boscaro construction, boscaro products

When it comes to top-quality engineering, Italy undoubtedly ranks highly on the list – look no further than the Ferrari for proof of that.

In the construction industry, the theme holds true and few equipment manufacturers can match up to the lofty standards set by Italian giants, Boscaro.

At, we know this all too well – which is exactly why we stock a wide variety of Boscaro products.

To give you a taste of Boscaro collection, here are a few of the most popular Boscaro products we have in stock at SLG.


boscaro construction, boscaro products

Hoist Tipping Bucket

Ideal for use with a variety of lifting hoists, these heavy-duty tipping buckets have been built with durability in mind, fully certified and compliant to EN standards.

Made from quality materials for heavy-duty construction purposes, these easy-to-use tipping buckets feature a simple tipping mechanism for effortless tipping and discharge.

These are currently available in the following capacities:

Naturally, the weight capacity increases with the size, ranging from 132kg limit for the 60 litre version, all the way up to 390kg for the 150 litre model. That’s roughly the weight of a horse!

While we don’t recommend using these buckets to hoist any stallions, there’s no doubt that they certainly provide some serious bang for your buck.


boscaro construction, boscaro products 

Circular Muck Skips

As the name suggests, these circular skips are tailor-made to for muck and waste removal, while they can also be used for site clearance.

Featuring two safety catches for additional user protection during the loading and unloading process, the cleverly engineered design allows the skip to empty automatically, utilising the lifting arm’s centre of gravity.

These are currently available in the following capacities:

The weight limit of the 250 litre model reaches a maximum capacity of 650kg, while the larger 1000 litre version can handle as much as 2600kg of weight. For those keeping score, that’s the weight of a giraffe.

Luckily, you won’t be sticking your neck out with these products. They’re built to last and able to handle some serious weight. Simply choose the model with the capacity that suits your purpose and let the skip do the heavy lifting for you.

For smaller jobs, Boscaro even has a Plastic Circular Muck Skip for loads of up to 70 litres, capable of withstanding up to 150kg of weight (roughly the weight of a panda).


 boscaro construction, boscaro products

Boat Tipping Skip

Much like the aptly named muck skips, Boscaro’s range of boat skips are also ideal for transporting waste and generally removing site rubbish.

Available in 500 litre and 1000 litre models, these high-quality skips offer safe and easy disposal of contents with the ingenious automatic empty functionality.

Designed to eliminate risk to the operator, this automatic release eliminates the need for a worker to enter the danger zone while the skip is in use.

Each model is capable of withstanding an impressive amount of weight, with the 500 litre model topping out at 1000kg and the 1000 litre model reaching a load limit of 2000kg.

Meanwhile, the loading process is inherently simple too, with a low loading height and drop-down bale arm for enhanced accessibility.


boscaro construction, boscaro products

Dumping Bin

Perfect for general use around site, these self-dumping bins are a great addition to your on-site kit. Available in 600 litre and 800 litre versions, these bins couldn’t be easier to use: simply attach to a crane hook, lift and watch it automatically tip.

Complete with both fixed and swivel castors for effortless mobility around site, each bin also comes with two handles on the back for enhanced manoeuvrability, while they also feature brakes for safe and secure positioning when stationary.


boscaro construction, boscaro products

Crane Forks

Boscaro’s crane forks make for a fantastic addition to on-site crane user’s arsenal. Fully adjustable in height and fork width to suit the task at hand, these handy attachments are also self-balancing, allowing the load to stay level during the actual lifting process.

Made from high-quality steel, durability isn’t an issue here – these forks are built to take the pressure and have a varying weight capacity of 2 tonnes or 3 tonnes depending on the chosen model.

For additional protection, they also come with a facility to attach a protection net if required. Fully tested and certified, with a 2-year warranty in toe, this is one product that won’t let you down when it’s time to lift.



Specialist Items

In addition to the above examples, we also stock a number of specialist attachments for site use. Some of the most popular of these can be found below:


Kerb Grab

Fitted with rotating rubber-coated plates, these reliable kerb grabbing attachments are perfect for lifting long objects of up to 1000kg from a horizontal position to vertical.


Block Grab

Fully automatic and fully adjustable, these block lifting grabs are capable of hoisting up to 1800kg in weight, complete with side handles for manual stability.


Safety Cage

Fitted with crane fork pockets for easy site transit, these safety cages are ideal for transporting bricks and blocks, with hinged gate for simple accessibility.


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