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It's Hammer Time! New Range of Hammer Material Lifts Available From SLG

It's Hammer Time! New Range of Hammer Material Lifts Available From SLG

As we move into the summer, the good news just keeps rolling through! Following our recent announcements of new Heightec gear now being available to order from our site as well as a fresh collection of material handling equipment, we are super excited to let you all know about our new range of high-quality Hammer material lifts.

In this blog, we take a closer look at our newest collection of material lifts and some of the reasons why these should be in your material handling arsenal! 


Hammer Material Lifts 

Our new collection of Hammer material lifts offers a lightweight, compact material handling option that is made in the EU and exclusive to SLG! So you won't be able to find these quality lifts anywhere else on the web - fantastic!

The Hammer material lifts are ideal for applications such as air conditioning, piping and ductwork installations, maintenance work and construction and lighting applications such as sign installation or putting up big screens. Taking away all of the hard work so you can complete your task with complete confidence. 

These material lifts are also simple to operate and easy to use by one person, easily fitting through a standard doorway making them a great option for a range of domestic and commercial jobs. Our Hammer40 can even fit in the back of an estate car or van, allowing you to transport your material lift with ease!

Product Features 

  • Legs fold up for easy storage and transportation
  • Fitted with out-riggers for extra stability 
  • Comes with a hand winch with an automatic braking system 
  • Reversible forks mean they can be used inverted to gain extra height
  • Range of options: 11/14/17ft 
  • Different weight limits: 2000/3000kg

View 11ft Material Lift >  View 14ft Material Lift >   View 17ft Material Lift >


Additional Features 

One of the great things about our Hammer material lifts is that they are able to be used with a range of additional attachments. Making them extremely versatile and capable for a variety of different tasks and jobs!  

The following fork attachments are compatible with our Hammer lifts:


We hope you are just as excited about our new Hammer material lifts as we are and hope they are able to make your material handling tasks safer and a whole lot easier! 

For more information on any of our Hammer material lifts or their attachments, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the SLG team today - we'd be more than happy to help with any questions that you may have.

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