When lifting very heavy loads it's important that you have a reliable Hydraulic cylinder that you can trust. Here at SafetyLiftinGear.com, we're very proud of our large selection of Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders; that will allow you to lift even the heaviest loads safely and reliably. Our hydraulic cylinders can be used on almost any industrial site and are capable of lifting weights of up to 200 tonnes - but please check the maximum weight capacity of your chosen cylinder before purchasing. 

We offer a range of different Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders that can meet your requirements - regardless of your lifting needs and environments - our range of hydraulic cylinders include:

Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders 
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Our high-quality Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders have been designed to withstand heavy daily use with absolute ease. Each of these cylinders features a strong, reliable body; a spring return system and a chrome-plated ram. They come in working load limits ranging from 10 to 100 tonnes and can be used in pretty much any position. making them perfect for a range lifting and pushing applications; and all of our stroke hydraulic cylinders are fully inspected and tested before dispatch. To view our range of Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders, please click here

Hydraulic Pad Jacks 
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Our range of Hydraulic Pad Jacks are perfect for lifting heavy loads that are extremely low to the ground. Due to its low-profile, these pad jacks are capable of getting underneath objects with minimal ground clearance. Weight load limits range from 10 to 200 tonnes - but check the product information of the pad jack you have chosen before making your purchasing. If you wish to check out our range of hydraulic pad jacks, please click here.

Hollow Cylinder Jacks
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Due to the inventive design of our Hollow Cylinder Jacks, you're able both push, and pull loads. The central hole can be used with a variety of screws, roads, cables and pullers; and these cylinder jacks come in a range of sizes and weight capacities, so we're confident you'll find a one that meets your requirements. To view our selection of Hollow Cylinder Jacks, click here.

To browse our entire comprehensive range of hydraulic cylinders, please click here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we'd be happy to help.