With high-profile clientele including Tesco, Next and Harrods, chances are you’ve already come across AddGards products before, perhaps without even realising it.

Characterised by their hi-vis colour scheme and uniquely eye-catching aesthetic, AddGards safety products range from children's furniture to wet wipe dispensers.

However, AddGards are perhaps best known within the industry as a go-to brand for safety barriers in the British Isles. And with good reason – their safety products are top-notch.


addgards safety barriers


Safety Barriers from AddGards

If you’ve hit a roadblock in your quest for a decent safety barrier, check out these stellar safety products from the pros at AddGards.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards 2-panel Yellow Elevator Gard Safety Barrier

As the name suggests, the Elevator Gard from AddGards is ideal for blocking off a lift for maintenance works and retuning.

With “No Admittance” signs included as standard, each pack supplied as a set of two panels, weighing 4.5kg each and measuring over a metre high and over half a metre wide.

Made from durable polyethylene plastic, each barrier also features telescopic poles stored inside, all of which are non-conductive for added safety.

Suitable for 130cm openings as ordered, these foldable modular units can also be linked together with additional units to form larger blockades, if required.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards Supergard 2-panel Yellow/Black Safety Barrier

Offering a more substantial blockade for wider areas, the Supergard provides a durable, square safety barrier with an easy-clean, high-polish finish.

Meanwhile, all panels are also fitted with rubber feet for added traction, allowing them to grip to virtually any hard surface.

Available in standard sets of two, each panel comes with two caution/no entry signs and features a striking yellow and black hazard stripe pattern across the top.

For broader barricades, additional sets can be easily linked together with the patented hinge system for simple adjoining of panels. Reflective signage is also available.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards 1mtr High 3-Panel Yellow Safety Barrier

What’s better than 2-panel safety barrier? A 3-panel safety barrier, of course! Featuring nylon and stainless-steel hinges, these versatile polyurethane barriers are ideal for outdoor use.

While each panel weighs an ample 4kg each, additional stability bases are available on request for additional security in windy conditions.

Standing a metre high and a metre wide, each panel has red and white reflective signage across the top of all panels for enhanced visibility.

Meanwhile, these too can also be linked together for comprehensive coverage of larger areas, such as roadworks.

Speaking of roadworks, this product also complies with UK Chapter 8 regulations for road works, making them ideal for road maintenance use.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards Handigard 3-panel Red/White Safety Barrier

Boasting a hi-vis red/white aesthetic across the top of each panel, the Handigard safety barrier is a high-quality modular barrier system that offers conspicuous cordoned-off safety.

Featuring a smooth finish for easy cleaning and maintenance, all panels also come with ‘No Entry’ symbols as standard.

Foldable for easy storage, the Handigard also includes snap-on hinges for simple linking of panels for wider areas.

Weighing 2.5kg each, these durable polyethylene panels are also compatible with the corresponding rubber base stand for windier conditions or linear use.

The Handigard is ideal for a variety of purposes and designed to comply with BS7801:2011 standards of use.


addgards safety barriers

Addgards Minder Plastic Safety Barrier

An iconic product in the AddGards range, the AddGards Minder is instantly recognisable and a memorable barrier that is a common feature in a variety of public places, from supermarkets and fast-food restaurants to schools and airports.



The family-friendly personality of this product has earned it the nickname of “The Little Yellow Man” – a fitting moniker for this warm and friendly way of ensuring public safety.

Each Minder comes with its own stand for solo use, while they also feature connective “hands” and “feet” for easy connection to other Minders, should you require a wider barrier.

Lightweight yet robust and durable, these hi-vis safety barriers stand at over a metre tall and just under 80cm wide with a weight of just 2.5kg.

Each product also comes with six messages, including: “Wet Floor”, “Out of Service and “Cleaning in Progress”.


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