With winter rearing its frosty head on the horizon, the days and nights have already taken a thermic turn for the worse in the UK, resulting in wintry temperatures, chilly winds and bitter cold.

For those working in the construction industry or manual labour trades, such conditions can make life difficult, particularly for those stationed outdoors for prolonged periods of time.

Luckily, the good folks at Ergodyne have you covered – quite literally – with their range of thermal gear and accessories, specifically designed to keep you comfortably toasty in harsh conditions.


winter workwear


Ergodyne N-FERNO Range

Boasting a variety of handy accessories to keep you warm and in full working order, the N-FERNO range from Ergodyne is specifically targeted at those working in bitterly cold conditions.


winter workwear

N-FERNO Hand Warming Packs

For an instant blast of warmth, these self-contained hand heating packs provide a warming sensation to promptly take the chill off.

The all-natural ingredients contained within these packs react when exposed to oxygen, heating up when they come in contact with the open air.

Best of all, they can be resealed in a Ziploc bag for reuse, with an approximate heating lifespan of 8 hours.

Pocket-sized warmers are handily mobile and perfect for pockets, gloves and even headwear to provide a warming blast of heat when you need it.


winter workwear

N-FERNO Stretch Caps

For jobs where a hard hat helmet is required, the head and ears can often be left exposed to the elements, quickly becoming uncomfortable in windy and cold conditions.

Made from 100% knit polyester, the N-FERNO Stretch Cap fits over the lip of the hard hat, designed to stretch over the rim of the helmet down over the head for fully insulated coverage.

Available in half and full cap versions for varying facial coverage, the extent of the protection ranges from the ears and forehead all the way to full facial concealment, barring the eyes for visual clarity.

Product variations can be found below:

N-FERNO Half-Style Stretch Cap

N-FERNO Full-Face Stretch Cap


winter workwear

N-FERNO Thermal Hard Hat Liners

Designed to be worn underneath a hard hat helmet for complete overhead insulation, the N-FERNO Thermal Hard Hat Liner range from Ergodyne provides invaluable cranial warmth for those working in cold conditions that require head protection.

Featuring a 2-layer poly/fleece combination, these hard hat liners boast a 100% polyester fleece shell that covers a 100% polyester fleece lining, fitted with a chin strap for secure attachment.

This product also features an elastic gather at the front for additional wind protection. Meanwhile, the shoulder-length premium range also sports additional features, such as Tyvek-lined warming pack pockets for use with the N-FERNO warming packs.

Further details, click the links below for:

N-FERNO 2-Layer Thermal Hard Hat Liner

N-FERNO Premium 2-Layer Thermal Hard Hat Liner


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