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No matter the industry, in most working environments, you're sure to find a work ladder stowed safely away behind the bathroom door (or something similar). In workplaces which require frequent use of work ladders, it's likely that you are acquainted with the risks associated with working at heights. If you aren't familiar with working safety around ladders, take a look at the Ladder Safety Procedures here. 

As using work ladders is such a common occurrence, we thought we would take a look at our wide range of work ladders here at Safety Lifting Gear and the environments they are best suited to. 

Telescopic Work Ladders

Telescopic Work Ladders

Telescopic ladders are collapsible and range from lightweight to heavy-duty, making them a suitable work ladder for a range of operations. Their collapsible ability makes them suitable to use at home or in small working environments (our Aluminium Telescopic Ladder is especially good for this). They can be neatly folded and stored away. 

They are also perfectly suitable for contractors and riggers who travel about with their equipment in tow. Our heavy-duty telescopic ladders supply all the strength and durability required from a work ladder, but they have the benefit of being easily transportable. 

Extension Work Ladders

Extension Work Ladders

Extension work ladders are ideal for use in construction and industry based work environments. Similar to the telescopic ladder, these extension work ladders can be reduced in size (though not as small as telescopic ladders due to their extendable aspect, making them easier to transport. Extension work ladders like our Lyte Professional Trade 2 Section Extension Ladder are specially made to work comfortably in construction environments.


Work Step Ladders

Work Step-Ladders 

An old classic, work step-ladders can be found in most retail, storage, and warehouse environments. As they fold away and are typically a lot shorter than a full-length ladder, step-ladders are a work ladder of choice when it comes to conducting low-level lifting operations. To be extra safe in retail environments, we also have non-slip tread foldable step work ladders available! 

We also have glass fiber ladders, work platforms and multi-purpose ladders in stock here at SafteyLiftinGear! To browse our full range and categories for work ladders just click here. Or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.