Just when you thought we couldn't make your life at work any easier, we go and throw these new Loadsurfer pallet trucks into the mix! Choose either the semi or fully-electric option depending on your personal preferences. We've tried them both and we're certain they'll make your load moving tasks 100 times easier. 

What makes these Loadsurfer pallet trucks different to other semi and fully-electric pallet trucks you've seen before?

  • Their maintenance-free 10Ah batteries - simply lift out and replace when you run out of charge (both run for around 3 hours).
  • Their compact design, perfect for use in confined spaces such as elevators.
  • Their excellent speed and efficiency.

Which one should you choose?

The semi-electric pallet truck is an excellent alternative to a hand pallet truck. However, if you will sometimes prefer a manual pallet truck this is a great option for you - it's the best of both worlds!

The manually operated forks can lift loads up to 115mm off the ground. If you're working on slopes of 5% or less with loads weighing up to 1800kg, this semi-electric pallet truck will tackle them no problem. 

Semi-Electric >

The fully-electric option is ideal if you find you never require a manual pallet truck to get the job done! Our fully-powered pallet truck will keep you on the move all day long.

It can shift loads weighing up to 1500kg up and down slopes with a 6% gradient (1% more than it's semi-electric counterpart). It can also travel an impressive 0.5km faster than the semi-electric when laden. 

Fully-Electric >

If you have any questions about either of our new Loadsurfer pallet trucks, don't hesitate to contact us. Both models are available to buy or hire depending on your needs. Call us now on 0117 9381 600.