A full body harness is a harness designed to hold the wearer upright in the event of a fall from height. If worn correctly, a full body harness will distribute the energy generated during free-fall across the wearers' body evenly, reducing the potential for serious injury. 

Full-body harnesses should be the first choice when it comes to working at height because they offer:

  • Freedom of movement for the worker to get his or her job done.
  • Support for all body parts including; hips, legs, chest and shoulders.

How are full body harnesses designed?

When looking at how full body harnesses are designed, there are a few common features that you can expect to see on any full body harness:

When should you wear a full body harness?

Before you carry out any work at height, you should always assess the potential risks. Unfortunately, falling from height is a common cause of injuries and fatalities in the workplace. It's important that you know when a full body harness is, or isn't required. Your employee should carry out a full risk assessment before you carry out any work at height, notifying you if a full body harness is required while you complete your tasks.

Your employer might ask you to wear a full body harness if:

  • You are working at height – The working at height regulations 2005 define working at height as “Work in any place, including a place at or below ground level, where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury”.
  • You're trained and authorised to work at height.

Choosing the right full body harness

In situations where a fall from height is a serious risk, you don't want to be putting on any old harness and making your ascent. Choosing a full body harness that suits your weight and job requirements is paramount for your safety. Your full body harness should always:

  • Be easy to use and easy to adjust
  • Fit you properly
  • Be free from damage, wear or tear
  • Allow you to move freely and easily as you work

All of our full body harnesses can be found in our height safety range. We stock a variety of full body harnesses including; children's full body harnesses, hi-viz full body harnessesfull body rescue harnesses and harnesses and lanyard rated to 140kgs. Give us a call on 0117 9381 600 if you have any questions.