5mm to provide greater abrasion resistance during a fall over an edge. Encased in a bright green protective cover for high visibility, even when used in the horizontal position.

Unlike the CR250V, the CR250HV is only available with an 11-metre rope. However, in certain circumstances this product can also be used in conjunction with the AZ410-05 5mtr Wire Connecting Lanyard, to achieve a maximum working radius of 16mtrs from the anchorage point. .

The CR250HV also features the same internal energy-dissipating brake mechanism, although a second energy absorbing element has now been added to specifically allow horizontal fall arrest use. A screw gate karabiner and swivel top anchor point remain a common feature to the CR250V; however, the maximum load is less, topping out at 120kg (just under 19 stone).


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