Thanks to a recent increase in stock quantities of both our high-quality stainless steel pump lifting chains, we are able to offer a fantastic 20% discount as well as next day delivery - perfect if you require a fast turnaround from ordering your item to complete an upcoming job! 


Our Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chains 

Pump lifting chains are designed to make the lowering and raising of submersible pumps easier. Their unique manufacture means they are purposefully designed to lift in underwater settings such as waterworks and sewers. 

Each one of our pump chains has been fitted with a master ring at either end and at one-meter centres to allow for easy hook up to underwater pumps. Both chain and rings have been manufactured with stainless steel to prevent rusting whilst being underwater and providing an added robustness to perform optimally for long periods of time.

Perfect if you plan on using them a lot or for a number of years! 

Key Features:

  • WLL: 750/1250kg
  • Chain Diameter: 6/8mm
  • Master Ring Dimensions: 60mm x 110mm x 13mm
  • Weight Per Meter: 0.85/1.5kg
  • Fully certified 

You can take a closer look at our two steel pump lifting chain products below:

750kg Pump Lifting Chain >                1250kg Pump Lifting Chain >


Need to know more? You can find further information on our stainless steel pump lifting chains by getting in touch with a member of the SafetyLiftinGear team! Simply visit our contact page and submit the simple enquiry form found near the bottom of the page.