When it comes to heavy-duty manual equipment that’s safe, secure and supremely sturdy, few brands can match up to the almighty power of Armorgard.

Founded in 1989, the company has grown into a globally-recognised industry heavyweight with a reputation as ironclad as their products.

Not one to rest on their laurels, the good folks at Armorgard are at it again, knocking it out of the park with a new range of work station products, hot off the production line and built to last.


New Work Stations from Armorgard

So, just what do the guys and gals at Armorgard have coming our way? Here’s the complete run-down of the latest additions to the Armorgard collection.


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Armorgard BH1080 TuffBench Folding Workbench

Versatile, transportable and easy to assemble, the Armorgard BH1080 Tuffbench is the perfect collapsible workbench for construction sites and contractors on the move.

Featuring folding legs, this collapsible bench features no detachable parts, meaning it can be erected and deconstructed in no-time at all.

Meanwhile, the work surface is made from sustainable pressed timber, providing durability and dependability to go with the superior adaptability.


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Armorgard BH1080-VWK TuffBench Folding Workbench

A step-up from the BH1080, the VWK version features all the benefits of the original with a whole host of additional goodies.

Boasting a fitted handle and two built-in wheels for easy manoeuvrability on site, the BH1080-VWK also features both a chain vice and engineers vice attached to the work surface.


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Armorgard IH4 InstructaHut All-in-One Noticeboard

A one-stop shop for a multitude of on-site health and safety items, the IH4 InstructaHut is a portable hub of usefulness for contractors and site workers.

From fire and first-aid essentials to notice board use and documentation display, this weatherproof also features replaceable double-sided backboards to ensure easy re-use, year after year.

Standing 185cm tall, 123.5cm wide and 50cm deep, this fire safety and first aid station makes for a perfect central meeting point, clearly visible in bright red for enhanced prominence.


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Armorgard SS2 SiteStation Work Station

A multi-faceted chest for on-site usage, the SS2 SiteSation is aptly-named, providing a secure storage facility that doubles up as a mobile mini-office.

Split into two distinct sections: the lower boasting two full-width shelves and the upper featuring another shelf and a folding, slanted platform.

The platform is great for displaying plans and charts, while also provides the perfect location to conduct routine admin tasks, making it a useful addition for on-site project managers

Featuring gas struts on both sides and forklift skids with castor facilities, this fully-lockable, manoeuvrable station is a perfect all-rounder for on-site usage.


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Armorgard SS7 CuttingStation Chopsaw Work Bench

The SS7 is the ultimate mobile cutting station, perfect for cutting a variety of materials, from conduit and timber to cable trays and pipes.

With secure safety features to safeguard against an array of hazards – including sparks and dust – the SS7 is built for firm and steady foundation, made to minimise vibration, featuring rubberised wheels and rubber mats.

The newest model also features chamfered corners, complete with fire-rated foam for noise reduction, as well as enhanced lighting features for better visibility.

Meanwhile, the new expandable work area can now accommodate mitre saws, while the cutaway sides can also make way for longer lengths.


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Armorgard BH1270M Mobile Tuffbench Heavy Duty Work Bench

Part mobile workbench/part heavy-duty cabinet, this universal work surface provides the perfect stand to work on, while also providing a safe and secure storage area for your tools and equipment.

The Tuffbench comes fitted with 5-lever deadlocks and internal anti-jemmy systems for maximum security, while there’s also a secure cabinet beneath the workbench with ample storage space.

The structure itself is extremely hard-wearing, coated in an anti-corrosive powder. Meanwhile, the surface is also ideal for fixing a chain/engineer vice attachment, making it the perfect complementary product for M&E contractors.


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