When it comes to securing heavy-duty loads, few products can boast the versatile, load-restraining abilities of the ever-reliable ratchet strap.

Safe, secure and reliable, these durable restraints are ideal for keeping cargo in place and effectively eliminating any hazards related to falling loads. For heavy-duty transport, they are simply a must.

As always, our efforts to bring you the very best in safety lifting gear have seen our collection of ratchet straps expand this week, as we welcome a new product to the fold.

Say “hello” to the ERGO Ratchet Lashing from RatStrap.


ergonomic ratchet lashings


Ergonomic Ratchet Lashings

New to the 5-tonne ratchet strap range at SLG, the ERGO Ratchet Lashing is a uniquely designed, heavy-duty ratchet strap fit for a wide variety of fastening jobs and purposes.

Unlike traditional ratchet lashings, this product features a fundamentally different approach to the tried and tested mechanism.

Instead of pushing the handle upwards to secure the lashing as is often the case, the ratchet handle on the ERGO product is pulled down in order to achieve a tighter fastening.

The result of this contrasting approach means you need to apply less force to achieve the desired tension, allowing you to achieve a firm fastening with considerably less effort.


ERGO Ratchet Lashing Features

The lashing itself measures an impressive 10 metres in length. Made from 50mm webbing, it features a claw hook on either end for simple, safe and sturdy attachment.

The aforementioned pull-down tightening action is also enhanced by a longer handle, specifically designed for ergonomic ease of use.

Capable of withstanding up to 5 tonnes of pressure, this heavy-duty ratchet lashing is also inherently absorbent of shocks, ensuring an all-round safer, more stable transit experience.


RatStrap Ratchet Lashings

The ERGO Ratchet Lashing is the brainchild of specialist ratchet strap brand, RatStrap.

RatStrap aims to provide the most reliable, well-crafted ratchet straps on the market, with the ultimate goal of keeping your goods safe and secure as their top priority.

With RatStrap products, you know you’re not only getting a high-quality ratchet strap that provides superior safety, but you’re also getting a specialist product that’s tailor-made for the task at hand.

The ERGO Ratchet Lashing is no exception, incorporating a revolutionary approach to handle operation that makes load securing jobs considerably easier, improving the overall efficiency of the task at hand.


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