Providing the best and most effective site equipment is something that we here at pride ourselves on, and when we are able to increase the amount of specialist equipment available to our customers, it is something that excites us. This is exactly what we have done with the introduction of three brand new pieces of site specialist equipment. Each one allows site workers to safely and effectively perform a number of lifting tasks for specific products found on site.

Site Products


500kg Manual Balance Pipe Laying Hook for 1mtr Pipes


Product Features:

  • SWL - 500KG
  • Jaw Width - 170mm
  • Pipe Length - 1m
  • Weight - 21KG


The first of our three new pieces of site specialist equipment are Manual Balance Pipe Laying Hooks. Made from strong profiled beam construction, these pieces of lifting gear are especially useful for the lifting and transporting of concrete pipes. Available in 500-3000kg for the lifting of 1m pipes and 1000-3500kg for pipes measuring up to 3m. Suitable for a variety of lifting tasks.


900kg Kassel Kerb Lifter 50-520mm

Product Features:

  • SWL - 900KG
  • Opening Width – 50-520mm
  • Internal Depth – 170mm
  • Weight – 56KG


The second of our three new site specialist equipment are Kerb Lifters. Designed for the safe and reliable movement and placement of precast concrete elements, kerbstones and similar materials. This piece of lifting equipment has been designed for universal use, its grippers have been manufactured with a wide opening and fully automatic switching from empty to full. Available in three different sizes (900kg, 1500kg & 4000kg), no matter what weight of goods you need lifting, we are sure to have the Kerb Lifter suitable for the job!


4500kg Highway Divider Clamp

Product Features:

  • SWL – 4500KG
  • Grab Range – 150-210mm
  • Weight – 430KG


The third and final addition to our specialist site equipment is the Highway Diver Clamp. This is produced for the safe and trusty transportation of concrete protection wall sections in the new ‘New Jersey’ style. As a result of the huge pressure exerted by its mechanical tongs, the rubber-lined jaws have the ability to grip wet and soiled sections with relative safety and without leaving any damage whatsoever.

These are exciting additions to our collection of lifting equipment and will provide great lifting solutions across the construction industry. For increased flexibility, all of these lifting products are available for both purchase and hire as we understand that not everyone is able to commit to purchasing as a result of financial and practical reasons. If you are interested in renting or buying any of these pieces of lifting equipment, simply visit the product page of your desired product and click the ‘Hire Me’ or ‘Buy Me’ option. After this, follow the on-screen instructions until your purchase or rental enquiry is complete.

If you are having trouble doing this or require further information regarding any of these products, please do not hesitate to contact us today!