Lightweight, sturdy and reliable, wire rope winches are inherently useful and can be the perfect solution to any number of pulling and lifting tasks.

While wire rope winches are commonly used for recovery purposes, they can also be used for a variety of other purposes, from hauling down trees to handling warehouse loads.

However, you plan on using your wire rope winch, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right tool for the task here at


wire rope winches, wire rope cable pullers


Wire Rope Winches at SLG

At SLG, we have a wide variety of wire rope winches available for you to choose from, ranging from our own branded items to name-brand products.

Best of all, all of our rope winches come with winch rope and a latch hook included, although high-strength winch rope is also sold separately.

Check out the items below for a quick glimpse of some the best wire rope winches available in the SLG warehouse.


wire rope winches, wire rope cable pullers 

LiftinGear Wire Rope Winches

Part of the LiftinGear range, this hand-operated wire rope winch is ideal for lifting, pulling and securing heavy loads, utilising forward/backward levers for simple operation.

With a pulling capacity of up to 50% more than its maximum lifting capacity, the winch also features replacement shear pins to prevent overloading. Meanwhile, the lever also allows for easy disengagement for a smoother installation

Fully serviceable and fully certified, this product also comes with a 12-month warranty for additional peace of mind.

Available in the following weight variations:

Wire Rope Winch 800kg c/w Winch Rope

Wire Rope Winch 1600kg c/w Winch Rope

Wire Winch Rope 3200kg c/w Winch Rope

Wire Rope Winch 5.4 Tonne c/w Winch Rope


wire rope winches, wire rope cable pullers

Yale Yaletrac Wire Rope Cable Pullers

The product of industry heavyweights, Yale, this slim design, portable steel cable puller is a versatile addition to any toolkit, providing load lifting/lowering functionality, as well as a tension capability that’s ideal for long distance hauling.

Featuring a short handle for easy operation, overload protection for added safety and optimised lever stroke for maximum output, the Yaletrac Cable Puller is perfect for use in a variety of environments, from construction and civil engineering to shipyards and oil refineries.

This product also uses flexible rope featuring six strands with a steel core, tapered at one end for easy threading. Meanwhile, the other end is fitted with an eye sling hook with safety latch included.

Available in the following models:

Yale YS05T Yaletrac 500kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale YS10T Yaletrac 1000kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale YS16T Yaletrac 1600kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale YS32T Yaletrac 3200kg Wire Rope Cable Puller


wire rope winches, wire rope cable pullers

Yale LP500 500kg Lightweight Cable Puller Set

Practically compact and handily versatile, the LP500 is a lightweight powerhouse for lifting, lowering and load restraint.

While it can make for a valuable piece of equipment when applied to recreational use, this item is a must for workshops and perfect for service and assembly use.

Each set includes the following:

  • Cable puller
  • Anchor bolt/eye sling hook
  • Telescopic operating lever
  • 10m wire rope
  • Carry handle
  • Webbing sling (1m)


wire rope winches, wire rope cable pullers

Yale Yaletrac Aluminium Wire Rope Cable Pullers

Versatile, lightweight and compact, the Yaletrac range of aluminium wire rope cable pullers offer simple and safe operation with high-strength practicality.

Also backed with overload protection in the form of a shear pin, this product features a large flat base for heightened horizontal stability, in addition to its solid vertical security.

The forward/reverse levers operate synergistically to provide central power transfer, while the easy-clean, slimline design hides a flexible six-strand, steel core rope which features a tapered end and eye sling hook on opposing ends for further functionality.

Available in the following weight categories:

Yale Y08 Yaletrac Aluminium 800kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale Y16Yaletrac Aluminium 1600kg Wire Rope Cable Puller

Yale Y32 Yaletrac Aluminium 3200kg Wire Rope Cable Puller


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