When using a winch, sometimes more pulling power is needed to complete the mission at hand. This can be either because the winch is not strong enough or fast enough; in either case, this is where you need the help of a heavy duty snatch block. Heavy duty snatch blocks are designed to improve the capacities of winches and are used for either re-directing loads or as a hoisting system. 
Winching is typically needed to recover vehicles from ditches, moving items from your path (such as a tree) and hoisting heavy items. Snatch blocks ensure the rope used to pull the item stays secure and can also be used to change the direction of the load. They also increase the amount of cable that can be run off the drum, meaning that a heavier load can be pulled easily. They are simple to use and un-clip open, allowing users to place the winch cable directly into the snatch block.
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To watch a heavy duty snatch block in action, here's a video from Tow Academy using a snatch block on a tree to recover a wrecked car. As you can see in this video, the heavy duty snatch block aided their operation efficiently and was able to change the direction of the vehicle:
Pretty impressive, right? Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we stock a wide range of heavy duty snatch blocks which are capable of increasing your winch capacities on a large scale and can help you out of many sticky situations, as seen in the video above. Our heavy duty snatch blocks range from 2 tonne to 12 tonne and can be attached to both hooks and shackles. Here are two of our most popular options of snatch block:
snatch block

8 Tonne Snatch Block (Hook Attachment) 6" Diameter Sheave

150mm Wheel Size
Suits 20-22mm Wire Rope
Latch Hook Attachment

10 Tonne Snatch Block (Shackle Attachment)

250mm Wheel Size
Suitable for a 24-26mm Wire Rope
Shackle Attachment
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