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UK businesses are beginning to come out of lockdown and get back to normal, but COVID-19 (coronavirus) is still a massive concern across virtually all sectors. Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we offer a variety of protective products to help companies keep their workers safe and stop the virus from spreading.

One such product is the Life Gear FS002 Comfy-Fit Adjustable Face Shield. These protective visors cover the whole face, minimising the wearer's risk of getting infected or infecting others via microscopic respiratory droplets.

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Euro Flight Training, a flying school in Hampshire, recently ordered a number of these full-face visors. For a while, they weren't allowed to fly at all - it's hard to practice social distancing in a small aircraft cockpit!

Recent rule changes have allowed Euro Flight Training to get off the ground once more, but they did have to make a number of changes to minimise the risk of virus transmission.

Among other measures, EFT's instructors must now wear protective face visors while in the cockpit with a student. Here's why they recommend our full-face shields:

"The LifeGear face shields are ideal for us as they're very uncluttered and give us full visibility, which is vital in an aircraft. This product is also very light, making it comfortable to wear for the duration of the lesson, and it's so adjustable that we don't have problems wearing masks, headsets or sunglasses underneath.

"And it's a perfect size - when you're moving your head around in a light aircraft, a lot of visors are too long or wide, but these masks are very compact while still giving full protection.

"Very sturdy and well made, great customer service and speedy delivery, and a very good price. The only downside is that you still look a bit stupid!"

- Ellie from Euro Flight Training

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