At its most basic, a davit is a crane-like device that’s ideal for applications where a suspended load needs to be supported.

While davit systems are commonly used for naval applications, such as raising/lowering lifeboats and anchors, they are also extremely useful in the construction industry.

Davit systems are particularly handy for underground access and supporting suspension equipment over the edge of a building.


davit systems, davit arm systems


Davit Systems at SLG

At, two brands in particular that are well-versed in the art of davit arms are Globestock and Abtech. Both reliable companies in their own right, either brand would make a great choice – which makes for a tough decision for anyone looking to invest in a davit arm system.

To help you make up your mind, here’s a quick rundown of the two and some of the davit systems they have on offer at


Globestock Davit Systems

Specialists in confined space access, working at height and load arrest equipment, Globestock Safety Equipment has been engineering protection since 1982. With over 35 years of industry experience, you can guarantee two things with Globestock products: quality and reliability.


 davit systems, davit arm systems

Globestock G.Davit Kit with 20mtr G.Winch

Complete with davit, floor-mount socket, winch and mounting bracket, the G.Davit 20m kit offers the perfect lightweight solution for confined space access and working at height safety.

Suitable for both temp and permanent use, this model can handle up to 250kg for loads and 200kg for personnel, allowing for use by more than one person simultaneously (provided they don’t exceed the weight limit).


davit systems, davit arm systems

Globestock G.Davit Kit with G.Saver II Fall Arrester & G.Winch

Another great option for accessing confined spaces and working at height is the G.Davit Kit with G.Saver II Fall Arrester, providing a more comprehensive safety solution.

Offering similar MWL capabilities to the previous listing, this kit offers all the perks of the last entry with the added benefit of the G.Saver II Fall Arrester.

The G.Saver II is a retractable fall arrest device that features a galvanised cable, shock absorber brake mechanism, and retrieval winch with an anti-run brake for effectively raising or lowering the user to safety.


Abtech Davit Systems

Abtech has been manufacturing and supplying top-notch safety equipment since 1991. Specialising in height safety, confined space and rescue equipment, each product is designed to reflect their company ethos of service, quality, integrity and value.


davit systems, davit arm systems

Abtech Safety 50028 Analog One-Piece Davit

Standing just under 2.8 metres tall with a reach of just over 1.8 metres, the 50028 model weighs in at 45kg and conforms to EN795 Class B.

Fitted with two anchor points – one on the arm and the other on the mast – this is particularly suitable for items such as the AB15RT Winch and 60128 Bracket.


davit systems, davit arm systems

Abtech Safety 30073KIT Counterweight Davit Base Kit

For the full davit experience, the 30073KIT comes complete with a counterweight base system, upper and lower davit, a 15m fall arrest winch and 30m man riding winch, as well as 360kg of counterweights.

Designed for use an anchor system for a variety of raising/lower tasks, the counterweight also features adjustable legs, making it ideal for use on uneven ground as well as flat surfaces.


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