When operating a cherry picker, it’s important that proper safety procedures are in place and that the right safety equipment is selected so that falls and other height related accidents don’t occur.


How to control and limit the risks:

·         Prepare & practice safety procedures

Ensure there are mandatory general use and emergency safety procedures in place, and that all people on site or operating the cherry picker are aware of them. It is also important that these safety procedures are practiced before the cherry picker is operated to guarantee their effectiveness in case of an emergency.

·         Check weather conditions

The more windy or rainy the weather the conditions are, the more dangerous using a cherry picker becomes. High winds can cause cherry pickers to move and sway while heavy rains can make the platform incredibly slippery. An operative who has had the correct training should be able to make a sensible judgement about whether or not it is safe to use the cherry picker.

·         Clear the ground below the cherry picker

People who aren’t operating the cherry picker are also at risk of being injured if tools or equipment aren’t properly secured and fall from the cherry picker. That’s why it’s important that the area around and beneath the cherry picker is properly cleared and cordoned off while the cherry picker is in use.

·         Ensure you have an effective Fall Arrest System in place

Having a suitable fall arrest system in place is inevitably the most effective measure to take to prevent an operator from falling from the cherry picker. The person operating the cherry picker should wear a fall arrest system, usually consisting of; a full-body harness, a lanyard and a suitable anchor point on the cherry picker’s basket.

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we offer a range of height safety equipment including the following Safety Harnesses that are perfect for preventing falls when using an access platform or cherry picker:

Safety Harness Kit for Cherry Picker Budget Restraint

Key Features:

  • Adjustable to fit your body
  • Made of high-quality durable webbing
  • Equipped with steel buckles
  • Comes with rope lanyard and karabiner

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Safety Harness Kit for Access Platform / Cherry Picker Restraint, Fully Adjustable

Key Features:

  • Manufactured using high-quality, durable webbing and secure steel buckles
  • Rear dorsal anchor points & an integrated adjustable lanyard
  • Available in a variety of sizes

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