Heavy lifting operations require the use of equipment that is highly reliable and secure, which is why we supply a variety of specially designed endless lifting slings here at SafetyLiftinGear. Each sling is made from high-quality polyester webbing which is flexible yet strong, making them an ideal alternative to lifting wires and chains, especially when the operation involves more fragile items.

In order to ensure that your sling is tailored to the demands of your operation, we also supply our endless lifting slings in a variety of lengths and weight limits, allowing you to select an item that meets the exact needs of your application. These range from slings for applications between and 1 and 6 tonne, to those which are suitable for heavy-duty applications, with a lifting ability of between 10 and 50 tonne! 

Here's a closer look at one of our endless lifting slings, which is suitable for 5 tonne applications:

In addition to our slings, we also supply additional accessories to be used during the lifting process, including hooks which can be used to lift or join two slings together.

Benefits of using our slings:

  • Each sling comes with an ID label which highlights all the relevant information for performing a safe and stable lift.
  • Slings are available in a choice of lengths depending on your requirements, stating from as small as 0.5m through to 6m.
  • All of our endless lifting slings have a safety factor of 7:1.
  • LiftinGear slings are designed to offer excellent value for money, without sacrificing the quality of the product.

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