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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an industry that looks set to boom. Hard hats and hi-vis jackets may not be everyone's idea of a multi-billion industry, but according to predictions made by Fortune Business Insights, the PPE market is set be worth $85.72 billion globally by the year 2026.

Growing concerns about the environment, employee safety and large-scale regeneration and infrastructure projects look to be the key drivers behind this rapid growth. Let's take a look at what the future may hold for these vital products.


Eco Friendly Developments

Growing concerns about the environmental impact of business and industry are dominating headlines in many parts of the world right now. All sorts of industries are striving to adapt and make their processes more sustainable, and the PPE industry is no exception. Many companies are looking at ways to develop eco-friendly products, either through more energy-efficient machinery or by utilising recycled materials. Some companies are even turning to plastics made from organic materials such as sugar cane.

With products like that already beginning to appear, there can be little doubt that PPE manufacturers will soon be investing in sustainable and hard-wearing materials that are good for workers and the planet. We can't wait to see what materials will be used to make the PPE equipment of tomorrow.


Infrastructure and Large-Scale Projects

The topic of the environment leads us to the predicted boom in large-scale infrastructure projects across the globe. Whether it's the building of green technologies or wider public transport infrastructure, big construction projects are set to be key market drivers for the PPE industry.

In the UK, High Speed Rail 2 could potentially employ 30,000 people to build and design the railway alone, showing the sheer scale of labour required for projects of this scale. With more construction jobs set to be created over the next few years, it's no surprise that the market is set to boom internationally. Thousands more employees will be needed to work on expansive new projects, and protective workwear is bound to have a key role to play.


Employee Safety

Keeping employees safe is a critical concern for modern businesses. With growing concern for safety and increasing legal protection for workers, employees can now expect more PPE equipment to be provided for them in their place of work. In the UK, companies are legally bound to protect their employees and follow workplace safety legislation.

As more legislation is passed by Parliament and devolved assemblies in the UK, we can expect to see industries tightening safety regulations and supplying more types of PPE and safety equipment to prevent hazardous accidents. With fatal accidents falling in the UK over the past decade thanks to health and safety protections, it's no wonder that companies worldwide are beginning to introduce more regulations in order to keep employees safe.

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