two workers in high vist stood atop a canal 

Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we recently had the pleasure to rent out some equipment to Cotswold Canal Trust for their recent restoration project on Pike Lock Canal, Eastington.

Founded in 1975, the Cotswold Canal Trust are an organisation made up primarily of volunteers who are dedicated to protecting, preserving, and restoring the historic canals of the Cotswold. The canals play a crucial role in the local biodiversity, and are also an important part of national heritage.

workers in high vis stood in drained canal, using a gantry to carry out repairs

We have some great pictures of the Cotswold Canal Trust in action, using some gear rented from SafetyLiftinGear to get the job done. 

workers using gantry and chain hoist to carry out canal repairs

To undertake this important task, the Cotswold Canal Trust rented a number of pieces of equipment from SafetyLiftinGear, including:

2000kg Aluminium Gantry, 6mtr beam, 2200-3600mm

This easy-rig gantry is light, easy to transport, and easy to assemble. It is also a fully customisable device that can be used for lifting all manner of loads. With this flexibility and an impressive SWL of 2000kg, this gantry is ideal for a wide range of different tasks, including a canal restoration project!

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Chain Block Hoist 500 kg

This versatile chain block hoist is available compatible to heights ranging from 3mtrs to 30mtrs – no matter what height you're lifting at, this chain block hoist can handle loads up to 500kg with ease.

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3.25 Ton Bow Shackle

With an impressive capacity of 3.25 tons, this bow shackle with a galvanised finish is ideal for a wide number of different tasks.

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If this scenario sounds familiar, maybe safety equipment rental might be right for you.

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