Winter is finally here. After a summer of glorious sunshine, there has been a distinct chill in the air this past couple of weeks, and it's only going to get colder as November wears on and the Christmas adverts gradually take over our TV screens.
Cold weather can make life rather miserable, especially if you happen to work outdoors, but fear not - we at SafetyLiftinGear are well-prepared for winter, and our affordable range of high-quality Cold Weather Gear means you can be too! Take a look below to see some of our fantastic products that will help you to stay warm and dry through the colder months:

Full Face Stretch Cap
£6.95 inc. VAT

Manufactured with a 100% polyester knit - this warm N-FERNO stretch cap is perfect for protecting your ears and head in cold and/or windy conditions.

LifeGear Thermal-lined Working Gloves

£17.26 inc. VAT

These LifeGear gloves are thermal-lined to provide extra warmth while worn. With a cut resistant and anti-slip palm, these provide high levels of both protection and grip.

BlackRock Thermal Vest
£8.71 inc. VAT

This snug-fitting thermal vest will really help you to stay warm when working outdoors. It's 100% polyester, and long enough to protect every part of your arms and torso - Available in various sizes.

Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket
£17.94 inc. VAT

This hi-vis bomber jacket ensures optimum protection and visibility in harsh condition - With a concealed hood and a number of zipped and internal pockets.

Hi-Vis Contractor Coat
£17.94 inc. VAT

A longer option than the bomber jacket above, our contractor coat still offers superb visibility and will shield you from the elements well - Available in various sizes.
We also sell the CHILL-ITS 6485 Multi-Band from Ergodyne, as seen in this video: