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How to Store Ratchet Straps

How to Store Ratchet Straps

Storing your ratchet straps improperly can cause rapid wear and tear, so it's worth taking the time to care for them and make sure they're stored correctly.

If your strap sustains damage because it was kept in the wrong place, it could snap or fail during use, which may cause a potentially fatal accident.

Although it might be tempting to just throw your ratchet straps in a bucket or storage bin, this can result in the straps getting tangled up with other items, causing problems when you need to use them again.

The best way to store your ratchet straps is to wrap each one - this keeps them clean, ordered, and reduces tangles and damage.

Here's how to store your ratchet straps properly:

  1. Close the ratcheting mechanism.

  2. Feed the long part of the webbing though the windlass, leaving around 15 inches of strap out.

  3. Fold your webbing over, around 3 feet down (to prevent the tip of the webbing from fraying) and begin to roll the webbing up in a tight roll, keeping it as square and as tight as you can.

  4. Lay the roll flat on top of the ratcheting mechanism.

  5. Take the short end and permanently attached hook and tuck it in as closely as you can to the bundle.

  6. Take the ~15 inches of long webbing that you left hanging out and bring it over the top of the rolled webbing, hooking / tucking it under the handle of the ratcheting mechanism. If you don't have the right amount of webbing, let some out / tighten it a little more until you have a suitable length to secure the rolled webbing. Once you find the correct amount of webbing, you can mark it with a marker pen so next time you can easily roll up your ratchet straps without the fuss.

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